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Updated: May 20, 2024
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With IG, you may trade and invest in a whopping 18,000 markets, letting you play with FX, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more.

They feature a great assortment of intuitive systems for simple market analysis, trade placement, and trade management. I always have a great time trading with IG, and I've never had any issues.

Due to the broker's extensive liquidity stores, which draw from a range of great liquidity sources, IG's spreads are narrow, commission costs are affordable, and execution times are quick.

This is advantageous if you want to trade frequently and want to reduce your trading fees without eliminating quality. To help you with your trade, you also receive some top-tier tools and educational guides. Let’s investigate that in this IG review. 

Disclaimer: Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

At a Glance – Pros and Cons

So what are IG’s advantages and disadvantages? Overall, they are at the top of my list of brokers I highly suggest to anybody wishing to use your money to trade online discreetly and securely.

They are among the few trading firms I have found that genuinely accept UK clients, so if that's where you're situated, it's worth taking into consideration.


✔️ Platforms for trading that are strong and easy to use on desktop, the web, and mobile

✔️ Large selection of more than 18,000 trading instruments

✔️ Leading-edge trading rules and restrictions

✔️ Low fees, small spreads, and quick trade execution

✔️ There are several tools available to help traders

✔️ No-cost trading signals

✔️ IG academy with learning materials

✔️ Convenient solutions for financing accounts

✔️ Free withdrawals and deposits

✔️ Accept merchants from the USA and the majority of other nations

✔️ DMA trading through FIX API

✔️ Swap-free accounts for Muslims

✔️ Free practice trading platforms

✔️ Outstanding client service


❌ Fee for inactivity after two years

❌ No interfaces for MetaTrader 5

❌ £200 is certainly not the lowest minimum around

IG – Overview 

First off, who are they?

What is IG? 🏛️

Through their user-friendly trading platforms and applications, IG, a multi-award-winning and global leader in online trading and investing, provides traders with access to possibilities across tens of thousands of financial markets.

Being one of the first dealing brokerage firms to open its doors in 1974, IG has since developed into a market leader with more clients than the majority of trading brokers. They have offices spread throughout 15 nations and five continents from which they serve clients all over the world.

One of the largest trading firms worldwide, IG Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The fact that a listed trading firm is so uncommon makes IG stand out from the competition.

They provide access to over 18,000 marketplaces, amongst them fx, equities, indices, crypto, commodities, and more, all at competitive pricing and quick transaction execution speeds, empowering knowledgeable and decisive traders.

Search no further than IG if security is of the utmost concern to you and you want to utilise a broker that has as many services and products available to you as feasible. If you're interested in exploring your alternatives, Oanda is a broker that, in terms of regulation and the range of trading services it offers, is comparable to IG.


The broker business has repeatedly honoured its award-winning investment services for both the products they provide and the cutting-edge trading technology they offer.

Their accolades include Best Multi-Platform Provider at the ADVFN International Finance Awards, Best Trading Support, Top Overall Professional Trading Account, Best Overall Personal Wealth Provider at the Online Personal Wealth Awards, and Top Trading App at the Professional Trader Awards. Chances are, they’ll continue to get accolades as a pioneer in their field, in my opinion.

Trading TOCs 

With extensive liquidity and cutting-edge trading options, IG strives to provide you with the best rates and the narrowest spreads. They are dedicated to providing the greatest execution, an open policy, and an automated procedure that prioritises the needs of their customers.

The broker uses symmetrical tolerance, guaranteeing that limit and at-quote orders will always result in the pricing you want (or better).

They provide assured pauses to assist you to prevent negative slippage and pass on good slippage. Erroneous/excessive orders in addition to underlying market factors are the causes of rejections.

Find Contract for Differences (CFDs), which are financial tools that let you trade the marketplaces with both long and short positions while speculating on price changes without actually physically holding the underlying asset, are one way that IG offers trading on leverage.


