Editorial Guidelines

We are committed to the highest editorial standards possible. 

To achieve this, we adhere to rigorous principles in our editorial guidelines that steer our direction.

Compare Banks is one of the UK’s most popular financial review and comparison sites, helping you to receive the information necessary to make informed financial decisions. 

We want you to have total transparency when choosing a bank or financial product so believe it’s essential that we provide impartial and accurate information. 

Being objective and passionately independent, you know you can trust Compare Banks.

What Are Our Values?

  • To give you objective and independent information inside of educational and engaging articles.
  • For you to trust the integrity of Compare Banks as an authentic and accurate source of information.
  • To help you make better financial decisions when choosing a bank account, a credit card, or a mortgage by using our original content.
  • To lead as an informative review site across the UK and beyond with accessible and independent information.

What Are Our Editorial Principles?

To utilise our values in every article and review we create, we adhere to the following editorial principles:


We ensure that every review and article that is published on the Compare Banks site is fully accurate. 

We value our exquisite reputation for giving you reliable information that is up to date when the content is published.

If any information requires additional verification, we enlist the expertise of consummate professionals who are specialists in that field. 


Our content is original and impartial, without any input from advertisers or affiliates.

We can only provide you with accurate articles and reviews when we lead from the front with original content. 

Our writers are experienced content specialists who create engaging articles that inform you of the facts. They ensure to test out the financial products they write about to create the impartial information you need.

Our consumer reviews compile firsthand experiences of using those financial products, ensuring we can provide you with an honest overview of what each product can provide for you.

All content can be accessed by you for free with zero paywall requirements whilst helping you to save money with the best financial deals.


Our content reflects the views of Compare Banks as an independent entity.

As an impartial consumer resource, we create content for you, the consumer. We are not swayed in any direction by banks or other lenders in the way some financial sites are influenced.

We care about getting transparent information to you and telling you the truth, utilising the experiences of other consumers and no one else. As a result, we never falsely promote any bank or financial product. 


We provide the consumer with honourable information, never false promises or stealth advertising.

We make money through our site when you secure a great deal. 

So, if you switch your bank account to another provider because of our content, we might get paid a fee by the bank. You will never pay Compare Banks a penny despite the wealth of information we offer.

We also make money through standard advertising on our site to keep Compare Banks running smoothly.


Our site is secure. Any personal data you provide to Compare Banks is encrypted and treated with the utmost confidence.

We ensure that your data is safeguarded from fraud. No one else will have access to your data, keeping your personal information and any financial data safe and protected. 

We use your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you are one of our valued reviewers, your review will be kept anonymous to provide you with peace of mind. You can relax and tell the truth in your review without the bank or financial institution knowing who you are.


We ensure our content is user-friendly and accessible to all, writing content in an engaging manner that makes some trite subject matter interesting and amusing.

Our content offers transparent information so you can make the best decision for you and your own personal circumstances. 

Therefore, to ensure our articles and reviews are clear and accessible, it is essential that all text is clear and free from jargon.

So you can access further information with a click of a button, you will find site links that take you to other articles and reviews. These site links are connected to the content you have just read and aim to explore the subject area in greater depth.

We also ensure that any third party links are relevant to our site users and offer relevant and accurate information. Such third party links are also verified before publication to prevent offensive or misleading information from being connected to our site.


Whilst we strive to provide you with accurate and reliable information, we act responsibly and quickly if any mistakes are made.

If you ever have any concerns regarding our published content, ensure to contact Compare Banks immediately. We will hold a full and timely investigation to ensure the matter is resolved.

We aim to solve any concerns or complaints within 5 business days, investigating the nature of the problem and addressing any legitimate issues. 

You will receive a swift acknowledgement that the matter is under investigation along with any explanation or appropriate resolution.

Of course, any issues that are not addressed to your satisfaction can be referred for free to the Financial Ombudsman.

Regulatory Notices

Compare Banks operates through the site www.comparebanks.co.uk. This website and relevant services are owned by Eqo Media Limited, registered in England and Wales with the number 10729455. Our registered office is 86 – 90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE.

Contact Compare Banks via the email address hi@comparebanks.co.uk.

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