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Updated: May 20, 2024
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Matt Crabtree

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Did you know?: Hargreaves Lansdown is one of Britain’s biggest UK private investor platforms.

Hargreaves Lansdown is one of Britain’s biggest private investor platforms, with over a million customers and £91B in assets under administration. It’s even listed on the London Stock Exchange and has operated since 1981. It’s even a member of the FTSE 100 and a multi-award-winning industry leader.

Hargreaves Lansdown gives its clients access to a wealth of investment options and additional tools and services.

In today's article, we'll be looking at various offerings from the wealth firm, including its advantages and disadvantages. Read on for an in-depth Hargreaves Lansdown review; the biggest investment fund in the UK.

Hargreaves Lansdown Review (2024)

  • Intuitive trading systems 
  • The UK’s largest investment firm 
  • Clients from outside the UK may open accounts offline
  • Superior resources for teaching and learning
  • Varied stocks, forex, and ETFs
  • Superb attention to the needs of one's clients

But what about the ins and outs and Hargreaves’ various offerings? In this comprehensive Hargreaves Lansdown review, we cover things beginners should know before taking out investment money from their digital bank account. 

You'll need expert guidance to make sound choices in today's fast-paced stock market and trading environment. The possibility for loss may be reduced while the potential for gain is increased with the aid of a properly managed investment strategy.

If you need assistance, one broker to consider is Hargreaves Lansdown. Before entrusting your money to a broker, it is essential that you learn as much as you can about them.

Review: Who is Hargreaves Lansdown?

Hargreaves Lansdown, which has been around for 42 years, is now among the top online brokers for regular people.

Let’s start off this Hargreaves Lansdown review by discussing who they are. If the name rings a bell, it’s because this online trading broker is among the UK’s largest. Hargreaves Lansdown is based in the UK and offers many financial products.

It started out as a small company in 1981 but has since grown into a major role in the internet trade market. Forex, indices, metals, shares, and commodities are the main areas of concentration of Hargreaves Lansdown's aggressive and feature-rich trading platform.

Hargreaves Lansdown, which has been around for 42 years, is now among the top internet brokers for regular people. The company opened its doors in 1981, and since then, they have amassed a clientele of over 10 thousand people.

Several investors like Hargreaves Lansdown. Based on our research, we can say that an account with Hargreaves Lansdown is a reliable platform for trading options online like these. The investors who would benefit the most from them are those looking for a wide range of investments. Hargreaves Lansdown is built on social trading and ease of use.

The use of technology is crucial at Hargreaves Lansdown. They facilitate transactions through the Web Trader, as well as tablet and mobile applications. Financial Conduct Authority rules that Hargreaves Lansdown is an honest and transparent broker (FCA).

The vast majority of investors may benefit from their wide selection of tools. Internal research is also provided via external collaborations.

To help rookie traders better understand the financial markets, Hargreaves Lansdown has an excellent Trader Resources section. Hargreaves Lansdown is a broker that serves a wide variety of clients and is essential for any strategy that relies heavily on diversification.

Hargreaves Lansdown review – UK Overview

Hargreaves Lansdown is an active website that provides several options for online trading. There is a wide range of financial markets covered by these resources. In comparison to Hargreaves Lansdown, most brokerage systems have fewer available actions.

A minimum deposit of £150 is required to open an account with Hargreaves Lansdown for currency exchange services. If you wish to start trading with Hargreaves Lansdown, you must make this deposit first. This Hargreaves Lansdown review for 2024 is meant to help you make informed trading decisions.

When compared to other brokerage platforms, Hargreaves Lansdown is just as flexible. Traders who want a modest selection of low-priced services can find them at Hargreaves Lansdown.

Hargreaves Lansdown's software is a white-label version of an existing service provided by an outside company. Web Trader, Tablet Trader, and Mobile Trader are all available to traders.

All things considered, beginners and seasoned traders alike would do well to look at Hargreaves Lansdown for all the many reasons it offers. A position need not be held for any certain amount of time. Financial advisors give a high level of care to their customers, and in return, those clients get benefits.

Untrustworthy brokers often use high-pressure tactics to get clients to pay more for subpar assistance. On the contrary, Hargreaves Lansdown places more importance on the volume of its trades. They ensure that all transactions are conducted in an open, honest, and fair manner. The more often a customer trades in bulk, the more benefits they will get.