The following are some advantages of trading on IG's website:

  • Platforms: Powerful, rapid, and simple trading tools that make it simple for you to spot and take advantage of trading opportunities.
  • Marketplace: Extensive selection of more than 18,000 markets, including more 24-hour indexes than any other source, after-hours US equities, and more than 80 currency markets.
  • Processing: Quick trade execution times, narrow spreads, and affordable commissions are the prerequisites. among the best available anywhere
  • Tools: State-of-the-art trading instruments that let traders undertake in-depth technical and fundamental market analysis
  • Learning: A variety of training tools and instructional materials, including seminars, are available to help you become a better trader by enhancing your trading knowledge and abilities.
  • Support: A kind, efficient, and knowledgeable support staff is accessible round-the-clock to provide top-notch customer care.
  • Advice: During your first time trading with IG, they have a specialised crew on hand to provide one-on-one coaching to make sure you feel at ease with the goods.
  • Protection: Traders can use a variety of stop-and-limit orders to safeguard their capital with effective risk management. With an always-visible picture of their profit and loss, you can manage your money with ease.


Many investors trust IG broker since it is one of the biggest brokers in the world and offers top-notch services. They are entirely committed to the security and prosperity of their clients and are licenced and authorised to provide online brokerage services in several countries across several continents.

IG Regulations

Money that clients deposit into IG accounts is protected in a number of ways. You can relax knowing that any money you drop into an IG fund is secure since it is kept in segregated funds at regulated banks with trustee agreements.

This ensures that the money is still yours and not IG's. Additionally, because it is clear that the funds belong to the customer, IG and its creditors are not subject to any charges, liens, or rights of setoff or retention.

They have many segregated bank accounts at a variety of high street banks with good credit, including Lloyds and Barclays. They are not allowed to retain all of the customer money in one bank, therefore they consciously make sure that it is divided across several institutions.

The broker is segmented from their users and isn’t given access to your money for their own business purposes, such as running costs or as margin to hedge with other counterparties.

Only qualifying signed members under a legal obligation outlining how their cash and assets are kept separately (called a “title transfer”) or expert clients (such as other financial institutions) are not treated in this manner.

All customers would receive their part of the segregated funds or assets back in the rare event that IG went into liquidation, less the administrators' handling and distribution fees.

Up to a certain amount, any financial deficiency may be paid under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (see: FSCS Regulations). The FSCS is the last-resort compensation fund for clients of licenced financial services companies.

It was created by the UK government to act as a “safety net”, and it typically safeguards each investor (retail consumers) and small businesses who had been clients of bankrupt financial services companies.

Most countries, including the USA and the United Kingdom, are welcome to trade with IG. You can discover that there are regional differences in the goods and services provided.

It is your obligation to select the IG entity best satisfies your specific needs. Please be aware that if you apply to a non-UK/non-European firm, local client safeguards will still be in effect but you will not be covered by UK or European client protections, particularly those for the safeguard of retail customers (such as leverage limitations and negative balance protection).

Additionally, this implies that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme will not protect your funds, however, there may still be other options.

Since it is in their own best financial interest for clients to be successful so they continue trading with the broker, IG has structured their company around putting themselves on the side of the client. The broker agreed to the FX Global Code of Conduct, which defines a standard set of principles for ethical behaviour in the marketplace, as part of this agreement.


IG Markets Ltd. and IG Index Ltd. are businesses established in England and Wales under the company name IG (a company registered in England and Wales under number 01190902). The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom has authorised and regulated IG Markets Ltd.

The Financial Conduct Authority is an organisation responsible for financial regulation in the UK. It is funded by fees imposed on those who work in the financial services sector and runs independently of the national government.

The FCA's objectives are to ensure that customers receive a sufficient level of protection, to safeguard and improve the stability of the UK financial system, and to encourage efficient competition in favour of consumers.

The FCA has stringent regulations that dictate precisely what brokers may undertake and how they must perform it, defined as the client money and client assets guidelines (contained in the Client Assets Sourcebook – CASS).


The FCA control means that IG must adhere by the laws and rules set in place to safeguard investors since it is widely regarded as one of the harshest regulators available. Customers may feel secure knowing that they are trading online with a reputable brokerage thanks to FCA laws, and they will be protected in the unusual event that something goes wrong.

The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is a separate US government organisation that was established in 1974 and is responsible for overseeing the country's financial markets, which also include swaps, futures,  and specific types of options.

