Best Joint Bank Accounts in 2023

Take a look at these best joint bank account options in the UK to help find the right one for you.

Updated: November 28, 2023

There are many reasons to have a joint bank account. Whether you’re putting finances together with a significant other, supporting a parent or child with an account, or simply needing to be able to work together with banking needs, joint accounts are the solution to doing so.

There are many different banking options out there, and it’s important to have a solid understanding of them before you open an account.

What types of things are you looking for? This will certainly make a difference when you choose where to open your joint bank account.

Take a look at these best joint bank account options in the UK to help find the right one for you.

What Is a Joint Bank Account?

A joint bank account puts two or more people on an account and gives them all equal rights and access to the account. Whether you set up an account with a friend, significant other, sibling, etc. you share equal access to this account.

How you use that account and manage the account is really up to all of the joint owners. These accounts function just like any other bank account.

The only difference is rather than one individual, there can be two or more individuals associated with the account.

Not everyone needs a joint bank account, but there are certainly instances in which they can be convenient or helpful.

Now, check out these top options for joint accounts.

Best Joint Bank Accounts UK Compared & Reviewed:

1. Starling Bank★★★★★Click Here
2. Cashplus Bank★★★★★Click Here
3. Revolut★★★★★Click Here
4. Santander★★★★Click Here
5. HSBC★★★★Click Here
6. First Direct★★★★Click Here
7. Lloyds Bank★★★★Click Here
8. Barclays★★★★Click Here
9. Royal Bank of Scotland★★★★★Click Here
10. NatWest★★★★★Click Here

1. Starling Bank

Starling Bank brings you the best of modernization and technology for your joint account. They have stellar customer service, and all of the tools and resources you need to keep things maintained. They also have several different account choices that fit the joint bank account selections.

This is another bank that is purely online and telephone based. They do not have physical branches. But that doesn’t take away from their customer service skills. Their mobile app is very snazzy and nice, giving you convenience and simplicity in one.

Not only are there no monthly fees, but they have great design and ingenuity behind their accounts. From things like payment notifications to tools that you can use for budgeting, you’ve got everything covered in one simple place.

We mentioned ingenuity already, but let’s talk more about that. While these accounts are simple, the added features can be quite helpful. This includes a virtual piggy bank that lets you round up your purchases and save the extra change. You might be surprised how quickly this can add up!


✔️ Top notch customer service

✔️ Added snazzy features

✔️ Virtual piggy bank savings

✔️ Virtual cards for better money management


❌️ They do limit your cash withdrawals per day

❌️ There are no cashback/reward features

2. Cashplus Bank

Though Cashplus's groundbreaking beginnings lie in the introduction of prepaid credit cards to the market, the product that is presently provided is a conventional UK bank account much like what you'd expect from anywhere else — making it an attractive option for younger couples without credit checks.

Cashplus stands out from the traditional and digital-only competition because of its non-conventional background, which bodes well for users' access to secure online banking services. Cashplus is able to serve a wide range of consumers since both the mobile app and the web-based alternative are simple to use.

Cashplus is an instant-access bank account in the United Kingdom. Applying for an account on the Cashplus website or mobile app takes as little as four minutes. When you join up, you won't have your credit checked and will obtain your sort code and account number virtually immediately.


✔️ Couples with a low credit score may improve it by adding Creditbuilder to their account

✔️ When a Direct Debit payment is due, Payment Alerts will notify you and your spouse 

✔️ To take a trip together, couples can add a foreign currency card to their Cashplus account

✔️ Cashplus was granted a full banking licence in the United Kingdom in 2021, when compared to other UK banks, this one is just as safe


❌️ There is a 0.3% charge applied to all cash deposits made to any account

3. Revolut

Revolut, the largest neobank (in the UK, it is still obtaining a licence, which technically makes it an electric money institution) in Europe, with more than 300 million transactions each month was one of the first to prioritise mobile transactions. 

