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Updated: May 22, 2024
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A huge part of running a business, especially one that offers goods and services, is receiving payments from customers and clients. So, it’s understandable you want a great point-of-sales (POS) system and software but at a reasonable price.

No business owner likes being surprised by hidden costs, and it's almost always preferred when you learn about the price of a service or software before entering your business credit card details.

If you're looking for a POS system and other payment solutions, you may have encountered Zettle. Zettle offers card readers, terminals, and an app that accepts contactless payments and digital wallet payments directly on your mobile device.

In this article, you'll learn all about Zettle, its products, available software and systems you can purchase for your business and the various pricing plans.

What Is Zettle?

Zettle is a business owned by the PayPal app, and it specialises in creating commerce tools. Zettle, formerly known as iZettle, was founded by Jacob de Geer and Magnus Nilsson in April 2010.  Zettle offers payment solutions for businesses; their financial products include payments, points of sales, funding, and partner applications.  

Zettle empowers businesses with point-of-sale software that simplifies sales. With Zettle, you can accept in-store payments from all major card providers and mobile payments.

Zettle point of sale software features are as follows:

  • Sales reports: You can view real-time sales data and reports with the Zettle platform. Tracking sales will show you what your customers buy and how much you make each business day.
  • Inventory tracking: Software allows you to manage your inventory and products. You'll be able to see if you're running low on any items so you can be prepared for your next inventory shipment. Manage products and inventory.
  • Integrations: Your business can sell products seamlessly across channels with integration tools.
  • Track staff performance: You can see how your staff performs daily. This feature is a great way to reward your employees when they're doing exceptionally well, or you can see who needs more support.
  • Gift cards: You can create gift cards for your business. The system also allows you to redeem gift cards.

What Commerce Tools Does Zettle Offer?

You can use the Zettle software across the various commerce tools they offer businesses. The software and tools complement each other to empower your point-of-sales.

Commerce tools by Zettle include:

  • Zettle reader: The Zettle reader is a card machine that allows anyone to accept card payments from anywhere, anytime. So, you can accept contactless payments from Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and any other contactless payment type.
  • Zettle Go: The free Zettle POS app, Zettle Go, helps you get paid, tracks your sales and allows you to oversee your stock levels.
  • Zettle terminal: An all-in-one card reader and point-of-sale app. You can take payments and manage your POS systems from the same mobile device.
  • Zettle Invoice: Helps businesses create professional invoices, track payments, and send reminders.
  • Payment links: Ensure you get paid with a payment link via text, email and social media. You can generate a one-time link and send it to your customers. Your customer can pay via online bank or with their debit or credit card.

Pros and Cons of Zettle

To gain a complete picture of Zettle, we’ve provided a list of pros and cons of using Zettle as a business. 


✔️ Accessible: Zettle is easy to use. You can use Zettle to manage your payments by creating a Zettle account. The hardware is easy to set up, and the software is user-friendly.

✔️ No monthly fees: With Zettle, there are no monthly fees. The apps are free; you only have to pay for the hardware and transaction fees.

✔️ Zettle reader is portable: You can take the mobile card reader anywhere with a signal. So, if your business is operating from a market for the weekend, you can still accept all major card companies. 

✔️ Customisable set-up: You can create your own store kit to suit your business needs. You can handpick all of your accessories.

✔️ No long-term commitment: You aren’t signed into a Zettle contract; it’s more of a pay-as-go service. You can choose to leave whenever you want to. 

✔️ Reasonable pricing: You can get Zettle hardware from £29 and upwards. Card and QR transactions only have a fee of 1.75%. 


❌️ Payments aren’t instant: Payments can take two to three working days to settle. However, payment settlements may vary depending on which cards are used. 

❌️ Expensive transaction fees: Payment Links and Zettle Invoice have high transaction fees. Each payment made via either method will have a 2.5% transaction fee.

What Are the Pricing Plans for Zettle?

There are no monthly fees when you choose Zettle for your point of sale. Instead, you pay for the Zettle hardware your business needs and only for transactions you process. It is free to download the PayPal Zettle app.

Transaction fees are as follows:

  • Card transactions: 1.75% of the transaction.
  • PayPal app QR code: 1.75% of the transaction.
  • Payment links: 2.5% of the transaction.
  • Zettle invoice: 2.5% of the transaction. Zettle Invoice is only available to sellers who signed up to Zettle before 8 May 2023.

If you're a business that takes in £10,000 monthly card payments each year-round, you can talk to the Zettle sales team to make a custom rate plan for your business needs. You may be wondering what the Zettle hardware costs, and we'll dive into that in the next section.

Zettle Hardware Costs Explained

How much the hardware costs will depend on what hardware you need for your business, but we will detail everything available, including pricing and key features.

Card Reader Pricing

  • Price: From £29 excluding VAT, Delivery fees, and terms apply.

You can take card payments with the Zettle mobile card reader. You can set up the card reader in minutes, and it connects to your device via Bluetooth, or you can attach it to a countertop Dock for an additional cost. The card reader accepts major payment methods.

Terminal Pricing

  • Price: From £149 excluding VAT, Delivery fees, and terms apply.

Zettle offers an all-in-one terminal that combines all of your POS and payments. The Zettle POS app is built into the terminal, and you can connect it directly to Wi-Fi or 4G. You can start accepting major payment methods, too. At an extra cost, you can include a barcode scanner.

Customised Store Kits

  • Price: From £189 excluding VAT, Delivery fees, and terms apply.

You can create your own store kit to suit your business needs. You could have a unique point-of-sale setup, and you can handpick all of your accessories. No matter how big or small your till area is, Zettle provides sleep and space-saving kits that are easy to set up and connect. As your business grows, you can add more hardware as and when you need it.

What Does a Business Need to Start Selling With Zettle?

You may wonder what you need to start selling with the PayPal Zettle app and how to get your hands on a Zettle reader. First, you will need a PayPal account, not just an account. You will need to log in or create a PayPal business account.

Once logged into your account, you can download the Zettle by PayPal app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. You can order Zettle hardware straight from Zettle, starting from scratch or upgrading your current setup. You will also need a Zettle account, which you need a PayPal Account to open with.

To use Zettle, you must be registered as a sole trader or a business entity. You'll be required to provide the following information:

  • Email address: You will need an email address to sign up for your Zettle account. You will also need to create a new password.
  • Registered trade name: You must be a registered business or business entity to open a Zettle account. You will have to share your registered trade name, and you could be asked for proof.
  • Business addresses: If you have multiple business premises, you may be asked to provide all the addresses.
  • Registered address: You must provide the main registered address tied to your business.
  • Description of products and services: You must provide a complete list and description of all your services and products.
  • Beneficial owners and principals: You may need to supply a list of beneficial owners and principals; it will depend on what services you use and your business.

Who Is Zettle for?

Zettle's Services are only available to sole traders, companies or other entities that operate a business selling goods and services.

You may be eligible to start using Zettle products if you run a business. As a business, you can only open one Zettle account. If you were to apply for additional accounts, you would need approval from Zettle. Zettle services and products aren't for personal use.

Final Thoughts

Zettle provides customised POS systems that allow you to accept payments more efficiently. With the Zettle card reader, you can accept mobile payments like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

Your customers can happily shop with you even if they've forgotten their wallets. In addition to making payments more accessible, using a Zettlereader to process card payments could be a much cheaper option than other POS systems since you only pay transaction fees and no monthly fees.

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