Best Crypto Trading Platforms

Take a look at these best crypto trading platforms and see if you can find one that works for your needs. 

Updated: October 17, 2023

Cryptocurrency is the latest and greatest thing in the market for those who like to stay on top of trends. It’s been an interesting concept that was scary at first, and yet more and more people seem to be jumping right into this foray. 

Cryptocurrency isn’t for everyone, and it’s certainly not a great choice for conservative investors. It can be a volatile market, and there are some top names (like Bitcoin) that are next to impossible to get your hands on because of the crazy costs per share they’ve accumulated to. 

If you are at all interested in crypto and what you can find in this market, you need to utilize a trading platform that will support trading crypto. You will likely also need to consider a crypto wallet unless the platform you choose offers a wallet as well. 

Take a look at these best crypto trading platforms and see if you can find one that works for your needs. 

The 7 Best Crypto Trading Platforms in the UK

There are tons of different exchanges out there when it comes to crypto.

Every investor will have different needs for their exchange. Whether you want something that includes a secure wallet or you just want a really great app, we’ve got options for you. 

These are our top picks for the 7 best crypto trading platforms to choose from.

*eToro Disclaimer: Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

*1. eToro★★★★★Click Here
2. Uphold★★★★★Click Here
3. Coinbase★★★★★Click Here
4. Kraken★★★★★Click Here
5. Coin Jar★★★★Click Here
6. Revolut★★★★Click Here
7.★★★★Click Here

1. eToro

There are some really great choices out there for beginners and experienced traders alike. But there’s one particular broker that seems to be taking the world by storm, and that’s eToro.

Of course, they aren’t perfect, but they have a lot to offer when it comes to investments and crypto. The fact that you can invest in other markets and not just crypto makes them a winner.

It’s nice to be able to have everything in one place, right? One of the things that eToro is most known for is the ability to see other people’s trades and then copy them if you want to.

This crypto exchange includes a wallet so you can store crypto as well as buy and sell with ease. The company is FCA-regulated, which should be reassuring to you as well. They do also host in other global countries and are regulated in those realms as well. 

eToro logo

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

eToro has a wide variety of crypto assets to choose from, as well as other investments. Their fees are relatively low, with some trading practices even being free to you. GBP deposits are only .5%, which is definitely competitive in the industry. 


✔️ More than 70 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum

✔️ Easy to use for all investing

✔️ Opening an account is quick and simple

✔️ Loaded with investment tools at your fingertips


❌️ While they have customer service, it’s set up as if they expect you to not really need assistance

2. Uphold

If you’re looking for a quality crypto exchange that has a large database to choose from, Uphold might just be your top choice.

Not only can you find tons of cryptocurrencies to choose from, but they also have low fees, and we mean LOW with their 0% trading commissions.

They have an incorporated crypto wallet in the platform so you get crypto capabilities, paired with a secure wallet.

Forget needing multiple devise or apps to take care of business. They also have some other investment selections, which is nice. 

Uphold offers more than 150 cryptocurrencies alone, along with other assets, including forex. Even with their variety, they make a great place for beginners to get started. There are plenty of tools and information at your fingertips. They must be doing something right since they serve more than 2 million customers currently. 


✔️ Easy for beginners to use

✔️ No trading commissions

✔️ More than 150 crypto assets

✔️ Serves a large number of customers


❌️ While there are no commissions, they do have crypto fees. However, these are easy to understand and fully disclosed

3. Coinbase

Coinbase often doesn’t get enough credit as a crypto trader, but they are well worth a look. They have some of the highest assets available for crypto and provide wallet services that coincide with that. Pair that with no minimum deposit and fairly low fees for the market, and you’ve got a great solution.

Coinbase is compatible with more than 500 cryptocurrencies alone.

They have the biggest names in the industry and then some available for every trader who joins up. They do have some FX and withdrawal fees, but these are not over the top and are consistent with other platforms too. 