You cannot open an account in the United States of America, Japan, and the countries of Brazil, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and Syria are not accepted.

You may open a Hargreaves Lansdown account from many different countries, and you'll always get top-notch service from this financial services provider. Accounts with Hargreaves Lansdown are not currently accessible in those countries.

No residents of the following countries are permitted to create or use a trading account with Hargreaves Lansdown: The United States of America, Japan, and the countries of Brazil, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and Syria are not accepted.

Account Types – Opening

Hargreaves Lansdown is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Next in our Hargreaves Lansdown review is opening an account. The minimum deposit to start an account varies from one pound to one thousand pounds, depending on the kind of account you want to open.

Client monies are placed and stored in trusted segregated accounts in Tier-1 banks. Since Hargreaves Lansdown is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), these funds are not subject to liquidating Hargreaves Lansdown's assets in the event of the company's insolvency.

Some of the many items and services accessible to those living in the United Kingdom are listed below.

1. ISAs 💸

Hargreaves Lansdown Junior ISA

Young savers under the age of 18 may open a Junior Stocks and Shares ISA and have access to tax-efficient investing options. Any parent or legal guardian may create an HL Junior ISA for their kid, and anybody else can contribute to the account as well.

At the age of 18, the beneficiary may access the account and withdraw the funds without having to pay taxes on them. During the current tax year (which runs from April 6th to April 5th), the maximum contribution to a Junior ISA is £4,260.

Stocks and Shares ISA

This account makes it simple to invest in a broad variety of asset types, making it useful for investors of all skill levels. There are more than 2,500 shares, funds, and investment trusts available for tax-free investing under the Stocks & Shares ISA.

In addition to common stocks, it provides access to gilts (treasury bonds in the US), corporate bonds, investment trusts, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and Canada. You have the option of selecting a pre-made portfolio or building your own with the Stocks & Shares ISA.

The UK government established a law allowing individuals to put up to £20k annually into an Individual Savings Account (ISA) and invest those funds tax-free on stocks.

Lifetime ISA

A Lifetime ISA is a tax-advantaged savings and investment account open to anybody between the ages of eighteen and thirty-nine that allows for a degree of financial freedom and flexibility.

With an ISA, you may put away money tax-free in the UK while saving for a down payment on a home or retirement. Moreover, the government provides a further 25%, up to a maximum of £1,000 annually.

At the moment, the government will match up to £1,000 of your investments each tax year. Under this programme, you may earn an additional pound for every four pounds you put away, up to a maximum of one thousand pounds every fiscal year.

To qualify for a Lifetime ISA, you must be aged 18-39, but you may continue making contributions and earning the governmental bonus until you are 50.

After a year, you may withdraw the funds and utilise them towards the purchase of a home that satisfies the criteria set out by the programme, up to a maximum price of £450,000. Waiting till age 60 is another option for those who want to protect their nest egg.

There is a 25% penalty if you withdraw your funds before you turn 60 for any reason other than purchasing your first property. So, it is possible that you may get less from the ISA upon withdrawal than you originally contributed.


Many readers of this Hargreaves Lansdown review will want somewhere safe to place cash without it being eaten by inflation. We can’t say the stock market is that place but it is one mode of diversification. While using the share dealing service, purchasing and selling shares is simple.

Opening an online account is fast and easy when you follow the three steps required, and you may fund it with a debit card or a recurring direct debit. Use your account or the HL mobile app to research stocks, place orders, and monitor your portfolio in real-time. 

You may use either your existing Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or your Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) to get access to the programme.

Those who are new to the stock market may find Hargreaves Lansdown to be an excellent choice because of the ease with which an account can be opened and maintained, as well as the wealth of information on market trends and analysis that is readily accessible.

3. Investment Trusts

Investment trusts are a kind of mutual fund that is traded on the London Stock Exchange just like any other company's shares. 300+ investment trusts exist, each with its own management and board of directors looking out for the best interests of its investors.

Woodford Patient Capital Trust, Scottish Mortgage Trust, and Fidelity China Special Situations are just a few examples of successful investment trusts. These trusts are available for purchase under an ISA or SIPP with Hargreaves Lansdown.


Those who want to make their own investment choices may find a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) an attractive retirement savings option. If you want greater flexibility in your retirement savings, a Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP is the way to go.

