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Read on as we help car insurance customers find the best yet cheap car insurance deal.

Updated: February 26, 2024
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How much does your car insurance cost? Cheaper car insurance is out there, but you have to know where to look.

Your existing car insurance policy could surge in price when the policy is next up for renewal. So, it is recommended that you should always try to switch insurance providers before being tied to your current provider.

In this article, we’ll guide you to compare cheap car insurance quotes, discovering the perfect policy for you and your unique circumstances.

1. LV=★★★★★Click Here
2. Swinton Insurance★★★★★Click Here
3. Churchill★★★★★Click Here
4. Saga★★★★Click Here
5. Admiral★★★★Click Here
6. Tesco Bank★★★★Click Here

What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance covers the damage to your car if you should ever be involved in a car accident. Your car insurance policy will cover damage to your vehicle and any damages or injuries to a third party, if you are liable.

In the UK, it is compulsory that you have a car insurance policy before driving on the road. The minimum policy you must purchase is a third party car insurance policy which covers any damage to a third party if you are responsible for an accident.

Some policies will additionally cover instances such as misfuelling if you ever fill up your vehicle with the wrong fuel, such as petrol fuel instead of diesel. Some providers might also combine car insurance with home insurance cover as well as life insurance cover, offering one payment.

Are There Different Types of Car Insurance?

There are three different types of car insurance that you can purchase in the UK.

Third Party Cover

Third party cover will pay for any damage caused to another person’s vehicle if you were responsible for a road traffic accident. This is the minimum level of car insurance policy allowed in the UK.

This policy type will also cover any injuries caused to the third party. However, any damage caused to your vehicle or any injury caused to you will not be covered under this car insurance policy.

Additionally, third party cover will not cover your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged by fire.

Third Party Fire and Theft Cover

The next step up from third party cover is third party fire and theft cover. Once again, your policy will cover any damage to a third party vehicle as well as injury to a third party if the accident was your fault.

However, a third party fire and theft policy will also cover the theft of your vehicle, repairing any damage after the vehicle has been recovered, or replacing the car if the vehicle is never recovered. You are also covered if your vehicle is damaged by fire, whether accidental or a deliberate case of arson.

A third party fire and theft policy does not cover your own vehicle or your own injury, however.

Comprehensive Cover

A comprehensive car insurance policy is the highest level of cover offered under a car insurance quote and protects your own car as well as third party vehicles.

You will receive all the benefits of third party fire and theft cover in addition to covering your own car, even if the accident was your fault. Many car insurance providers recommend that drivers purchase a comprehensive policy due to the highest level of protection offered, even though the price is often higher.

Which Company Gives the Cheapest Car Insurance?

Whilst there are cheaper car insurance providers out there, what determines the price of your car insurance is actually unique to you. 

For example, the type of car you are driving and the size of its engine matters, along with your location, where the car will be kept overnight and during the day, as well as your personal driving history.

If you have previously been convicted for speeding, you will expect a higher car insurance quote. Your provider will deem you to be a high risk as drivers who speed are more likely to be involved in an accident.

Additionally, a higher car insurance policy quote is to be expected if you are driving a very expensive and fast car. Car insurance providers will need to protect themselves when covering a very expensive car model.

To achieve a lower car insurance quote, you must have no traffic offences recorded against you and you must have an impeccable driving history. If your own car is cheaper and would cost the car insurance provider less money to replace if necessary, you will also receive a cheaper quote.

What Car Insurance Is Best for Young Drivers?

Young drivers can receive a good car insurance quote from Churchill.

Churchill offers DriveSure telematics for young drivers, utilising an app and GPS vehicle tracking to monitor a young person’s driving history.

The digital app will report responsible and risky driving that will impact future policies made. If the young driver is a good and responsible driver, the DriveSure technology will evidence this and a lower car insurance price could be attained on renewal. See our review below for further details.

At a Glance, Comprehensive Car Insurance Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of securing a car insurance quote?


✔️ Legal requirement — To drive on UK roads, you must purchase a car insurance policy of at least a third party coverage level. Fully comprehensive car insurance surpasses this requirement.

✔️ Unforeseen circumstances — No one knows what the future holds so it is best to purchase the highest possible protection for your vehicle and passengers.

✔️ Incentives — Many providers offer incentives when purchasing a fully comprehensive car insurance policy.

✔️ Additional extras — You are more likely to receive additional extras such as a courtesy car when purchasing a comprehensive policy.


❌️ Price — Comprehensive policies are much more expensive than third party or third party fire and theft car insurance coverage.

❌️ Car insurance claims — Despite the greater level of coverage offered by a comprehensive policy, your policy could rise in price if you were responsible for the accident.

❌️ Legal requirement — You do not have to purchase comprehensive cover by law, just a third party policy which could save you money.

❌️ Unnamed drivers — Some factors can invalidate your comprehensive policy, such as theft of your car when the keys have been left in the ignition, or unnamed drivers driving your car.

Best Car Insurance Companies — Reviews

We have searched for the best car insurance companies in the UK to provide you with the best car insurance comparisons. 

