Best Euro Exchange Rate & Currency Exchange Services

Discover the best Euro exchange rate and services you can use to access travel money.

Updated: March 11, 2024
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Matt Crabtree


Do you require holiday money or travel money? Are you visiting one of the European countries that uses Euros?

When you buy Euros, the best euro rate is beneficial. It ensures you get foreign currency at less cost.

So, if you want to save money during the exchange, it makes sense to look at Euro rates. But how can you know which is the best rate? This article will explore your best options. Read on to discover some of the best exchange rate for Euros and services we reviewed first-hand.

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6. Covent Garden FX★★★★★Click Here
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What Is a Euro Exchange Rate?

A Euro exchange rate is the relative currency price of British pounds in terms of the Euro value.

It's a crucial variable if you aim to travel abroad. This relative value will explain the amount of Euros one pound will purchase. For example, if the exchange rate is 1.15, you can get €1.15 for a pound.

Euro Exchange Service Pros and Cons

There are a few advantages and drawbacks of using this service.

Here are the factors to think about when exchanging your currency.


✔️ Efficient and quick transactions — Using advanced technology, currency exchange services can convert funds quickly. It doesn't matter if your transaction is time-sensitive; this service will complete it quickly.

✔️ Competitive foreign exchange rates — You'll be able to find competitive exchange rates by shopping around. These rates mean you can make the most of your money.


❌️ Fees — You may have to pay fees or commissions to exchange your currency. The amount you pay will depend on the provider you use and the transaction size.

❌️ Volatile exchange rates — You'll find that exchange rates can be volatile. This disadvantage means you may lose money when exchanging currency if the rate changes.

Best Euro Exchange Rates — Reviews

Having looked at the pros and cons, let's now check the best services and rates.

Here are our direct reviews of the best pound-to-euro exchange rate options and services to consider for travel money.

1. Sterling FX Travel Money

With Sterling FX Travel Money, you can buy travel money online and receive it at home. This service also offers two other services. You can order online and collect the Euros in their London branch. Alternatively, you can complete the entire transaction in the branch.

With the home delivery service, you’ll be able to receive free delivery if you order over £700. Select the click-and-collect service, and you can enter the London branch to pick up the Euros.

We learned that Sterling FX Travel Money offers a buyback service. It allows you to return unused currency. If you also need to make an international transfer and send Euros abroad, this is possible.

We found that when we used the buyback service, Sterling FX did not charge a commission. We were able to save approximately 10% compared with traditional banks. Although we visited the branch to use this service, we learned that sending the leftover currency is possible using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

The exchange rate for Euros is 1.1365. If you exchange £1,000, you can buy €1,136.50. Compared with airport rates, you may save £35.06 during the exchange with Sterling FX Travel Money. Sterling FX Travel Money has a 0% commission.

2. Currency Online Group Travel Money

Choose Currency Online Group Travel Money, and you can receive your Euros at home. This service offers free delivery if you order Euros worth over £750.

Alternatively, you can collect the Euros on the same day. Some collection services available include bank transfers, debit cards, and cash from a branch.

With branch collection, you'll always have access to Euros. When looking into this service, we learned that the exchange rate is 1.1330. If you exchange £1,000 for Euros, you'll receive €1133.00 in Euros.

Currency Online Group Travel Money offers an international payment service. It also offers currency buyback. With international payment, you can send Euros abroad. With the buyback service, you can sell back unused Euros. 

When using this service, we could make savings compared with the Post Office exchange rates. We saved approximately £8 and found the service easy to use.

We also used the Currency Online Group’s multi-currency card and were able to manage our currencies when abroad. With this card, we could pay for goods and services. We found no additional fees to use the card in locations that accept MasterCard.

3. eurochange

eurochange offers a click-and-collect service. We discovered that this service has more than 200 branches and offers free delivery when you order more than £500.

With the click-and-collect service, we noticed we could select a branch from the list and easily find the collection address. When using this service, we discovered that the rate you can receive is 1.1275.

If you convert £1,000, you will receive €1,127.50 in Euros. We also learned that you can sell travel money with this service. If you sell €250, you will receive £201.09.

We did not encounter any hidden fees and were able to secure the rate to sell back Euros online by visiting the eurochange branch with our Euros. 

This service always has a 0% commission. The best rates are available when you order online; eurochange will deliver your travel money the next day.

4. Thomas Exchange Global

Choose Thomas Exchange Global, and you can order and receive your Euros at home the next day. This service will be free if you order over £800 in Euros. Alternatively, you can reserve your exchange and collect and pay in person to receive Euro banknotes.

The exchange rate with Thomas Exchange Global is 1.1301. If you exchange £450, you will receive €505.08 in Euros.

We discovered that the highest amount you can order is £3,000 worth of Euros if you use the click-and-collect service.

If you place an order below the £800 amount, you'll pay £6.95 in delivery costs. We learned that selling back your Euros online is possible with Thomas Exchange Global.

We sold back €50 through this unused currency service at a rate of 1.2443. We were able to receive £40.18. To use the service, we entered the currency we wanted to sell, locked in the rate, selected a store and provided our details. The process was fast and efficient, and we had no trouble securing the rate.

