Best Joint Bank Accounts

Take a look at these best joint bank account options in the UK to help find the right one for you.

Updated: May 18, 2024
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Best Joint Bank Accounts

There are many reasons for having a joint bank account. Whether you’re living with your partner or in a shared house, having a joint account can enable you to pool together your funds to pay for household bills.

There are many different banking options out there, and it’s important to have a solid understanding of them before you open an account.

Knowing what type of features are most important to you in an account will help you when you're comparing your options.

Take a look at these best joint bank account options in the UK to help find the right one for you.

1. Starling Bank★★★★★Click Here
2. Cashplus Bank★★★★★Click Here
3. Revolut★★★★★Click Here
4. Santander★★★★Click Here
5. HSBC★★★★Click Here
6. First Direct★★★★Click Here
7. Lloyds Bank★★★★Click Here
8. Barclays★★★★Click Here
9. Royal Bank of Scotland★★★★★Click Here
10. NatWest★★★★★Click Here

What Is a Joint Bank Account?

A joint bank account is an account shared by at least two people and can be a convenient way for you to manage your finances. Each account holder will have their own debit card linked to the account and can access the funds as needed.

However, each account holder will also share responsibility for the account so if you have an overdraft, you'll both be responsible for repaying the debt. That means if one account holder spends too much and borrows on the overdraft, the other account holder might be asked to repay it.

How you use and manage the account is really up to all of the joint owners. These accounts function just like any other bank account.

Not everyone needs a joint bank account, but there are certainly instances in which they can be convenient or helpful.

However, once you open an account with someone else, you will be financially linked which means lenders will look at both of your credit histories if you apply for credit. If your partner has poor credit, this could affect your own chances of acceptance.

Compare Features of the Best Joint Bank Accounts

Account NameMax Account HoldersMonthly CostInterest RateFSCS Protection
1. Starling Bank Joint Account2 (Starling personal account customers)Free3.25% AER / 3.19% Gross (variable) interest on balances up to £5,000Yes
2. Cashplus Bank Joint Account4 (each additional card costs £5.95)No monthly account fees for each card – just one low annual fee on the primary accountN/AYes
3. Revolut Joint Account2From £0Depends on the planNo
4. Santander Joint Account2From £0Depends on the type of accountYes
5. HSBC Joint Account2FreeDepends on the type of accountYes
6. First Direct Joint Account2FreeAccess to 7.00% AER/gross Regular Saver AccountYes
7. Lloyds Bank Joint Account2From £0Depends on the type of accountYes
8. Barclays Joint Account2From £0Depends on the type of accountYes
9. Royal Bank of Scotland Joint Account2From £0Depends on the type of accountYes
10. NatWest Joint Account2From £0Depends on the type of accountYes

1. Starling Bank Joint Account

Starling Bank brings you the best of modernisation and technology for your joint account. Its Bills Manager feature will automatically set aside money and pay your household bills from a separate savings space, making it easier to budget.

What's more, there is no monthly fee to pay and you'll also earn interest on your balance up to £5,000.

However, the bank is app based so you'll need to be happy banking without a branch. The app includes payment notifications and tools to help you budget.

You'll also be able to set aside money for joint savings goals, such as a deposit for a house. And its round ups feature will automatically save the change from every transaction you make. You can also spend on your card fee-free abroad.


✔️ Top notch customer service

✔️ Budgeting and spending tools in the app

✔️ Savings spaces to help you meet savings goals and pay bills

✔️ Fee-free spending abroad


❌️ Cash withdrawals are limited each day

❌️ Interest charged on overdraft

2. Cashplus Bank Joint Account

Cashplus is a straightforward bank account with a prepaid contactless Mastercard – you can add an additional cardholder so they can also access account funds.

One of the big benefits of this account is there are no credit checks, so it could be ideal if you have no credit history or a poor credit score.

The account can be managed via the app and you'll get real-time balance information and statements. You can also set up direct debits and deposit cash into any Post Office branch.

If you choose to add the credit builder feature to the account (Activeplus), Cashplus lends you the equivalent of 12 months in account fees that you then repay in 12 monthly payments. Cashplus reports your payments to the credit reference agencies and as long as you meet these payments each month, your credit score should start to improve.