Overall, it’s a reliable alternative for customers in every region since it offers a broad variety of products and financial services, including (but not limited to!) stock and cryptocurrency trading.

Both creating an account and keeping it active incur zero costs. It's free, and so are the two corresponding digital cards. Delivery of a plastic card to use with your joint account may come at an additional fee, depending on your membership plan.

Of course, to create a joint checking account, both account holders must meet certain criteria. For instance, you must be above the age of 18, pass the so-called “KYC” check (the “Know Your Customer” set of standards placed on banks to prevent financial crimes), and have a Revolut personal account in order to use the app. And you’re ready to go! 


✔️ When you create a joint account, you are both considered account holders and have equal rights to the funds in the account

✔️ Banking licence is valid across the EU

✔️ Account opening is a breeze

✔️ Easy-to-navigate UI, fresh design, and reasonable prices


❌️ You need to be citizens of the same country

❌️ Your business activities cannot be conducted using the joint account

4. Santander

When it comes to personal banks, finding a high-quality choice that caters to your needs is ideal. You’re likely going to use this same concept moving forward with choosing a joint account too.

Santander is one of our top choices for an everyday joint account. There are no fees for this account, which is certainly a great perk.

As joint owners, you can get joint checking, savings, or even both types of accounts to work with. Flexibility is what their service is really all about. With your joint account, you can experience cheques, debit cards, online access, and more. It’s convenient and it’s simple for all users.

Santander does have more than one type of account. Their everyday account is free, but some people prefer to upgrade to their 123 Current Account. The reason for the switch is this one pays a little bit of interest. It also requires a minimum balance, so take those details into perspective before you decide which type of account to open here.

Santander has an arranged overdraft option where you can plan for an overdraft, and it’s like a small loan. The APR is nearly 40% for using this, but it’s far better than something like a payday loan in comparison.

The bank has quality customer service, and they give you some perks and rewards for things like paying your bills. It’s all pretty nice and geared towards customer satisfaction.


✔️ No minimum balance for most accounts

✔️ Simple access

✔️ Cashback on bills features

✔️ Arranged overdraft options


❌️ Some of the perks require an account that charges a fee


Next up, is HSBC’s Advance Account. They provide for your everyday banking needs, but then take your capabilities even one step farther.

The advance portion of the name is arranged overdraft capabilities, for amounts over £1,000. They even offer you a bonus for switching your account to them, if you meet the requirements.

This account has absolutely no monthly fees and no minimum balance to avoid fees either. If you are accumulating some funds, you can combine with a saver account and earn some pretty good interest that way.

The HSBC app is very user-friendly, giving you access to your accounts at any time you need. You can pay bills, check your balance, make payments, etc. You can also send money from here, make deposits, and more. If you like a good mobile app with your banking setup, this is a great choice!

In addition, they have some really great communication features. For example, you can get text alerts to let you know when you are going to receive an overdraft. Sometimes you plan for those things, and sometimes they catch you unaware!


✔️ Simple account

✔️ Arranged overdraft protection

✔️ No monthly fees or minimums

✔️ Great mobile app


❌️ The APR for arranged overdrafts is almost 39%

6. First Direct

Next up on our list is First Direct. This retail bank has telephone and internet banking capabilities, and currently serves more than 1 million customers.

They don’t have any physical branches anywhere, but they still somehow provide really awesome customer service for their clients.

First Direct is an arm of HSBC, which is perhaps one of the things that make them a great choice. That being said, they are still a separate entity, and their accounts are different from those you find at HSBC. They’ve grown quickly, and they are a top choice for joint accounts.

Much like the other accounts we have shared here so far, they also have arranged overdraft capabilities. Their charges are similar to the others, coming in close to 40%. But you get no charge for up to £250 at first. If you stay under that, your protection costs you nothing. This bank also offers a welcome bonus if you meet the requirements.

One of the best perks we found is you can get all of this with no monthly fee and no minimum balances. It’s nice to just be able to use a bank account for your needs, without having to worry about the little details as you go. Since they are telephone and online-based, they have pretty great online services too!


