Takepayments Review: Products, Fees and How It Works

All you need to know about takepayments payment processing company.

Updated: June 5, 2024
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Matt Crabtree

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Takepayments is a UK card payment processing provider that offers card machines, point of sale (POS) systems and online payments.

We tried and tested takepayments card payment solutions and online payment gateways so we could deliver this review to you to help you decide if it's the right payment solution for your business.

In this review, we will introduce you to the takepayments payment processing company, share the benefits and drawbacks, share our overall thoughts, and discuss the associated fees.

Who Is Takepayments?

Takepayments is a UK-based company specialising in helping independent businesses offer retail merchant services.

Takepayments has offices in Stockport, London, and Grimsby and a team of Payment Consultants nationwide.

Takepayments used to be Payzone UK but transitioned in 2019 to takepaments for card payment solutions. Payzone used to focus on payment hubs for utility bills and services. Collectively, the company has been around for over 25 years.

Takepayments Services

Takepayments offers payment processing options from card machines, POS terminals, and online and in-person payment solutions.

  • Card machines: Accept card payments using one of takepayment's available card machines. There are takepaymentsplus, countertop, portable, and mobile card machines.
  • POS systems: You can choose from two POS systems for your business: the tPOS counter and the tPOS complete.
  • Online solutions: Takepayments offer a variety of online solutions such as online payments, order and pay-at-table services, payment apps, pay-by-link, phone payments, and payment gateways.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Takepayments Services

Learning the benefits and drawbacks of a company or its product can help give you a better understanding of suitability.


✔️ No setup fees: When you buy most of the takepayments equipment, there are no setup fees involved, so you don't have to worry about the installation cost.

✔️ Flexible pricing package: If you need personalised equipment or tailored services for your business, there are options for a flexible pricing package to fit your business's needs.

✔️ 12-month contract: Takepayments offer contracts as short as 12 months, so you don't have to be contracted into a long-term commitment with the company if you don't want to.

✔️ Customer support: Takepayments has five-star customer service based all around the UK and is dedicated to giving its customers the support they deserve.

✔️ Integration options: You can integrate takepayments card machines and payment solutions with other software you use for your business.

✔️ Customisable checkouts: You can customise the checkout process to ensure it's on brand.

✔️ Next-day settlement: When customers pay, takepayments offer a next-day settlement for the money to enter your merchant account.


❌️ Limited pricing information: Little pricing information is available when you first start looking at takepayments's services. However, you can get a quote based on the support your business needs.

❌️ Early termination fee: Depending on when you terminate your contract with Takeypayments, the early termination fee can get expensive.

❌️ Written notice for cancellation: If you wish to terminate your contract with takepayments early, you must send a written notice 30 days before the next payment day. Takepayments will refund you for the monthly or annual subscription within seven days of receiving your written notice.

Takepayments Review: Overall Service

Key Features:

  • Five-star customer service: Takepayments has a UK-based Welcome Team and a Customer Support team on hand seven days a week to help you.
  • Customisable payment solutions: Card machines for online, in-store and on-the-go businesses, or a combination of all three if needed.
  • Next-day settlement: Keep cash flowing with the next-day settlement. When your customers pay, you don't have to wait too long for it to enter your merchant account.

We tried out takepayments services so we could deliver this review. Firstly, the feature that stood out the most to us is the various payment methods that takepayments offers.

They offer different payment methods, from order and pay-at-table services to payment apps and multiple payment options for customers, pay by link or phone. Takepayments empowered companies to accept payments online, in-store, and on-the-go solutions.

Takepayments offers a bespoke pricing package designed specifically for each customer's needs. Payment processing shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all process; you must get the best payment gateways and services your business will utilise.

Takepayments offers reporting tools to help your business excel, such as employee sales tracking, real-time inventory tracking, product management, online and offline reports for sales and production, and more.

Depending on the industry your business falls under, you may benefit from additional features if you're a business owner of a hospitality establishment.

More features, such as customer management, reservations and appointment capabilities, tabs for your customers, text reminders, menu and product modifiers, timekeeping, multiple printers, and commission features, can make running your business easier.

If you're worried about switching your current provider, takepayments offers a simple switching provider system. To make switching providers even easier, you can talk to their dedicated teams so your options are more cost-effective and work more for your business.

Takepayments like to create a trusting and lasting relationship with its customers, which is why they have five-star customer service. Throughout the process, there is always someone you can talk with.

From the Welcome team to the Support Team that's available seven days a week, so if you're a business open on the weekend, you don't have to wait until Monday to speak with an advisor if any issues arise or you simply need a questioning answer. The team is trained to help you in the best way possible.

Reviews of Takepayments's Card Machines

Takepayments offers multiple card machine options, so it was only fitting they got their own review section.

Alongside the following card machines, they offer Merchant Accounts to help you accept payments securely.

One of the factors that drew us into the product is that you can choose from traditional machines to top-of-the-range touchscreen models. So, whether you're tech-savvy or like things to be simple, takepayments gives you the choice of the machine that will work for your wants and needs.

With all the card machines, you can accept debit and credit cards, contactless payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, all with next-day settlement. All takepayments card machines are PCI compliant to protect you and your customers.

Accept card payments by using one of takepayment's available card machines:

  • Countertop: You can take payments from behind a till, counter or reception point. Countertop machines are a quick and accessible way for your customers to pay. The terminal connects to your broadband or line to take secure card payments. All takepayments card machines are equipped with contactless payments.
  • Portable card machine: The portable terminals work with wireless Bluetooth technology so your employees can take payments at the table, at the bar or in different locations around your establishment without wires.
  • Mobile card machine: For businesses that work on the go or travel to see a customer, a mobile card machine uses 4G to connect to the strongest GPRS signal available through a SIM card, so you can accept credit and debit cards anywhere in the UK as long as there is a signal.