✔️ Could help you to improve your credit score

✔️ When a direct debit payment is due, payment alerts will notify both account holders

✔️ You could choose to add a US dollar and euros currency card to your account for free

✔️ FSCS protection


❌️ There is a 0.3% charge applied to all cash deposits made to any account

3. Revolut Joint Account

Revolut is still in the process of obtaining a UK banking licence, which means it's currently an electronic money institution and doesn't offer FSCS protection.

However, it offers a range of competitive features and you don't even need to be living with the other account holder to open an account together.

You can choose from five different plan options, including a free plan. The paid-for accounts offer a greater range of features, including travel insurance and airport lounge access.

Revolut is also a handy account if you need to carry out transactions overseas, as you can send and receive money in multiple currencies.


✔️ When you create a joint account, you are both considered account holders and have equal rights to the funds in the account

✔️ Easy to open the account in-app

✔️ Can send and receive money in multiple currencies

✔️ Range of plans to choose from


❌️ To access the best features, you'll need to pay a monthly fee

❌️ Fee-free ATM withdrawals are limited per month

4. Santander Joint Account

Santander is one of our top choices. It offers a number of different joint account options, depending on what you're looking for.

If you want a simple and straightforward account, the Everyday current account could be ideal. There's no monthly fee and you'll get a contactless debit card each.

Alternatively, the Santander Edge and Edge Up accounts pay cashback on selected household bills, at supermarkets and on travel costs. The Edge Up account also pays interest on balances. But you'll need to pay a fee for both of these accounts.

Santander has an arranged overdraft option but interest rates are high.


✔️ Range of accounts to choose from

✔️ Easy to apply

✔️ Extra features available, such as cashback

✔️ Arranged overdraft options


❌️ Some of the perks are only available if you pay a monthly fee

5. HSBC Joint Account

Next up is HSBC’s Advance Account. This account offers an arranged overdraft and you will also be able to access a competitive regular saver account.

If you open an account, you can also apply for a Global Money account that lets you convert, hold or send money in 50 currencies across 200 countries and regions worldwide.

This account has no monthly fees and you can also get discounts on shopping, travel and other experiences through its Home&Away offers programme.


✔️ Simple account

✔️ Arranged overdraft available

✔️ No monthly fees

✔️ Rewards programme


❌️ The APR for arranged overdrafts is 38.9%

6. First Direct Joint Account

First Direct is renowned for its excellent customer service and offers telephone and internet banking options.

First Direct is part of HSBC and its 1st Account is easy to open and often comes with a welcome bonus. It also offers a £250 interest-free overdraft which could be ideal if you dip into the red from time to time. What's more, if you use your debit card for spending or cash withdrawals overseas, no fees apply.

There's no monthly fee for the account and you'll also get access to a regular saver account paying 7.00% AER. The app also offers a range of budgeting tools, ideal for joint account holders.


✔️ No account fees to worry about

✔️ Interest-free overdraft of £250

✔️ No fees for spending abroad

✔️ Excellent customer service


❌️ No cashback or reward features

7. Lloyds Bank Joint Account

Lloyds Bank has a number of accounts to choose from and these can be opened on a joint basis. If you want to open an account with more than two people, you'll need to go into your local branch. Otherwise you can apply online.

Its Classic Everyday account is a free account that meets your basic banking needs and you can also earn cashback when you spend. Alternatively, you can pay a monthly fee and choose one its reward accounts that offers a range of benefits.

Depending on the account, these perks can include travel insurance, breakdown cover and mobile phone insurance, as well as cinema tickets, 12 months of Disney+ and interest on your balance.


✔️ Earn up to 15% cashback

✔️ You could earn interest on your balance

✔️ If you pay a fee, you'll get access to a range of benefits

✔️ Multiple account options to choose from


❌️ There is a monthly fee on some accounts

8. Barclays Joint Account

Barclays is another great option to consider for joint bank accounts. You can choose from the straightforward Barclays Bank Account that meets your everyday banking needs. Or, if you meet certain criteria, you can open the Premier account.

The Premier account has a lot of great benefits, including being able to collect Avios and get exclusive rates on savings and mortgages. But you must have an gross annual income of at least £75,000 paid into the account or a total balance of at least £100,000 in savings with Barclays.

The bank's mobile app offers a great range of features too, such as spending insights and security controls.


✔️ Different account options

✔️ Option to earn rewards

✔️ Mobile app with range of features


❌️ Premier account has stringent eligibility requirements

9. Royal Bank of Scotland Joint Account

With Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), you can choose from its Select, Reward, Premier Select or Premier Reward accounts if you want to open a joint account. You will need to open the account in a sole name and then request to add someone else to make it joint.