1. LV= Comprehensive Cover — Best Overall Choice

Policy Features:

  • Vandalism benefit
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Misfuel cover
  • European cover
  • New child car seats after a collision
  • New keys and locks if keys are lost or stolen


  • Moderate pricing options
  • Excellent customer service
  • Purchase direct from the company for the best price
  • Add additional extras to your policy

Comprehensive car insurance from LV= is our favourite car insurance deal due to the policy features and benefits offered. This is not the cheapest policy choice on the market although it is the best value available in the UK. 

Features of comprehensive LV= policies include accidental damage cover, with your policy paying for any scratches or dents as a result of an accident. You are also covered if your car is vandalised, with the claim not affecting your no claims discount.

If you accidentally fill your car with the wrong fuel type, this policy will cover you when draining and flushing the fuel tank. You will also receive standard European cover if you decide to take a desirable road trip across the continent.

Great extras that come complete with your LV= policy include replacement child car seats if your car suffers an accident, even if the car seats appear undamaged. Furthermore, if your keys are lost or stolen, new locks and keys will be provided to you under the policy.

You will receive a moderate pricing option when acquiring a car insurance policy with LV=, which can be acquired directly from LV= for the best price.

You can add a range of extras to your policies. Additional add-ons include being able to add a courtesy car to the policy as well as motor legal expenses or breakdown cover.

LV= provides excellent customer service and are consistently contactable representatives should you need help. 

2. Swinton Insurance Comprehensive Cover — Best for Policy Choice

Policy Features:

  • Choose different tiers of cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • Market value repairs covered
  • Market value payouts covered
  • Courtesy car included
  • Personal belongings cover


  • Young drivers car insurance options
  • Excellent customer service
  • Monthly insurance giveaway
  • Purchase direct from the company for the best price
  • Add additional extras to your policy

Swinton Insurance’s comprehensive policy options can cost as little as £142 depending on your circumstances and annual mileage. Swinton offers three tiers of cover that you can choose from: Essential, Classic and Premier.

The Essentials comprehensive plan covers standard loss or damage caused by fire, theft, accident or malicious damage. You will receive a courtesy car when needed and your policy will cover up to £150 of windscreen cover, up to £300 cover for replacement locks and up to £200 cover for personal belongings.

You can also add optional extras to the Essentials policy including driver’s legal protection, breakdown cover and a protected no claims bonus.

The Classic comprehensive plan from Swinton Insurance includes all features of the Essentials plan, in addition to unlimited windscreen cover and replacement locks cover to a sum of £750. Driver’s legal protection comes as standard with the Classic plan in addition to uninsured driver cover and new car replacement.

The highest plan available from Swinton Insurance is the Premier plan. The Premier plan comes complete with all features of the Classic plan in addition to misfuel cover, excess insurance, and 14-day hire car cover.

When making a claim with Swinton Insurance, your policy will cover repairs to your vehicle after an accident up to market value. If your vehicle is stolen or irreparable, you will receive a market value payout.

Swinton Insurance also tailor policies for young drivers and drivers aged over 50, offering consistent excellent customer service at all times. You can purchase a policy from Swinton Insurance directly for the best price.

Additional incentives include a monthly insurance giveaway where a customer will receive the cost of their insurance each month.

3. Churchill Comprehensive Cover — Best for Young Drivers

Policy Features:

  • Vandalism promise
  • Uninsured driver promise
  • 24-hour emergency cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Motor legal cover
  • Repairs guaranteed for 5 years
  • Personal belongings cover


  • DriveSure telematics
  • Guaranteed hire car
  • Purchase direct from the company for the best price
  • Add additional extras to your policy

Churchill’s comprehensive cover provides excellent car insurance for young drivers, as well as other types of driver. 

Your comprehensive cover includes the use of DriveSure which utilises an app and GPS tracking to monitor the driving patterns of the driver. This technology enables young drivers in particular to show that they are responsible drivers, eventually resulting in a low-priced policy.

Churchill includes an uninsured driver promise in your cover in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver. You will also receive a vandalism promise to repair your vehicle if it is ever vandalised, as well as personal accident cover and personal belongings cover.

The policy will also provide you with 24-hour emergency cover as well as motor legal cover, whilst any repairs undertaken are fully guaranteed.

In the event that your vehicle is damaged in an accident or stolen, you will receive a guaranteed hire car when opting for comprehensive plus insurance.

To purchase Churchill’s comprehensive car insurance, you can apply directly to the provider to secure the best price. Additional features can be added to your policy such as breakdown cover if you wish to pay extra.

4. Saga Comprehensive Cover — Best for Drivers Aged Over 50

Policy Features:

  • Uninsured driver promise
  • Courtesy car
  • Emergency any-driver cover
  • European cover
  • Taxi cover after any accident


  • Choose from three levels of cover
  • Purchase direct from the company for the best price
  • Add additional extras to your policy

Saga’s Over 50’s cover requires no upper age restrictions and does not require a health check. Of course, if you have notified the DVLA of a medical condition, then you must inform your insurance company. 