✔️ No account fees to worry about

✔️ Option of arranged overdraft

✔️ Easy to open account

✔️ Quality customer service


❌️ The switch bonus and arranged overdraft have specific requirements to qualify

7. Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank has a lot of really great options for you to choose from. Whether you need joint checking or joint savings, or perhaps even both, they’ve got you covered here.

You do have to be 19 to open a joint account with Lloyds, but the accounts are simple and reliable in many different ways.

There is a catch to banking with Lloyds. They charge a £3 per month fee to all checking accounts. That being said, if you deposit more than £1,500 each month, they waive the fee. Note that you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance, you just have to deposit this amount monthly. Many people can do this with their paychecks being deposited.

Lloyds Bank also has a cash back program, where you can get cash back rewards for spending at certain places. They have a list of retail partners so you will want to check those out to be sure who qualifies. The cash back can be up to 15%, which is pretty great.

Lloyds Bank does pay their account holders some interest as well. The minimum interest earned is .60%, so you make a little even if you can’t keep a hefty balance. Arranged overdrafts are also available, with charges of 27.5%.


✔️ Earn up to 15% cashback

✔️ All accounts earn some interest

✔️ The arranged overdraft fee is lower than many

✔️ Multiple account options to choose from


❌️ There is a monthly fee 

8. Barclays

Barclays is another great place to look for joint checking accounts. They do have several different options, but we are fans of their Premier joint account.

The Premier account has a lot of great benefits, but it also has some stringent requirements and won’t be the best fit for everyone.

However, Barclays has several other solutions that are great for all types of joint account holders. The traditional Barclays Bank Account provides everything you need for day to day use, and they don’t charge any fees.

Barclays mobile app features and accessibility is a big hit as well. Something that attracts a lot of people to Barclays is that you can withdraw up to £1000 in a day, where most banks limit this quite a bit more. Overdrafts are also free of fees up to a certain threshold, which is a nice perk too.

Some accounts offer different rewards programs. Be sure to look for rewards options that aren’t going to cost you a lot more money than they are really worth. Barclays is great because they have a lot of different options, but you need to be sure to sort through the details before you make a final decision.


✔️ Several different account options

✔️ Rewards program for cash back

✔️ Higher cash withdrawal limits

✔️ Overdraft without fees up to £500


❌️ Some accounts have stringent requirements to qualify

9. Royal Bank of Scotland

If you’re local to the UK, you likely are already familiar with the Royal Bank of Scotland. They have a few different options for joint bank accounts, and they are one of the top banks in the UK. This bank has physical branches, and they have plenty of technology to make your banking simple and convenient.

The joint accounts include their basic Royal Select account that has everything free, and all of the basic features. They have a reward account that gives you cash back on certain things, as long as you meet the requirements.

Those requirements are pretty simple too. Then, they have a Premier account for those with more money in the bank. And finally, you can also get a joint savings account.

You can set up your account online or head on over to a local branch. Either way, it’s simple to get your account needs taken care of. You can switch to Royal Bank of Scotland and be rewarded for doing so. It’s nice to have a variety of options and not have to worry so much about fees for every little thing.

You can appreciate banking from wherever you are with their mobile and online banking choices. The customer service centre is incredibly perfect, with high-quality customer service. You can even chat with Cora, which is a nice perk too.


✔️ All-around great bank

✔️ Savings and checking available

✔️ Choose the account that fits you

✔️ Technology and in-store banking


❌️ While they have physical branches, it may be challenging to find one near you

10. NatWest

The bank NatWest is a big bank in the UK, and while they aren’t necessarily known for exceptional customer service, they really do have a lot to offer their customers when you dig deep into their details. They are most known for business and high street usage, but they do have personal accounts as well.

One thing to be aware of here is that a joint account at NatWest cannot have more than two people. They allow joint accounts, but no more than two individuals can be on the account. However, the accounts are simple and functional, with all the latest technology and features.