You may invest in stocks (both domestic and international), investment trusts, bonds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), among other things.

You may choose from pre-made investment portfolios curated by in-house specialists, and like other pensions, you can get a tax deduction of up to 46% on your contributions. Also, once your funds are in a SIPP, you will not be subject to taxation of the gains or income those funds generate.

As a general rule, any citizen or permanent resident of the United Kingdom under the age of 75 may deduct up to £40k from their yearly taxable income by contributing the whole amount. Contributions of more than £40k per year may be made by those who have carried over unused allowances from prior years.

5. Regular Savers

Those just starting saving and investing often choose the regular savings option because it removes much of the guesswork involved… 

To save or invest your money easily, set up a monthly direct debit for as little as £25. Here, you have the option of putting your money in the bank or investing it in a variety of mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment vehicles.

Hargreaves Lansdown does not impose any dealing costs for funds, however, it does charge a small dealing commission of £1.50 per transaction for shares and investment trusts, as well as other fees if you want to invest in the FTSE 350.

Those just starting saving and investing often choose the regular savings option because it removes a lot of the guesswork involved in investing by allowing them to put aside a fixed amount of money every month. Each subscriber may set up a recurring savings plan in a Stocks and Shares ISA, Fund and Share Account, SIPP (pension), or Junior Stocks and Shares ISA.

6. Pension & Annuities 

Finally, it is possible to convert all or part of your private pension into an annuity drawdown by exchanging it with an insurance firm. A lifetime income is then assured by the insurance provider.

Your pension's worth, your personal situation, and the investments you choose will all affect how much money you get each month. The annuity you put up will remain in effect for the rest of your life, and once it's been established, it's typically not possible to make any changes or cancel it.

With Lansdown Hargreaves, you may shop around for the best annuity rate and purchase one whenever you'd want, beginning at age 55 (57 as of 2028). If you choose for an annuity, you get to decide how often you are paid, whether you want your money protected from inflation, and its use after you die.

It is possible to take a more flexible, but also riskier, approach to draw down your pension by using a portion of it to purchase an annuity.

Who can join?

Everyone over the age of 55 is eligible to begin taking a portion of their pension in the form of a drawdown, which may be done all at once or in instalments. To avoid paying taxes on the remaining 75%, you may take it out in a lump payment. You may get up to 25% of the amount you withdraw from your pension tax-free at each step of the drawdown process.

By selecting this option, you may manage the frequency and amount of your withdrawals with complete autonomy. The drawdown option not only allows you greater leeway with your income but also lets you choose your own assets or use a pre-built one.

Income from a drawdown isn't guaranteed since investment values fluctuate over time; nevertheless, Hargreaves Lansdown provides a drawdown calculator to assist you in preparing for the future and estimating the longevity of your drawdown strategy in light of these market fluctuations.

Hargreaves Lansdown review – Direct Investments

HL isn’t just a savings firm for ISAs and pensions. You can also invest directly in your own financial security. Let’s continue this Hargreaves Review by discussing what these are. Firstly, with a wide range of investment opportunities and a wide selection of goods, Hargreaves Lansdown is among the best investment platforms in the United Kingdom. 

Hargreaves Lansdown offers a broad variety of investment options, so there's sure to be something that works for you. Wealth managers provide access to tens of thousands of investment trusts, funds, and exchange-traded funds, as well as a plethora of materials to assist clients to make educated decisions. 

You have access to:

  • Stocks traded in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the EU 
  • Trusts for Investment
  • Bonds issued by companies and governments
  • ETFs and more than 2500 different investment vehicles that — like monetized organic web traffic — give you more diversified revenue streams.

It's a huge plus that the platform is intuitive and can be used to set up an account in a matter of minutes, in addition to the many investment options, tools, and complementary products and services at your disposal. Being a registered stock broker, Hargreaves Lansdown also allows customers to purchase single shares.

Using The App

What is the signup process for Hargreaves Lansdown?

Onto the practicality part of our Hargreaves Lansdown review… Opening a trading account with Hargreaves Lansdown is simple and competitive with other major investing platforms.

To establish that they are eligible to trade and understand the risks involved, all new clients must pass some basic compliance tests in accordance with Financial Conduct Authority standards. So, you will need to provide several types of identification and proof of address while creating an account, such as:

  • 📖 A coloured scan of your government-issued photo ID (passport, driver's licence, etc.)
  • 📖 Address verification documents from the previous three months, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

In addition, you'll need to demonstrate your familiarity with trading and answer some simple compliance questions. The time required to create an account is often around 15 minutes.