The CFTC's goal is to strengthen the reliability, resiliency, and vitality of the American derivatives markets via prudent regulation.

The National Futures Association (NFA) is the self-regulatory body for the U.S. derivatives market, which encompasses OTC products, retail off-exchange foreign currency, and futures that are traded on exchange.

The NFA, a registered derivatives organization recognised by the CFTC, works diligently daily to protect investors, maintain the integrity of the derivatives markets, and make sure Members uphold their legal obligations.

Before creating an online brokerage account with a broker like IG, any trader from the United States would likely search for the NFA, another highly regarded regulator. The knowledge that a broker they are employing is reputable, open, and required to abide by tight rules and regulations in order to safeguard investors' interests may provide traders piece of mind thanks to NFA regulation.

It is remarkable that IG is subject to additional oversight by authorities in addition to FCA and NFA in order to conduct business in several countries. One of the most reputable online providers on the market, they may have the most varied regulations in place of just about any online broker.

Below is a list of the IG regulators by country:

  • Financial Conduct Authority of the UK (FCA)
  • National Futures Association and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) of the United States (NFA)
  • Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Europe (BaFin)
  • Financial Market Supervisory Authority of Switzerland (FINMA)
  • Aussie Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)
  • Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand (FMA)
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore (MAS)
  • Financial Services Authority of Japan (JFSA)
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA)
  • Arab Emirates 🏝️🌞 – Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)

Although each regulatory organisation has its own set of guidelines and standards, they all serve essentially the same purpose: to safeguard investors' interests and guarantee that brokers act honestly, morally, and completely openly.

We have complete faith in IG as a broker because of the extensive level of regulation they implement. The platforms offer a variety of quick, user-friendly, dependable, completely customizable, and adaptable trading platforms that work with desktop and laptop computers, as well as web browsers and mobile devices (iOS & Android).


Investors who qualify may file a claim under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if Hargreaves Lansdown is unable to meet their financial responsibilities. While this undoubtedly contributes to your overall peace of mind, I advise you to review their terms and conditions because they are fairly detailed. Every claim is dealt with individually.


For citizens of the United Kingdom and the European Economic Area, Hargreaves Lansdown offers accounts (EEA). Please feel free to explore our broker guides for a different option if your country is not approved.

IG review – Platforms

IG's own trading platform, ProRealTime (PRT), L2 Dealer, and the enormously successful MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform are the options available to you. For experienced traders who want to perform transactions in the order books of major equities exchanges, the brokerage also provides greater access to the common market (DMA).

Pick a platform that works with your gadgets and has the features and capabilities your investing tactics need. You might choose to remain with a stock trading that you are currently comfortable with. Although the IG trading platform is likewise quite robust and packed with essential features, MetaTrader 4 is frequently a preferred option for beginner online traders.

IG Platform

If you've never invested before, don't stress; the services are simple to use and include videos to guide you. My own experience has shown that doing is the greatest way to learn. Before deciding which system to use, you may sign up for a free demo account on each one to get a taste for it.

Desktop Trading Platform 

All customers engaged in spread betting (UK) or CFD trading can access the IG web trading system online. Your account can be managed, cards can be registered, payments can be made, money can be withdrawn, and more.

Additionally, this platform provides browser-based research tools including trade recommendations, an economic calendar, and live news. The IG platform's ease of use and sleek, modern UI are appealing to me. It simplifies trading tasks including scanning graphs, executing trades, and maintaining open positions.

Mobile Trading App

IG provides an apple phone and Android-optimized tablets and smartphone trading solution. It is appropriate for CFD traders, stock/share traders, and spread betting in the UK. You may see IG's mobile charts while on the go and also have entry to the same research and monitoring capabilities as on the web-based platform.

Purely being able to use it on my smartphone wherever I am at any time makes the smartphone app handier in my opinion than the desktop platform. The main drawback is that it lacks several capabilities found on the desktop platform, but it still has the ability to do all tasks, including market analysis and trade management.

Web application for Instagram

In order to provide customers with a smooth trading platform on any device, wherever in the globe, IG has released a progressive web app (PWA), which eliminates the need to visit a third-party app store.

The PWA is designed to enable you rapidly and easily acquire crucial trade updates while avoiding the delays included in conventional app store approval procedures.