The Select account is a straightforward account for your everyday banking needs and has no monthly fee.

The Reward account, on the other hand, charges a monthly fee but lets you earn rewards as you spend.

The Premier Reward account is a step up from this and offers even more rewards, but you'll need to pay in a joint income of £120,000 a year, or have £500,000 mortgage borrowing with the bank or £100,000 in savings. The Premier Select account has the same eligibility criteria, but no monthly fee. It offers fee-free foreign spending and an interest-free overdraft of £500.


✔️ Range of accounts to choose from

✔️ Benefit from perks and rewards

✔️ Bank online or in branch


❌️ Some accounts have strict eligibility criteria

❌️ Some accounts have a monthly fee

10. NatWest Joint Account

NatWest and RBS are part of the NatWest Group, so you'll find the same range of joint accounts with NatWest as you'll get at RBS.

One thing to be aware of here is that a joint account at NatWest cannot have more than two people.

Every account user gets a contactless debit card, plus the ability to access the account through the mobile app and online. Again, to open a joint account, you'll need to open it in a sole name and then add the second person to the account.


✔️ Simple and reliable banking

✔️ Range of accounts to choose from

✔️ Some accounts offer perks and rewards


❌️ Monthly fees apply to some accounts

❌️ No more than two account owners

How to Choose a Joint Bank Account

Most banks out there allow you to open joint bank accounts, although there are some exceptions to this rule.

When it comes to choosing which bank you want to use, it’s important to think about what you need the account for and any extra features the account offers. You might want to consider the following points to help you reach your decision:

How does a joint account work?

Joint accounts mean joint ownership and joint responsibility.

All of the owners have equal access and ownership to this account. They can spend on their own without each other’s permission, but they are both held accountable for repaying any overdraft on the account.

It's important to consider this carefully when opening a joint account. Do you trust the person you're opening the account with?

In some cases, you might be able to have a ‘two-to-sign' setup, where both of you will need to be present in a branch if you want to access the funds in the account or make payments. But this usually means you won't have a debit card or be able to access the account online, and it's not a common practice.

How do you want to manage your account?

Think about whether you're both happy banking online or via a mobile app, or whether you'd prefer to be able to bank in a branch. If you want to be able to pop into a branch from time to time, consider which banks have branches near you and what accounts they offer.

What rewards or perks are on offer?

Consider whether earning rewards and cashback on your spending is important to you both, or whether you'd prefer a basic everyday bank account with limited features and no monthly fees.

If you'd like to earn rewards, consider what type of reward would be most useful. Some banks offer cashback on spending at certain stores, while others offer reward points or Avios.

Others also offer travel insurance and mobile phone insurance as part of the package. Applying for a joint account offering these features can be beneficial, as you'll only have to pay one monthly fee but you could both benefit from the perks available.

Account fees

Account fees vary depending on the account. Some accounts charge monthly or annual fees, while others don't. But there might also be fees for spending on your card abroad, or for going over your overdraft limit. Make sure you check the small print carefully to help you decide which account is best for you.

There are times when the fees might provide substantial benefits that appeal to you. There are also times when meeting certain rules or balance requirements could get the fee waived, and that’s important to know too.

Pay attention to account features

Remember that every bank is different, and what they offer to their customers will be different too.

Most banks have mobile banking and digital banking solutions to make things easier. At the same time, not all of these platforms are the same, and some are more user-friendly than others.

Take a look at the features, and maybe even do some research to see if they are going to be what you want or need when you open an account.

Customer service

Finally, something that is essential for a joint bank account is customer service. You need to know that if you have an issue, you can get help quickly and effectively.

Take a look at reviews from other customers and have a look at the customer service section on the bank's website. What kind of hours do they have? Do they respond quickly to enquiries? Can you reach them by chat or phone, or do you have to wait for slow email responses?

Your preference is important here, but understanding what to expect from customer support might make or break your final decision.

Final Thoughts

Opening a joint bank account can be a big step, but it’s generally simple to do. Just be sure that you understand the ins and outs of having a joint bank account, and how you can manage the account together. There are many different banks to choose from, as well as varying account options.

Choose what best joint account meets your needs, and then make your account work for you and any other account owners too.

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