After you've signed up for an account, you'll have instant access to the Hargreaves Lansdown platform and all of its features. But until you've passed compliance, which might take a few days, you won't be allowed to actually trade on your account.

To start a simple savings account like the Active Saver Account, all you need to do is input your personal information, and debit card data, and confirm your account selections.

1. Create an Account

After logging in, the website becomes a breeze to navigate. The designers chose a clean and straightforward layout that greatly facilitates finding certain features, options, and content on the site.

Resources given by Hargreaves Lansdown include research and recommendations, market and general news, market insights and data, and various guides and calculators to assist users to become knowledgeable traders and investors.

The research section also provides access to a plethora of basic business data, as well as a stock or fund price chart that may be analysed using several different technical indicators.

Publicly accessible data is merged with information compiled by third-party research providers to provide more thorough resources available on the main website and from inside the personal account area.

Nonetheless, the part of guidelines may be beneficial for many individuals, since there are instructions covering investing, retirement and pensions, and foreign payments. Also, there are introductory books that go over stock markets and shares in simple terms as well as the fundamentals of investing and how funds operate.

Because of the breadth, depth, and quality of its resources, the platform continues to serve as a go-to for investors of all experience levels, and reference materials are conveniently linked from every page.

Last but not least, the site's Tools page gives users access to the Android, iOS, and iPad mobile applications, all of which allow for full account management on the move, making them ideal for investors who want to monitor their money while out and about.

2. MetaTrader 4 / MT4

It has been in use on the financial markets since 2005, yet MetaTrader 4 (or MT4) is still widely considered to be among the best trading platforms available. For all your trading requirements and to maximise your trading potential, the MetaTrader 4 software provides a feature-loaded, user-friendly UI in a highly customizable trading environment.

You may easily and efficiently keep tabs on your positions with the help of powerful order management tools and the useful charting features available.

Although the Forex market was the original target for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, CFDs and Spread Betting have since been included. Unless they are CFDs or Spread bets, you can't trade indices, stocks, commodities, ETFs, or futures on any MT4 platform.

When you speculate on price changes using Spread bets or CFDs, you do so without acquiring the underlying assets.

3. Installing MT4… 

To get started with Hargreaves Lansdown and the MetaTrader 4 platform, you may use either the web-based version or a downloaded version of the software for your Windows or Mac computer.

The newest version of Apple's macOS may be used with Hargreaves Lansdown's MetaTrader 4 platform. Mobile trading is available for Hargreaves Lansdown on both Android and iOS smartphones.

The Hargreaves Lansdown app, as well as MetaTrader 4, are available in the iTunes app store for mobile trading.

Hargreaves Lansdown offers a free version of their MetaTrader 4 app available for download in the iTunes App Store. Customers of Hargreaves Lansdown have instantaneous access to the Financial markets and may conduct all aspects of Portfolio management while on the road.

4. Key Features

Auto-Dividends Reinvestments 

If you want to have your dividends reinvested automatically, your dividends will be reinvested whenever they reach the amount you choose. Customers may easily and cheaply grow their investment portfolios via this dividend reinvestment plan's many options.

Furthermore, the Price Improvement Service may survey no fewer than thirty market markers simultaneously to find you the lowest possible price, guaranteeing you larger profits and substantial savings on your purchases and sales.

ISAs and SIPPs are Popular

Both Money Week and the Personal Financial Awards named the organisation the Best ISA Provider in 2014 and Best Investment ISA of 2016–17, respectively. Furthermore, What Investment has named Hargreaves Lansdown the Best SIPP Provider for ten consecutive years, and Your Money named it the Best Online SIPP Provider in 2017.

In addition to receiving dividends for investing via Hargreaves Lansdown, you can utilise your position as a shareholder to get discounts on things like food, lodging, and transportation. Depending on the number of shares and the kind of shares owned, shareholders may also be granted access to exhibitions, corporate tours, and shareholder meetings.

Fees, Deposits, & Commissions

Time to discuss costs in our Hargreaves Lansdown review…

Compared to the costs charged by conventional brokerages, the ones charged by Hargreaves Lansdown, an online brokerage platform, are noticeably cheaper.