ProRealTime (PRT)

The most popular advanced charting software on the internet, ProRealTime (PRT), provides robust monitoring features, flexible access, and sophisticated analysis. Users of technical charts should use PRT.

If you exchange spread bets (UK) or CFDs at least 4 times each month, PRT is free. Register for a free demo membership on each platform before picking which one to use to get a feel for it.

Additionally, you may trade via the PRT platform's API. If you wanted to send IG orders through a unique interface you created, you would do this.

This platform is intended for those of you who are more experienced traders. The far more user-friendly MetaTrader will likely be preferable for beginners.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

With sophisticated analytical and automated trading features, MetaTrader 4 is a popular third-party platform for CFD trading and spread betting in the UK. Additionally, there are 18 custom app add-ons available.

To trade forex, indexes, commodities, energy, metals, cryptocurrencies, and much more, MT4 is available as a free download.

Millions of traders worldwide utilise the user-friendly MT4 brokerage account, which was created by the trading software business MetaQuotes. A sizable community exists where traders may exchange concepts, trading methods, tools, signals, and algorithmic trading platforms.

If you're searching for a straightforward trading platform with automatic trading features, MT4 is a wonderful option. It has everything the majority of customers would require to get started trading and can be utilised on both a desktop and a mobile device.

Institutional and professional users, on the contrary, could feel a little restricted and might want to have a look at one of the other IG platforms or perhaps cTrader. Unfortunately, Pepperstone offers cTrader if you require that platform instead of IG.

Dealer L2

Marketplace access is provided through the free, downloadable share trading application L2 Dealer (DMA). Users have the option of trading CFDs or using the share dealing service, which includes useful monitoring features including watchlists, price alerts, and orders.

With price-improvement technologies at your hands, you can trade using charts.


Application programming interface is referred to as API. It is a tool that links two programmes, such as your IG trading account and your custom platform. Trading via APIs provides you with direct access to IG's environment, which may improve your investing experience by giving you more management and quicker order processing.

Without needing to manually search across numerous exchanges and hidden reservoirs for information and rates, trading using APIs is a simple method to acquire historical pricing, live market data, and the ability to execute transactions from any of your IG trading accounts. Instead, you can request that the data be sent directly to you, which would guarantee speed and accuracy.

If you wish to create your own trading system, you may trade directly using IG's API. With IG's trading API, you may trade CFDs and spread bets (UK) by creating your own custom solutions or using ready-made ones. Connect your front-end programmes to IG's industry-leading pricing and execution technologies to automate your trading.

IG Review – Toolsets

Additionally, IG provides in-platform assistance that allows users to quickly make decisions utilising the robust tools included in the portals.

These resources may be used to support choices with buy and sell signals, perhaps even to manage personal savings, respond to situations with the most recent Reuters news, and guide your trading with professional market analysis. IG has you set if you need assistance with your trade.

Fundamental & Technical Indicators

A wide variety of built-in indications on the IG trading platforms may be used to spot range and trending market circumstances. A fundamental indicator may help you identify market mood and fluctuations brought on by the publication of economic data, whilst a technical indicator can help you establish a clearer image of price fluctuations on the charting graphs.

Fundamental & Technical Indicators

Trading Alerts 

With IG's free automatic trading notifications, you are never going to miss out on market changes or significant financial happenings.

When your preferences are met, such as when economic events take place, prices alter, or technical circumstances change, trading alerts are free, automated, and customizable notifications that may be delivered to you. You can go about your day and seize opportunities when they come your way by letting IG keep an eye on the markets for you.

The advantages of these trading notifications include:

  • Understand the precise timing and effects of economic events. Create reminders to alert you of impending events 5 to 60 minutes in advance.
  • Get notified when desired pricing or rate adjustments are reached
  • Popular signals like Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI,  Exponential Moving Average, Standard Deviation, Stochastic,  Price and Volume may be used to position and generate custom indicator alerts.
  • by watching prices on your behalf, you save time.
  • When on the go, respond immediately to email, SMS, or pushing alerts.

Trading signals from IG

The free trading signals from IG may be used to attempt to determine the best moment to trade currencies, indexes, and commodities.

