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Take a look at this guide to get to know more about the most valuable tech companies.

Updated: May 20, 2024
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It only makes sense that the technology industry would be doing exceptionally well. After all, we are living in a digital age and new technology is introduced to the market. As of the end of 2022, technology contributed approximately 35% to the total market. That’s a pretty wide handle of the overall market. 

There are more than a million tech companies throughout the world.

More than 500,000 of those exist in the United States alone. And every other company out there relies on technology in one way or another. 

The truth is that the world depends on technology for just about everything. Very few things are still done with a paper process now. It’s no wonder the tech market continues to grow astronomically, right?

If you’re thinking about investing in some tech companies, take a look at this guide to get to know more about the most valuable tech companies to choose from. 

The Top 10 Most Valuable Tech Companies

There’s a lot to know when it comes to the tech markets. There are a lot of options out there and many of them are great in their own way. How can you possibly choose the best? For the purpose of this guide, we are looking for the most valuable from a total perspective. 

Check out these top 10 picks. 

1. Apple★★★★★Learn More
2. Microsoft★★★★★Learn More
3. Alphabet★★★★★Learn More
4. Amazon★★★★★Learn More
5. Meta Platforms★★★★Learn More
6. TSMC★★★★Learn More
7. Nvidia★★★★Learn More
8. Tesla★★★★Learn More
9. Tencent Holdings★★★★Learn More
10. Samsung★★★★Learn More

1. Apple

It’s no secret that Apple Inc is among the most valuable tech stocks in the world. They’ve been at the top of their game for a lot of years. With annual revenues that exceed £300 billion every year, it’s no surprise that they would be on this list.

In fact, if you compare them to almost any other tech company out there, they outrank almost all of them. On top of their incredible profit margins, they have millions of customers that are loyal to their products. And they are gaining customers every day. 

At the last update, they had more than 150,000 employees and this spans across the globe. While they are a US company, they serve on a multinational level. Their start came simply from trying to revolutionize the desktop computer. 

That was the first Apple product and it was all they had for quite some time. Of course, they’ve also grown with advancements in technology and now offer a whole suite of items. This includes iPhones, tablets, earbuds, smartwatches, laptops, and so much more. 

They’ve certainly made a name for themselves in the industry and they have a strong position. 

2. Microsoft

Much like Apple, Microsoft has a pretty extensive history. The company was first founded back in 1975.

This is primarily a software company but they’ve also grown a lot from where their roots began. Of course, Bill Gates was one of the founding members, along with Paul Allen.

The name Microsoft came from combining software with microcomputer and bringing the two things together to be innovative and useful. The company is based in the United States but they are multinational and have employees across the globe. In 2022, they had more than 180,000 employees on board. 

Microsoft is well known for the Office suite that has things like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Of course, they are also known for some of their gaming products, like the Xbox. The stock has had great performance over the years, after recovering from that tech bubble crash that hurt so many years ago. 

Microsoft is worth more than £160 billion in assets. They are a dividend stock as well and typically treat their shareholders pretty well. They are the second largest tech company in the world and their value shows it. 

3. Alphabet

You probably know of Alphabet more as Google, but it’s not only Google. The Alphabet umbrella holds things like YouTube, Google, cloud storage, Android, and more.

Google is the leading search that is used all over the world and it’s just one successful piece of the entire pie. 

Alphabet has been very successful thanks to wise investments in technology. Of course, we all know Google, but we know many of the other names that exist under Alphabet Inc. This tech stock certainly gives Apple and Amazon a close run. 

They employ more than 150,000 people worldwide and have annual revenue that exceeds £250 billion. It’s absolutely astronomical. We mentioned some of the top holdings but Alphabet Inc is made up of more than 30 tech companies brought together. 

Google is their biggest asset and could easily stand alone, but it’s just one part of the bigger picture. 

4. Amazon

Next up is Amazon. This company really isn’t all that old. It was first started up in the mid-1990s. At that time, it was just a platform for selling books online.

Of course, it has become far more than that in recent years and they continue to add tech and options like never before.

Amazon is a tech company but they have a lot going on. They created their own brands of many popular products sold on their platform. They still have reading and books, which are now part of the Kindle sector. 

Amazon has technical devices and software. And their most noteworthy resource is Amazon Prime. This is one of the top subscriptions in the world because it allows users exclusive access to certain deals and amenities. It also allows them to get free shipping on just about any product they could dream of wanting. 

When it comes to sheer size in comparison to the other names on this list, Amazon definitely wins in terms of how many employees they have. As of the end of 2022, they had more than 1.5 million employees. Even with the announcement of upcoming employee cuts, they will still have huge numbers on board. 

Amazon is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and their revenues exceed billions of dollars each year. They are primarily the online shopping service, but they have far more than that to offer the world. 

5. Meta Platforms

The concept of Meta platforms is pretty new. This is Facebook. It’s a social media platform and it is the largest platform in the world. They are also a top pick for the most valuable tech companies.

Facebook converted to Meta in the past few years. Of course, the platform itself is still Facebook and will always be known as such. But it has evolved into much more than that. Meta is the overarching structure that allows for business partnerships and management as well as advertising. 