This is because internet brokerages can grow their operations more efficiently. To put it another way, the volume of business conducted by an internet broker may not necessarily matter.

Nevertheless, this doesn't imply that all internet brokers are fee-free. To generate income, they charge customers various fees for their products and services. For this aim, three basic punishments exist.

Trading fees are the primary kind of costs to keep an eye on. Trading fees are what you'll pay when you actually acquire anything, like a stock or an ETF. A spread, fast financing, or a commission may be paid in such circumstances. Trading fees and rates vary widely depending on the broker and the kind of trade being made.

1. Minimum Deposit Fees 

To open an account with Hargreaves Lansdown, a deposit of £150 is required. For someone just getting started, this is a fair sum. Before investing a substantial sum of money, though, be sure you know how to maximise its potential.

2. Trading Fees and Commissions

Fees for executing trades may be flat-rate or volume-based. A spread, on the other hand, is the difference between the ask and the bid. While holding a leveraged position for more than one day, investors are subject to financing or overnight pricing.

In addition to trading fees, internet brokers charge clients several other costs. These will change based on the choices you make while using your account. Deposits, withdrawals, and long periods of non-investment all incur fees.

Hargreaves Lansdown's costs are often lower than those of competing internet brokers. They either don't charge a brokerage fee at all, or they charge far less than competing brokers, for a variety of service types that other agents typically charge for. Those that engage in frequent trading, say on a monthly or even daily basis, may benefit from this.

Yet, Hargreaves Lansdown has cheaper non-trading costs than its competitors. Hence, you will incur higher fees for withdrawals and deposits made to your trading accounts unrelated to actual trading. They have nothing to do with the buying and selling of materials.

3. Withdrawal Fees 

Withdrawals from Hargreaves Lansdown are free of charge. Cash may be taken out of your Hargreaves Lansdown account whenever you choose. Your available draw amount is your account balance less the amount of margin you've already used. Keep in mind that you may get by without having any funds in your account.

And the funds taken will be deposited straight into the bank accounts you choose. To that end, any funds taken will be credited back to a credit card used for deposits. In the event that any of your contact information has changed after making your first investment, Hargreaves Lansdown will contact you to request an alternative withdrawal option.

It's possible to take out less than that, but it's not advised. Withdrawing funds in a currency other than US dollars may likely incur a conversion cost. The currency you choose to convert your funds into will determine the charge.

4. Inactivity Fees 

You may use your Hargreaves Lansdown account whenever you choose since they do not impose inactivity fees. While Hargreaves Lansdown has not yet notified you of any costs, you should terminate your account if it is dormant.

Brokerage firms aren't the only financial institutions that tack on inactivity fees. The inactivity cost on different exchanges may vary depending on the kind of account you have. Several factors may affect the inactivity cost, therefore the agent should be up forward about them.

5. Deposit Fees 

The broker may charge a deposit fee if you fund your trading account with funds from your bank account. As a rule, brokers do not ask for a hefty fee to do this service. Since no costs are associated with making deposits, you may easily make frequent, smaller deposits into your Hargreaves Lansdown account if necessary.

Funding your account on the Hargreaves Lansdown trading platform is a breeze. All required to fund your trading account is completing a brief single-user profile form. Deposits above a certain amount will need verification of identification and residence.


Hargreaves Lansdown, headquartered in the UK, has been in business for 42 years since it opened in 1981. The Financial Conduct Authority governs Hargreaves Lansdown (FCA). All trading platforms must adhere to these regulations to safeguard the safety of their users' funds.

Customers of Hargreaves Lansdown may rest easy knowing that their funds are kept in separate accounts with reputable financial institutions. SSL encryption also helps to simplify the user's private data.


You may add an extra layer of security to your Hargreaves Lansdown account by using the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature. The verification code will be delivered to your mobile device by short message service (SMS). This code will be required when you sign in to your account.

Manipulation of trade is another potential security issue with online trading companies. Users of these services would be severely harmed by this development. Yet, this occurs much more often with Market Maker brokers who contend with consumers on the platform.

Regulations & Awards

Once again, the Financial Conduct Authority governs Hargreaves Lansdown. Hargreaves Lansdown, as a company, has stringent guidelines to prevent fraudulent activity on its platform. It provides a secure socket layer (SSL), the gold standard in the business world for data encryption.