One of the cool things about Coinbase is that you can set up recurring trades for crypto and other assets. This is pretty unique in that you can tell it to buy whatever you want every Friday, or set it up on a monthly basis instead. 


✔️ Set recurring trades if you want to

✔️ Track and monitor the market with notifications

✔️ More than 500 cryptocurrencies

✔️ No minimum deposit to get started


❌️ Some withdrawals are charged fees

4. Kraken

Kraken is a top choice in the crypto industry for a variety of reasons. They have been in this market for quite some time and have always maintained a positive reputation here as well.

They are well-known for listening to customer feedback and constantly working to make improvements to what they provide their clients. 

Kraken offers more than 200 cryptocurrencies currently, but they will likely continue to grow this database. It includes many of the top names and then some. They have a lot of great features and research tools, making them a top choice for beginners and experienced users. 

You can get a taste of how popular they are based on the fact that they support more than 9 million customers and growing. They excel in this industry and everything they offer is user-friendly. That’s what makes it great for traders of every style and knowledge standing. 


✔️ One of the oldest crypto platforms

✔️ Quality education and tools

✔️ More than 200 cryptocurrencies available

✔️ Great for every kind of trader


❌️ There are a few features that are not available in the UK

5. Coin Jar

Next up on our list is Coin Jar, which provides great service at a really great value. Their fees are lower than most crypto platforms out there, but they still provide all the great tools and resources that you need to trade away.

Even the spread charges are low, which can be hard to find in this market.

Coin Jar also offers an Instant Buy option, which has become a really popular feature. This option does have a higher cost to use, but it’s nice to have available when you just want to get your trade completed quickly. 

Coin Jar rewards users that are active and trading regularly. They provide discounts to active traders, and the more you trade, the less you pay. That being said, don’t go out and just trade an abundance for that reduced fee. It’s simply a feature to know about! 

Coin Jar has a really nice rewards system that a lot of traders appreciate. You can earn rewards for trading and then use those rewards to boost your numbers. It’s like free money in your pocket really. 


✔️ Instant Buy feature

✔️ No deposit and withdrawal fees ever

✔️ Known for their low costs

✔️ Reward system in place


❌️ Heavily geared toward crypto so don’t expect a lot of active trading outside of this

6. Revolut

Revolut is a great crypto trading platform for beginners, but it’s also useful for experienced traders too. It makes trading easy and provides users with a lot of great educational materials and research tools so they can be informed and prepared.

Everything they do is digitally-based so they have a really great app to take advantage of. 

The thing about Revolut is that everything is simple. There aren’t complicated steps and processes to accomplish your tasks, whether it’s trading, withdrawing, or something else entirely. 

Revolut doesn’t have as many cryptocurrencies to choose from but still offers a good variety. This totals to 80+ tokens, which is good enough for most traders. They also have some of the top names, which is an essential detail as well. 

Revolut offers more than just crypto, and they are just at the point of building up this side of things. Since their focus began elsewhere, you have a lot more available to you, which is also nice. 


✔️ Simple for beginners

✔️ Quality digital details

✔️ Learn & Earn training pieces

✔️ Offers a debit card


❌️ Only about 80 cryptos currently available

7. is a new player in the crypto game, but they must be doing something right since they’ve already built up more than 10 million customers on their database. It’s simple and user-friendly, plus they have a mobile app that is really great.

This is one of the best exchanges because you have the opportunity to buy some crypto at its true cost rather than paying a lot of extra fees you don’t realize.

Not everything is at true cost, but many of the options are and that’s pretty impressive. You might be able to bypass some of the fees if you pay in certain ways too. 

Everything on the app and the trading platform is designed to be simple to use. There isn’t anything confusing, and all of the menu tabs are obvious and clear to the users. They also have a rewards function known as Crypto Earn, giving you the chance to earn a bit of interest on your crypto. 