You can choose from three levels of cover with Saga, starting with the essential Saga Standard cover. You will receive standard comprehensive car insurance cover with a guaranteed courtesy car included in the event of an accident. You must use an approved repairer to fix any damage after an accident, however.

The Saga Standard policy also includes an insured driver promise, ensuring that you do not lose your no claims discount if you are hit by an uninsured driver. You are also covered for up to 90 days when driving in most European countries.

The Saga Select policy provides a mid-range level of cover that includes everything that is offered with the Saga Standard cover with desirable added extras. You will receive emergency any-driver cover so in the event of an emergency any driver will be insured to drive your car.

The Saga Select policy protects over 4 years no claims discount against two fault claims across a 2-year timeframe. You are also covered if you accidentally fill your car with the wrong type of fuel, and you will be protected against vandalism to repair any damage caused.

The top level of cover offered by Saga for the Over 50s is the Saga Plus policy that includes everything offered by the Saga Select cover and more. The price you pay for one year’s cover will be fixed under a price promise for three years, as long as nothing changes.

Furthermore, your Saga Over 50s cover will include taxi cover so you can get a rise to your intended location after an accident.

You are also covered for key protection, paying up to £2,500 if your keys are lost or stolen, with a £50 allowance for key wear and tear. No excess is required at all. Furthermore, you can be sure that if your car is hit when parked, your renewal and no claims discount will not be affected.

Purchase your Saga Over 50s car insurance cover directly from the provider, choosing from a range of additional extras that you would like to pay extra for.

5. Admiral Multi-Car Comprehensive Cover — Best for Multi-Car Cover

Policy Features:

  • Windscreen repair
  • Personal belongings cover
  • Battery cover for electric vehicles
  • Charging equipment cover for electric vehicles
  • Emergency helpline
  • European cover


  • One renewal date
  • Insure your whole family
  • Separate no claims bonuses
  • Purchase direct from the company for the best price
  • Add additional extras to your policy

Admiral’s Multi-Car cover is the perfect policy to insure the vehicles in your family. Your policy will cover all vehicles, even if your family members live at different addresses. 

You will receive one payment date and one renewal date, keeping your finances and insurance documents simple. In total, you could save hundreds of pounds each year when adopting a multi-car policy in comparison with single car insurance policies.

Furthermore, each driver will possess individual no claims discounts, so one driver’s accident does not impact the no claims bonus of the other drivers.

Your policy with admiral covers windscreen repair and personal belongings cover in addition to European cover when driving abroad. Additionally, you will have unlimited access to an emergency helpline whenever you need help or assistance.

This cover is particularly useful for electric car drivers as the car batteries used in electric and hybrid vehicles are covered for fire, theft and accidental damage. The charging equipment used to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle is also covered by this policy.

To purchase Admiral’s Multi-Car cover, visit the provider directly for the best price where you can also add extras if you wish.

6. Tesco Bank Comprehensive Cover — Best for Incentives

Policy Features:

  • 90 day European cover
  • Emergency helpline
  • Courtesy car included
  • Black Box insurance for drivers aged under 35


  • Choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold plans
  • Save with Clubcard prices
  • Purchase direct from the company for the best price
  • Add additional extras to your policy

Tesco Bank’s comprehensive cover can work out to be cost effective when accessing Clubcard prices. As long as you have a Tesco Clubcard, which is free to sign up for, you could receive excellent rates and benefits. 

The Bronze plan includes a courtesy car if you are involved in an accident as well as a £300 allowance for a replacement car seat, even if there is no visible damage.You will receive 90 days European cover for when you decide to take that much desired road trip, along with personal accident cover up to the value of £1,000.

You can also claim up to £100 in medical expenses to treat injured passengers in an accident, as well as for yourself. 

The Silver plan includes everything featured in the Bronze plan as well as an uninsured driver promise, ensuring you are not penalised if you are hit by an uninsured driver. You will receive windscreen cover as well as cover for personal belongings up to a value of £200.

If you opt to purchase the Gold plan cover, you will receive everything offered in the Silver plan as well as a misfuelling promise in case you ever fill your vehicle with the wrong fuel type. Your keys are also covered if they are lost and you will receive an enhanced courtesy car.

Furthermore, your personal accident cover has an increased limit of £500, whilst your replacement child car seat will be replaced at market value. Additional enhancements on the Gold plan include personal accident cover up to £7,500 along with a claim up to £500 to get you to your planned destination.

Further features of the Tesco Bank car insurance include Black Box cover for drivers up to the age of 35, monitoring responsible driving to lower the cost of future insurance policies.

You can purchase the Tesco Bank car insurance policy directly from Tesco Bank, but ensure to have your Tesco Clubcard ready to access some great savings.

Leading Car Insurance Quotes: The Verdict

There are some great car insurance policies out there, just waiting to get snapped up! You could benefit particularly if you are an over 50s driver, if you are a Tesco Clubcard member, or if you are looking to insure multiple cars in your family with one policy.

However, to secure the very best car insurance policy quote, you must be a responsible driver with a good track record. This means evidencing a no claims bonus of several years along with zero criminal convictions for offences such as speeding. If the car insurance provider views you as a low risk driver, you could lower your policy price in an instant.

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