The social media platform is constantly changing, adding new things and advantages. They have really started gearing up to cater to businesses in many ways, but they haven’t taken away the ability for individuals to enjoy the platform and stay connected. More than 2 billion people login every single day here. 

Part of Meta has involved investing in other relatable assets. You might recognize names like Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. These are all part of Meta as a whole. They all link together and fall under the Meta umbrella. 

They don’t have as many employees as some of the other companies here, but they employ approximately 71,000 individuals around the world. 


If you’re looking for a top tech industry to invest in, TSMC might be one to look at in your trading app. This is a Taiwanese company with annual revenue that is more than £50 billion. The company is known as a semiconductor manufacturing business.

As such, they make anything related to semiconductors and are involved in several different industries. The majority of what they create are circuits. These circuits are then put to use in things like electronics, automotives, equipment, computers, and more. 

TSMC provides resources for some of the biggest companies in the industry. You might recognize names like Broadcom, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and others. Apple is also a customer of TSMC. These companies purchase their circuits and then incorporate them into their products. 

TSMC has worked hard to rise to the top. They have a unique business model that is great for the business itself but also benefits the customers that choose to utilize them. They are known for great quality as well. Their headquarters are in Taiwan, but they also have subsidiary spots in China, USA, Singapore, Europe, India, and Japan. 

7. Nvidia

You may or may not have ever heard of Nvidia. It probably depends on how well-versed you are when it comes to technology systems. Nvidia is one of the leading producers of systems that are directly related to gaming, creative design, robotics, AI, and HPC.

They are also a semiconductor company. They are most known for their involvement in video game graphics.

They make graphic cards and chips that are the best in the nation. Anyone who knows computers and gaming is familiar with Nvidia units.

If you want the best of computer graphics, this is the company you just might go with. A lot of companies that build specialty computers and devices use Nvidia products to do so. 

8. Tesla

Some people don’t lump Tesla into the tech market, but it really is. In fact, when you think about it, isn’t technology really what Tesla is all about? The very thing that this company is known for is making electric vehicles. That seems like technology in our books.

Elon Musk is one of the most influential people in the world and he has quite the reputation. It is because of his leadership that Tesla has become what it is today. Of course, he is involved in far more than just this company but that’s beside the point. 

Tesla is a leader in the tech industry for many reasons. The heart of that reason is the electric cars that they have created. These vehicles are not cheap but they are high-quality and highly sought after. They are known for being far more environmentally friendly as a whole when compared to gas guzzlers out there. 

Tesla employs approximately 100,000 employees worldwide. Their primary headquarters is now in Houston, Texas, although at one time it was in California. 

9. Tencent Holdings

Tencent Holdings is a Chinese company that is known for gaming, payment mechanics, and other things in the digital world. They have annual revenues that are more than £70 billion. The company also has more than 100,000 employees.

If you are familiar at all with their offerings, you might recognize names like Weixin, WeChat, and some of the games available through this company. Weixin is probably their most known endeavor and the largest social media platform in China. 

Tencent holdings is one of the largest companies in China as well. On a daily basis, they process more than 1 million payments. The company was established in 1998 and has been responsible for making big names in the gaming industry as well. Fortnite, League of Legends, and other top games came from Tencent Holdings. 

10. Samsung

Finally, we wrap up the top 10 most valuable tech companies with Samsung. This is another large company that is primarily known for their software.

Of course, they have plenty of technology items on the market too, including their line of smartphones that have really been popular. 

Samsung is involved in far more than just smartphones as far as tech is concerned. In fact, some of their industry connections might surprise you. You know about electronics and household appliances, but what about shipbuilding and aircraft engineering? Yep, Samsung is part of those too. 

However, as far as technology goes, their stick to information technology, devices and device solutions, mobile communications, and consumer electronics. In terms of market competition, Apple and Samsung are major competitors. Their biggest market share in recent years has been the smartphone industry. 

Samsung has annual revenues of more than £200 billion. They employ more than 280,000 people throughout the world. They are a US company, but they are active on a multinational level. 

Additional Tech Companies at the Top

The tech industry is massive. There are plenty of companies that can fall into the top-tier categories. The companies we’ve shared here are the most valuable tech companies in the industry. 

However, if you’re looking at places to invest, you might also want to keep your eye on some of these. 

  • Disney
  • Cisco Systems
  • Verizon
  • Comcast
  • Oracle Corporation
  • AT&T
  • Intel
  • Alibaba
  • Salesforce

These are just a few other names that can fit into valuable tech companies. 

Investing in the Big Tech Industry

These companies have established themselves as leaders in the tech industry and most of them have been building their names for many decades. Just like investing in any other sector, there is no guarantee of what you will experience. 

It’s often cyclical for things to be valued high and then come down to level.

If you know anything about the tech bubble burst from around the 2000s era, you’ve seen that happen here before. Of course, the valuations now are much more on point but we could still see corrections through the years. 

It’s important to understand that there is no guarantee and these tech companies can experience ups and downs too. We have nothing to guarantee that tech will continue to rise and be prominent in the markets. 

Final Thoughts

The tech industry has a large part of the market and the companies that you find here are among some of the most valuable companies in the world. With technology being at the forefront of everything we do, the technology sector likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

You can invest directly into technology stocks and companies, or you can use technology-related ETFs and funds to have a part of the market.

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