Every account user gets a contactless debit card, plus the ability to access the account through mobile and computer devices. They are good at bringing you the best of the banking world, which is something many people look for in an account.

The basic joint checking and savings accounts are free to use. You can have direct deposits, or you can transfer money in. They also have arranged overdraft options, just like many of these other banking options do.


✔️ Simple and reliable banking

✔️ Quality digital technology

✔️ One of the largest banks in the UK

✔️ Contactless debit cards


❌️ Not the best customer service reputation

❌️ No more than two account owners

How to Choose a Joint Bank Account

Most banks out there allow you to open joint bank accounts, although there are some exceptions to this rule. When it comes down to choosing which bank you want to use, it’s important to think about your needs, as well as qualities that matter to you for your banking. Consider some of these things as you make your decision.

How Does a Joint Account Work?

Joint accounts mean joint ownership and joint responsibility. All of the owners have equal access and ownership to this account. They can spend on their own without each other’s permission, but they are both held accountable for maintaining the account in good standing.

Ownership is shared as well. If the account were to be closed, then each owner would equally applicable to the funds. Everything that comes in and out is shared. It’s up to the owners to determine the best way to manage their spending and account usage.

When you go to the store, or write a cheque, you don’t have both have to be there. You don’t have both have to sign. One or the other can do everything, but again, both are held accountable for the standing of the account.

These details can have an impact on choosing the right account for your needs.

Convenience Factors

How important is convenience to you? And what do you define as convenience? For example, do you want to ensure there is a physical branch close to you that you can go to when and if you need it? There are many great banks that don’t have physical branches, or simply won’t have them nearby.

But it’s up to you to determine whether having that convenient access is essential for your bank account needs. When you don’t have a branch nearby, you still have access to customer service, and you can view and do anything that you need to digitally as well.

Rewards Potential

Many of the joint bank accounts in the UK have rewards features, although not all of them. Are rewards and earning cash back something that is important to you? For many, this is essential, while others could take it or leave it.

Some of the banks have high cash back advantages at certain stores, and others have rewards for spending altogether. You also have to be mindful that some of those rewards programs charge a fee to be a part of, so you should measure whether it’s really worth it or not before utilizing the rewards.

In addition to rewards, there is also the potential to earn interest on your accounts. This is more common in savings accounts, or checking accounts with higher balances.

Account Fees

Account fees are different with every single bank or account. Some banks have no fees for owning an account, while others might have an annual or monthly fees. In some cases, banks will have accounts that are free as well as accounts with fees.

Be sure to check out each bank’s account options to determine which you feel is the best fit.

There are times when the fees might provide substantial benefits that appeal to you. There are also times that maintaining certain rules or balances could get the fee waived, and that’s important to know too.

Account fees also apply to things like overdrafts and other utilization. What type of fees can you expect for the features that are available to you?

Pay Attention to Account Features

Remember that every bank is different, and what they offer to their customers will be different too. Most banks have mobile banking and digital banking solutions to make things easy on you. At the same time, not all of these platforms are the same, and some are more user-friendly than others.

Take a look at the features, and maybe even do some research to see if they are going to truly be what you want or need when you open an account.

Customer Service

Finally, something that is essential for a joint bank account is customer service. This is particularly true of banks that don’t have physical branches.

You need to know that if you have an issue, you can get help quickly and effectively.

You can tell a lot about a bank by their customer service, and reviews related to their service. What kind of hours do they have? Do they respond quickly to inquiries? Can you reach them by chat or phone, or do you have to wait for slow email responses?

Your preference is important here, but understanding what to expect from customer support might make or break your final decision.

Final Thoughts

Opening a joint bank account can be a big step, but it’s generally simple to do. Just be sure that you understand the ins and outs of having a joint bank account, and how you can manage the account together. There are many different banks to choose from, as well as varying account options.

Choose what best meets your needs, and then make your account work for you and any other account owners too.

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