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We cover the popular UK online trading platform.

Updated: May 20, 2024
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In the UK, Interactive Investor is a reputable stock broker with a background reaching back to 1995. They are a well-known brand among UK traders and one of the most popular options in the industry, with a stellar regulatory track record and UK FCA monitoring.

Here, we'll examine the broker's offerings in a non-nonsense fashion so you can quickly decide if they satisfy your demands in many of the crucial areas to take into account when choosing a stock or trading broker.

Interactive Investor Review — Overview 

Positives Lots of pricing plans for all traders, solid selection of mutual funds, both a browser and mobile platform, FCA-regulated. 

Drawbacks Fees can be greater than some competitors, and no desktop platform is available. 

Trust Level: High 

Never compromise on this point. Your chosen broker must always offer a trustworthy and safe trading environment.

Interactive Investor meets that benchmark, and they take trust extremely seriously. 

You’ll find a proven track record of adhering to regulations, and the FCA in the UK has continuously monitored them since they first started doing business. With strict compliance regulations in place, the Financial Conduct Authority is a top-tier regulator and one of the leading players in international financial regulation.

This strongly suggests that you can put your trust in the broker regarding its upholding of standards in the markets. They have been in business since1995, and in their current configuration since 2003, with no significant problems or breaches of confidence reported. Even though their trading system does not now support 2-factor authentication, it is safe and protected in general. 

Furthermore, as Interactive Investor is a UK-based business that is subject to FCA regulation, you will also be covered by ICF insurance, which will safeguard your money up to £85,000 in the eventuality that there are any unanticipated problems with the company's finances.

Investments Available: Competitive Range

The pricing model you select from the brokerage will be the primary factor in determining expenses at Interactive Investor. There are three possibilities for you here.

The “Investor” plan is the first fee arrangement design. Your transactions on UK/US shares and UK funds will cost £7.99 each, while transactions on overseas stocks will cost £19.99 each. This has a set monthly charge of £9.99.

The second configuration is known “Funds Fan”, and it has a fixed monthly price of £13.99, with much the same UK/US shares costing £7.99 each trading and overseas stock trades (learn more… Stock Trading Apps) — costing £19.99 per transaction; the only distinction is that UK mutual funds cost £3.99 less per trade.

The third pricing option, dubbed “Super Investor”, has a fixed monthly charge of £19.99 but lower trading fees of £3.99 for UK shares, £4.99 for US equities, £9.99 for international stocks, and £3.99 for UK mutual funds.

Altogether, these choices, along with the industry-standard fees and charges, cooperate to give you a wide range of customizable options to choose from based on your personal trading preferences. Additionally, the dealer does not impose any withdrawing, depositing, or inactivity fees.

Platform: Solid, but…

Interactive Investor provides a unique trading system that may be accessed through a browser or mobile. There isn't a desktop app offered.

You will discover that the browser trader looks good and is simple to use, and is all-around user-friendly. When picking assets from the available order kinds, the simple search bar feature comes in handy.

These orders include “Good till date” ones and “fill or kill” ones that are not the typical ones you may anticipate. The software offers a wide range of plotting features and indicators that will be useful to more seasoned traders.

Expect your platform interaction on a smartphone to be comparable. Once more, it is simple to use and intuitively organized, and it offers comparable functionality to the webtrader platform. Use either an iOS or Android device to access the Interactive Investor mobile version.

Service: Decent  

If you require support from Interactive Investor's customer care, you will find this to be quite useful and competent. You can reach the support staff via call / email. Their customer service over the telephone is outstanding, and the lines normally connect swiftly.

Emails are also immediately responded to with pertinent, beneficial replies to your queries.

The customer service team may be reached from 7:45 Am until 5:30 PM GMT. However, this does rule out 24-hour help, and at present, there is no live chat feature. All things considered, the company provides excellent assistance.

Learning Resources: Excellent 

Any investing journey should include ongoing learning, so finding a brokerage that can support your drive to learn is quite beneficial. On this subject, Interactive Investor has a bunch of great information. Along with informative and often updated instructional articles and videos, there are investing interface guides that walk you through each stage of the procedure.

These materials are intended for both novice and experienced traders who wish to keep developing and enhancing their trading abilities and expertise. Additionally, you could benefit from the broker's demo account, which comes provided. It's a money-free way to study or practise trading methods.

Interactive Investor Review: UK Verdict

Overall, Interactive Investor offers UK stock traders a superb marketplace.

Many traders rely on their stellar track record, which is supported by high-calibre regulation and extensive experience in the field.

Second, they provide a reputable, user-friendly proprietary trading platform that gives exposure to their wide variety of assets.

A reasonable pricing structure and the chance to further your growth with some top-notch resources provide strong backing for these fundamental ideas. Together, you can see why the UK stockbroker Interactive Investor is a popular option.

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