Trading signals are practical instructions to “buy” or “sell”, based on technical or fundamental research. When changes in certain markets present themselves from routine news occurrences, you may opt to have signals provided straight to you, and you can utilise them to guide your trading decisions.

The signal provider does not represent and shouldn't be treated as financial advice, it must be emphasised explicitly. IG solely offers execution-related services. You do so at your own risk and only at your own discretion.

  • Receive free, real-time trading suggestions for the markets you select.
  • Ongoing market research performed on your behalf Accessible from a desktop or mobile device
  • Autochartist and PIA-First, two independent service providers, are the primary sources of the IG trading signals. You get the greatest of both worlds in terms of technical analysis tools and professional expertise thanks to Autochartist's cutting-edge pattern-recognition technologies and PIA-knowledgeable 
  • Analysts who watch the marketplaces on your behalf.


Autochartist, a pioneer in automated technical indicators, was founded in 2004.

  • Searches the marketplaces and evaluates data on various timescales
  • Gives you unbiased data to aid in guiding your trading decisions
  • Removes scepticism and bias from chart analysis


Two industry analysts with a collective 45 years of expertise offer a trading plan service.

  • Award-winning research
  • Simple-to-use trading techniques
  • Expert analysis of market trends

Robotic Trading

Fully automated investing is now accessible on a variety of IG systems, including ProRealTime and MetaTrader 4 (MT4), as well as through their native APIs, so you may trade continuously yet never miss a chance.

Use pre-made solutions or develop your own algorithmic trading to speculate on the brokers' selection of more than 18,000 markets. To make automated trading simple for you, they also provide cutting-edge technical analysis and graphing tools, whether you want to create and totally customise your personal algorithms or utilise pre-made solutions.

Read more about Robo Advisors.

With algorithmic trading, deals are entered and exited in accordance with predetermined criteria like volatility levels or price fluctuations. Trading algorithms can carry out an acquire or sell order on your behalf if the present market circumstances satisfy any predefined criteria.

On your behalf, they can also establish stop and profit levels. As a result, your trades are processed very instantaneously and you may save time by not having to constantly search the markets.

IG Review – Education and Markets

IG offers a variety of services to help you uncover opportunities and advance your investing, even if you're a novice to the marketplaces or simply want to brush up on your abilities. The IG school aids in the growth of your knowledge and trading abilities.

The IG Academy is a free tool created to assist you in improving as a trader. There are many training courses and seminars to choose from.

The information seems to be better suited for novices, in my opinion. I looked around, but I didn't really discover anything new that I hadn't before encountered when trading. However, you may interact with other like-minded traders in the IG community and get fantastic trade ideas from the often-updated market analysis.

In their forum, I was able to get some responses to certain particular queries I had, such as those about the signal service. The community is worth a look if you need advice from other users on a specific issue.

Interactive Learning

This aids with your understanding of the fundamentals of trading through infographics, explanation videos, and course-ending tests.

Seminars and webcasts

Regular webinars and seminars are held by IG where you can ask market professionals questions about anything from finding trade opportunities to utilising trading platforms.

IG Education

Demo Trading

Using your IG Academy login, you may access a demo account and trade on live markets with £10,000 in fictitious money to practise trading without any risk. Practice accounts can offer a practical opportunity to test your trading tactics and try out the various platforms that are accessible.

Twitter Academy

The free IG Academy mobile app lets you read about trading platforms while on the go. As always, you will get entry to all of the interactive programs and tests, as well as webinars and video explanations.

Reports and Analysis

Read IG professional opinion on the most recent market moves and stay current with the news that has an impact on the marketplaces.

Trading Techniques

Customers can receive expert advice on trading methods and tactics that can help them profit from international markets.

Financial Calendar

To make sure you are staying on track with the most recent fundamental market analysis, you may investigate the impending economic and political events and add them to your trading calendar.

Trading Dictionary

In order to assist you get more familiar with some of the typical trading lingo, IG offers a comprehensive trading glossary with commonly used terms and straightforward explanations.

Community on IG

Clients may gain information from the collective wisdom of the IG community by participating in the trading discussion forum. Customers of IG may communicate with one another and the knowledgeable support staff on the forum online.