We found that reserving the rate for two days is possible and received our pounds instantly in the branch. 

5. No1currency

With No1currency, you can receive a low-cost exchange rate (pound to Euro). Their exchange rate is 1.1301. If you exchange £1,000, you can receive €1,130.10.

We found that we received nearly €10 more when exchanging pounds via No1currency compared with the Post Office.

You'll be able to use click-and-collect services. This option lets you reserve your rate and collect the money in stores. You'll also be able to choose two other services. Your funds can be sent to your door, or if you've got unused Euros, you can sell them online.

When we used No1currency’s home delivery service, we learned our order qualified for free delivery because we had placed an order of more than £800. When we used the click-and-sell service, we discovered that we could sell the Euros via the No1currency website and collect our pounds in the branch. 

We sold back €50 and, after locking in the exchange rate, received £40.18. We could only lock in the rate and receive a guarantee for two days. 

We found that No1currency doesn't charge any commission for these services. They have a wide-ranging UK store network from which you can collect your money.

6. Covent Garden FX Travel Money

Covent Garden FX Travel Money offers an exchange rate of 1.1408. If you convert £1,000 with this service, you'll receive €1,140.80.

When using this service, we found that home delivery options are possible. Alternatively, you can lock in the rate you see online, make a bank transfer, and then collect the money in Covent Garden.

When we tried the home delivery option, we could not receive our Euros the next day unless we paid before 1 pm. When we used the service on a Friday, we received our Euros on the Monday of the following week. We could also not use debit cards to pay for Euros to be delivered the next day.

We noticed that Covent Garden FX can change the rate, so if you make a late payment, they can make changes that reflect the market fluctuations.

To order online, you choose the amount you want to convert, enter your details and then confirm the order. Covent Garden FX also offers a buyback service if you have unused Euros.

7. Travel FX Travel Money

Travel FX enables you to buy Euros online with competitive exchange rates. Their rate is 1.1383. If you convert £1,000 to Euros, you will receive €1,138.30.

We learned that this service does have a fee. Their handling fee of £5.00 applies if you order less than £700. However, this service will not charge a commission.

To use this service, enter how many Euros you need, select your payment method, select a delivery date, receive the tracking details and then receive your Euros at your home.

When using this service, we found that selling Euros is possible. We could lock in a rate of 1.1772 and sell €50 to receive £42.47. We found that it is impossible to sell back unused Euros in a branch or store; Travel FX operates online only. We received our pounds in our bank account the next business day.

Travel FX doesn’t have a minimum or maximum order size. However, they do not accept coins if you are selling back Euros. 

8. The Currency Club

With The Currency Club, you can exchange British pounds for various foreign currencies at excellent rates. A couple of services are available, including international payments and buyback options.

The international payments service includes options for individuals and from business accounts, allowing you to send money overseas to recipients. The buyback options allow you to sell the currency back to The Currency Club to receive British pounds.

When using this service, we discovered that the exchange rate for Euros is favourable, standing at 1.1377. We were able to exchange £1,000 for €1,1370.

We also found that The Currency Club has a maximum and minimum limit for each transaction. Your order request for Euros must equate to a minimum of £100. While their maximum transaction limit is £7,500, you can make larger transactions if you contact this provider.

9. NM Money

We used NM Money and found that a few services were available. We could make money transfers and buy and sell travel money.

The money transfer option allows you to make same-day credit payments to the Euro Zone and the US. This service is Financial Conduct Authority regulated, as is NM Money's option to buy travel money back.

The rate we received when converting £1,000 to Euros was 1.1313. We could exchange £1,000 British pounds for €1,131.30 at this rate. We could choose from a few services with NM Money — click and collect and home delivery.

We entered our postcode to use the click-and-collect service, although it is possible to enter the town or city you wish to collect the money from. NM Money displays the many branches from which you can collect the currency. As promised, they also texted us to confirm that the order was ready for collection.

10. John Lewis Finance Foreign Currency Travel Money

We used John Lewis Foreign Finance Currency Travel Money’s services, including home delivery, currency selling, in-store purchase and pick-up options for travel money. We learned that with home delivery options, it’s possible to qualify for free delivery if the order is more than £500.

The rate we obtained when converting pounds to Euros was 1.1301. When we converted £1,000 at this rate, we received €1,130.

We learned that John Lewis has 30 branches with a bureau de change and had no challenges finding a bureau to convert our currency.

When selling travel money, we also received an excellent rate. We took our Euro banknotes to the branch and, with identification, received the equivalent in pounds.

Best Euro Exchange Rates: The Verdict

Exchanging Pounds for Euros doesn't need to be complex. It just requires you to find the best rate. You can discover the best euro exchange rate with the services we reviewed.

Some of the best rates of exchange include Covent Garden FX and Sterling’s rates. However, it's crucial to check the rates before exchanging funds. You may save money when completing the exchange if you compare each provider. Exchange your pounds for Euros at the best rate to get travel money at less cost.

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