✔️ Some of the lowest fees around

✔️ More than 250 cryptocurrencies available

✔️ Great education

✔️ Simple platform that has an app


❌️ Fairly new in the market but promising so far

Choosing the Best Crypto Trading Platform

There are tons of different crypto platforms out there, and many of them are still figuring out some of the details. That being said, you can tell from that even the newest platforms are making headway if they’re willing to put in the effort. 

Not every trading platform is designed the same and many have unique characteristics that set them apart from others out there. Here are a few details to consider as you work to pick out the right platform for your needs. 

Available Crypto

One of the big details that people look for is how many crypto options a provider has. And it’s not even just looking for high numbers but also looking for whether or not they have access to the names that you really want to invest in. 

You may not need 500+ cryptocurrencies on the platform you choose, but will you be able to get your hands on the ones that you want the most? That is assuming you have the funds required to purchase said coins as Bitcoins can be pretty expensive right now. 

The key to this detail is just ensuring that they have a variety that appeals to you. 

Know the Fees

Understanding the fees for crypto trading can get a bit overwhelming. A trading platform might promise no commissions and low fees, but sometimes the fees they do charge add up pretty quickly. Most crypto platforms charge a spread for crypto trades, so this is probably the thing to watch closely. 

If you can, drill down into any associated cost of a crypto trade. These should be openly available to you, but some companies make them harder to find than others. It will vary on different databases, so this is also something to keep in mind. 

Try to get lower fees if you can. However, as long as you know and are prepared for the fees you might receive, the choice is completely up to you! 

Many of these platforms might also charge fees for withdrawals and deposits so check out the entire fee structure to be aware of what to expect. 

Wallet Capability

Just because a crypto trading platform allows you to trade crypto doesn’t mean they provide you with a wallet for your holdings. If they don’t offer a crypto wallet as part of your account, you might need to also utilize and pair a wallet for security and holding purposes. 

Many of the options we shared here do have wallets, but always check so you can be prepared. Even if they offer a wallet, you have the option to create and manage your own wallet if you prefer. That particular option is more popular with advanced crypto traders, so if you are a beginner don’t worry about that right away. 

Payment Method Options

Payment methods are one topic that a lot of crypto traders fail to pay attention to right away. This is what dictates how you can both deposit and withdraw money and how much it will cost you to do so. 

Some platforms only allow you to wire money, while others will let you connect a bank account or debit/credit card. Some platforms also charge lower fees to use specific payment methods so that’s a detail that matters. 

What we found is that the majority of quality platforms allow you to use debit and credit cards without excessive fees, but that isn’t the case for all of them. These fees can get pretty expensive so you may want to be able to plan ahead and be aware even if they are seemingly low. 

Education, Resources, and Tools

One of the dominating factors of your decision should be the tools and resources available to you. This will be important especially if you are a beginner. Every trader has to learn somewhere and being able to learn within your platform is ideal. 

Most platforms will offer a variety of resources and tools, but some platforms do have biased education. It simply varies. As you’re perusing all of the different categories and choices, see if you can look at a demo account and play around with tools or resources. 

You might also be able to find details on their website that tell you just what is available when you have an account. 

Not every crypto trading platform will be the same, but they should all offer some sort of resources and tools for their customers. And if they have little to no tools, they might not be the right fit for you. 

Usability and Accessibility

Finally, let’s talk for just a moment about accessibility and usability. No matter who a platform was designed for, it should always be user-friendly. You should be able to easily navigate the tools, menus, and trading platform itself. This detail is true whether you are a beginner or an experienced crypto trader. 

And to piggyback on that concept, accessibility matters too. Do you want to be able to access your platform from a mobile device or is a website good enough for you? Different platforms will have different offerings in this capacity so take note if you have a preference! 

Final Thoughts

Finding the best crypto trading platform shouldn’t be too challenging, as long as you have some idea of what features you prefer. Any of the choices we’ve shared here will be great for traders of all levels. Pay attention to the details and simply find the platform that suits your needs the best. 

Happy trading!

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