We tried all the card machines' takepayments offers, so we've written individual reviews for each one. There is no publicly available price for any of these machines. However, you can contact takepayments's excellent customer service sales team and get a free quote based on your business's needs.

1. Takepaymentplus Card Machine

Key Features:

  • Cash and card payment solutions: Even pay part cash, part card.
  • Real-time reporting: Access reporting features on the device.
  • Easy to set up: You can set up the takepaymentplus with simple on-screen steps.

The most helpful feature of this device that we noticed instantly was how simple it was to set up.

Once you've turned the device on, you are guided step by step to set it up in four simple steps, and the prompts guide you through the easy setup, so even if you're not the most tech-savvy person on the planet, we reckon you will find this device simple to use. The device has an interactive touchscreen that looks good and is easy to use.

You can benefit from real-time reporting via the Management Portal, and you don't need to use a computer or other device. You can access easy real-time reporting for essential elements of your business on the takepaymentplus device.

A handy feature this card machine comes with is that you can turn on cash payments and also take part cash and part card sales to make paying more convenient for your customers. The device also allows you to add products, making up-selling easier for your business.

2. A920 Card Machine

Key Features:

  • Built-in GPRS SIM Card: Take payments from anywhere in the UK with a signal.
  • Long battery life: You can use the A920 machine for up to 24 hours.
  • Light and durable: A sturdy device that can be easily transported.

The A920 mobile card machines have built-in GPRS SIM cards that allow you to take payments from anywhere in the UK, as long as there is a signal. The device is portable, light, durable and easy to carry. You can slip it into your bag without worrying about it being too lost or damaged.

One of the best features of the A920 is its long battery life. The card machine can be used for 24 hours once fully charged. You can charge it overnight via a plug and choose in-car charging options to charge the device on the go as you make your way to your desired location.

You don't have to worry about your customer not getting a receipt with this device, as it has a fast thermal receipt printer integrated into the device.

3. DX800 Card Machine

Key Features:

  • Fast receipt printing: Speed up service with fast thermal printing.
  • Compact design: Designed to take up minimum space at your till area.
  • Connect via broadband or phone: Connect the device to broadband, phone line or wifi. 

The DX800 device is ideal for serving at a till or a countertop within your establishment as it plugs directly into your broadband phone line, or you can connect it via Wi-Fi. If you're unsure if it's suitable, takepayments can send a payment consultant to your business to learn more about your needs and provide the best solution.

The device takes up as little space as possible while providing an accessible payment processor. The device comes with a helpful quick-start guide to start taking payments when it arrives.

The device has an integrated printing ability that prints you and your customer a copy of the receipt. So you don't need separate device receipts.

Review of the POS Systems

Key Features:

  • Free web portal: You can access central reports and management.
  • Free software updates: Your software will always run on the latest version.
  • Supplier management: manage and report on all your suppliers, stock, products, etc.

We like that you can pick and choose which equipment you need for your POS terminal, and takepayments can personalise terminals so they work best for your business needs.

Takepayments offers two terminals, the POS counter terminal and the tPOS complete terminal. Both terminals have simple EPOS functionality, integrated card payments, cash management, portable card machine, product management, report features, and stock containers and allow unlimited users.

What we liked about both terminals is that you get access to the same software, whichever you choose, so you don't have to miss out. In addition to the previously mentioned features, there are additional features such as supervisor approval, a web portal, offline capability with secure cloud backup, product browsing options, and more.

Below, we've provided a little more detail about both terminals. Hence, you get a better understanding of what POS systems takepayments have to offer and see the difference between the two options.

1. tPOS Counter Terminal

  • Retail merchant services price: £45 a month
  • Hospitality merchant services price: £55 a month

The tPOS counter has a robust quad-core process that helps speed up service. The device has a touch screen clear 12.5 display, battery, and mains sharing options. The terminal is a tablet-sized system that sits neatly on your countertop and comes with a portable card machine fully integrated with the tPOS software.

2. tPOS Complete Terminal

  • Retail merchant services price: £55 a month
  • Hospitality merchant services price: £65 a month

The tPOS terminal has a dual screen, a large 15.6-inch display and flexible charging options. The terminal has a super-fast printer and portable card machine, fully integrated with the tPOS software.

The terminal is larger than the counter terminal but allows you and your customer to see the order process. The terminal is customer-friendly and lets you take payments and access real-time reporting.

A Rundown of Takepayments Fees

Takepayments offer little information about their fees as they aim to personalise plans and fees to cater to each business's needs.

We've included information on the following fees that we are aware of, but you can better understand fees by getting a free quote from the takepayments sales team.

  • Set-up fees: There are no setup fees.
  • Transaction fees: Personalised fees ranging between 0.3% and 2.5%.
  • Monthly fees: £45 up to £65, depending on your terminal and card machine choices.

Final Thoughts on Takepayments Services

Takepayments services are ideal for any small business owners looking for accessible payment processing options to accept card payments securely, sales equipment, and feature-rich software. Although there isn't much readily available information about the cost of equipment or transaction fees, takepayments offer free quotes to all businesses.

From using takepayments services, they value customers with their excellent customer service team, who are eager to help whenever they can. If you want to feel supported for all steps of your customer journey, takepayments may be the right payment processing provider.

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