According to the company's privacy policies, no third parties can access client information whenever. This includes your financial and credit history. To the best of this Hargreaves Lansdown reviewer's knowledge, Hargreaves Lansdown has not yet been recognised with any official body accolades despite the quality of their product.


The research section also provides access to a plethora of basic business data, as well as a stock or fund price chart that may be analysed using a number of different technical analysis indicators. 

You’ve got this far in our Hargreaves Lansdown review, which means you’re a serious learner. The website is loaded with research tools, and creating an account gives you access to various cutting-edge functions, such as the general and market news sections, research and advice, market insights and data, and lots of guides and calculators.

Reports on the stock market and individual industries may keep you abreast of recent trends in the financial world. Furthermore, the ‘Top of the stocks' area allows you to look back at the most actively traded equities from the previous week, as well as examine the percentage split and value of transactions relative to the total for the week.

Members also get broker analysis and advice, share price data, and a summary of the day's top gainers and losers on the FTSE 100 by email.

The research section also provides access to a plethora of basic business data, as well as a stock or fund price chart that may be analysed using many different technical analysis indicators.

There are beginning instructions that explain the principles of investing, how funds function, and how the stock market and shares function in simple terms, therefore this part may be the most significant for newcomers to the market. 

In addition, there is a Knowledge Centre with answers to commonly asked questions about investment accounts including SIPPs, VCTs, ISAs, investment trusts, annuities, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the website.

Ideas for Financial Investments

Investment suggestions are discussed on the site, and visitors are now debating between a UK equities fund offered by Artemis Income and an EM (developing) fund offered by J.P. Morgan.

With a focus on long-term capital appreciation, the Lindsell Train Equity fund purchases shares in market-leading corporations. Master Portfolios, which are designed for long-term investors and come in five distinct styles, and the Wealth 150+ list are two more bestsellers in their respective fields.

Live Stock Quotes

Free real-time share prices are provided as part of the site's share trading service. Market capitalization, the prior closure, trading high and low, and total volume may all be accessed. Your portfolio value is part of the service and may be seen alongside updated graphs and broker preference charts.

Market Values

Foreign stocks and shares, including those of American, European, and Canadian firms, may be exchanged online or on the go using the app, in addition to the FTSE-100 companies and stocks and shares that are traditionally traded in the UK.

Online services exist for dealing with gilts, investment trusts, corporate bonds, and exchange-traded funds. One important selling factor is choosing your own price for purchasing and selling shares up to 30 days in advance. If you limit your orders and losses, you'll receive an alert when that number is achieved.

Hargreaves Lansdown review: Summary

Let’s summarise our Hargreaves Lansdown review:

Regarding financial services and goods, the name Hargreaves Lansdown in the United Kingdom is trusted and well-known.

Customers can invest in common vehicles including Stocks and Shares ISAs, Cash ISAs, SIPPs, and other investment and savings funds and accounts, thanks to the company's comprehensive product offering.

When combined with the stock dealing service, top-tier products like the Hargreaves Vantage SIPP and Vantage S&S ISA make it simple for newcomers to the stock market to get their feet wet. Moreover, with services like Active Savings, customers can quickly and simply diversify their investments by purchasing savings products from several different UK banks and building societies

It's great that everything is so straightforward, but investors should know that the site's extensive informational offerings may come at a cost. 

Summary of Fees and accounts

Several consumers have reported being charged a cost for transferring their assets to a different platform, whereas the going rate for exit transfer fees is between £25 and just under £300. Even if you just make a few stock/share transactions a month, you'll still have to pay the £11.95 cost, which may build up over time and might not be worth it.

Those with portfolios valued at £2M million plus may be excluded from fees and may negotiate price cuts with the platform on an individual basis, which may make the platform's costs more competitive for such investors.

As it offers everything from simple savings accounts to sophisticated CFDs and spread betting, Hargreaves Lansdown is an excellent option for investors of varying expertise levels. The help desk staff, online tutorials, and mobile applications all contribute to an impressively high level of client satisfaction.

To illustrate, some savings accounts can be created in minutes and need as little as £25 per month in debit card deposits to get you started saving. To ease into the platform, maybe starting with a basic product is the way to go. 

Those with more extensive financial demands, however, should probably get some expert opinion before signing up with any financial service.

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