Traders may ask questions of other traders and staff, discuss trading tactics, offer trading advice, and get a sneak peek at new items.


With IG, you will access the capital markets through three different channels: spread betting (UK), CFD trading, and trading. Each provides you with a special set of benefits. As financial derivatives, spread betting and CFDs allow you to speculate on a stock's price without actually holding any assets. 

Both of these are leveraged products, so you do not have to initiate a trade with the whole amount of your position. Understanding what leveraging is and the risks involved with trading leveraged goods is important. Leverage makes gains and losses more pronounced.

Spread betting and CFDs, in contrast to conventional investment, let you profit from both dropping and increasing market prices.

Whether you're trading CFDs or spread bets, IG will reset your account balance to zero if it becomes negative. Professional traders are not eligible for this, which only applies to debt associated with trading.

Through its user-friendly and simple trading platforms, IG offers one of the most outstanding selections of online trading marketplaces, including:

  • 80+ fx pairs (major, minor, crosses, etc.)
  • Numbers: 38+ (baskets of different blue-chip stocks)
  • Stocks: more than 6,000 
  • 30+ commodities are available (Corn, Cotton, Cocoa, Coffee, Orange Juice, Oats, Rice, Soya, Sugar, Cattle, Wheat, Oats, Lean hogs, etc)
  • 10+ government bonds 
  • More than 1,500 ETFs 
  • 10+ Metals in total (Gold, Platinum, Copper, Silver, Palladium, Aluminium, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Iron Ore, etc)
  • 7+ energy sources, including crude oil, heating oil, carbon emissions, gas oil, gasoline, natural gas, etc.
  • Futures: 8 Futures on Interest Rates 
  • Popular crypto assets like BTC and ETH.

As a complement to CFD trading, you may also use more conventional non-leveraged stockbroking and trading options, such as stock trading, savings, and fully managed diverse portfolios tailored to your unique goals and risk tolerance.

In terms of instruments, IG cannot truly be compared to any other broker because they are in a class by themselves. Their ability to provide us with so many tools while being governed by so many different governments is quite astounding. Markets.com can possibly be a good option to take into account if you desire regulation and choice.

IG Review – Accounts

To meet the needs of various investors, IG offers a variety of accounts kinds with various benefits. Some accounts are only accessible from specific nations.

Depending on your specific trading requirements, you can decide to trade through one of the overseas offices. It is possible to create many accounts and conduct business with various IG offices.

IG Account


A £200 commitment using various payment methods including digital wallets like PayPal, or its comparable in your local denomination is required to start a trading account. This is typical of most brokers, yet Admirals just needs a deposit of £1 to start an account if it is too expensive for you.


The maximum leverage offered by IG is 1:200. (1:30 for EU and some non-EU clients). If you need more, the XM Group's leverage is up to 1:888 for clients who qualify.

Spreads and Prices

Since IG derives the majority of its revenue through spreads and is typically not serving as a counterparty to customer transactions, there is no conflict of interest. Trading losses incurred by failing clients often do not help IG. When trading with a brokerage like IG, you may occasionally additionally have to pay additional fees such:

  • Forex conversion fees for stocks/shares
  • Nightly charges
  • Activation costs

When buying or selling stocks or ETFs, a commission is required for stock/share trading. Additionally, a quarterly custody fee that is based on your trading activity is charged. Share prices are available in local denominations, and it costs only 0.5% to convert them to your preferred base currency.

Test Accounts

If you want to practise trading with a free trial of IG's award-winning platform, demo trading accounts are available. You may test trading methods while on the move with the free mobile trading applications, practise investing online with £10,000 in fictitious money, and have access to premium training materials on IG Academy.

Traders frequently opt to utilise a demo account since it allows them to develop their trading technique, become familiar with a trading platform, and learn.

However, demo accounts are not just for beginners. In order to test new techniques, tools, or ideas without risking the loss of real money, seasoned traders frequently use demo accounts. To observe how well or poorly a new trading method performs, I usually want to test it out on a practice account first.

Trading Professionally

Professional customers can use account features that aren't available to regular customers, but they do give up some investment protections in the process. You, as an IG expert customer, are in charge of preventing a net loss on your account.

If it occurs, more payments will be necessary to get your balance back over zero. You may qualify to be labelled as a professional trader if you check “yes” to two or several of the following questions.

  • Over the previous four quarters, did your dealing involve approximately ten large-sized leverage trades every quarter?
  • Do you have a collection of financial assets worth more than £500,000, including cash deposits?
  • Have you held a position requiring knowledge of futures markets for at minimum a year in the financial sector?

Muslim Accounts

On request, Muslim-friendly swap-free services that abide by Islamic laws are made accessible.

Account Creation 🗁

With IG, you may begin trading online right now. It simply takes a few minutes to complete a quick and simple account creation process that is entirely online. On the online account registration form, which you can access by selecting the “create live account” option on the IG website, they will inquire about your trading history and ask you a few straightforward questions.

Although you will need to submit evidence of identification and residence to utilise these services, the broker can often verify your identity promptly after completion. You will be able to fund your profile whenever you wish and begin investing with IG when your account has been validated.

IG Review – Experience

Support-wise, contacting IG customer service is possible by email, phone, Twitter, and maybe most easily, online chat. From 8 a.m. on Saturday until 10 p.m. on Friday, the professional support staff is available around-the-clock.

Any general, account, or technical issues you may have will be promptly and effectively addressed by the sizable and amiable crew. There are many different languages available for support.

Using the help and support portal, you may obtain immediate answers to your inquiries regarding trading with IG. From there, you may browse a variety of themes or search a sizable data bank for specific information.

Sincerely, there are many aspects about Instagram that I adore, but email support isn't one of them. By no means would I say that I find the assistance to be subpar. I was just mildly annoyed because it took many days and several follow-ups for me to get a response after asking a few questions that would have only taken a few minutes to respond to.

But don't let that discourage you—the live chat help is far better and provides assistance very immediately. They could still do better, though, by providing round-the-clock assistance like Plus500.

IG Account Funding

Deposit and withdraw money to and from your brokerage account using a number of practical ways offered by IG, all of which are designed to be as quick and simple as possible. This covers online payment platforms like PayPal, credit/debit cards, and bank wire.

Please be aware that not all methods are accessible for both and withdrawal, and some may only be available to certain countries.

Depending on the nation of residency, various payment methods may incur costs. Requests for withdrawals are handled the same day, or the day after if it is beyond business hours.

Based on the payment source and mechanism, the withdrawal period might change. In contrast to certain ways, bank transfers may take a few business days to settle. If you want to start trading right immediately with the money from a bank transfer, you can attach payment proof.

Credit or debit cards are the quickest method of funding your account because successful payments are instantly deposited. You must register your preferred card before financing. Up to five credit cards may be included on your account at once, but they must all be in your name and registered to the same address as your IG account.

On their individual websites, several payment systems may list any transaction limitations, requirements, or restrictions. In some nations, you might have to validate your account in order to get the restrictions on specific methods removed.

IG does not accept payments from external parties. The name of your IG trading account must match the name of any money placed into your brokerage account.

Various currencies are available for opening accounts. The availability of other currencies is advantageous since there are no currency translation costs when using an account in your own currency.

A broker of IG's calibre ought to provide additional funding choices, in my opinion. Compared to brokers like FP Markets, who provide a lot more options for making deposits and withdrawals, I think they are fairly constrained.

IG Review – Verdict 

IG offers a wide variety of assets for trading with the help of strong and user-friendly trading systems like MetaTrader and FIX API.

For traders of all levels of expertise, they provide a wealth of trading tools and instructional materials. We thought the customer service was fantastic; they responded quickly and efficiently.

Even though the number of available digital wallets is rather constrained, account types are adaptable and offer a selection of practical deposit/withdrawal choices. Global traders may benefit from IG Group's exceptional investing conditions, which include small spreads, cheap fees, and quick trade execution times.

Whatever you want to trade or the amount you wish to trade, the broker can accommodate you. They provide a full range of trading goods and services, are regulated in several nations, and are consequently regarded as a reliable broker who puts the interests of their clients first. It's easy to understand why so many traders are satisfied to trade with IG.

Disclaimer: Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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