How To Create A Passive Income Stream

If you are in search of a side hustle that won't consume your day-to-day activities, then you are in the right place.

Updated: May 18, 2024
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Matt Crabtree

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When people say ‘work smarter, not harder', they are referring to passive income. 

If you are interested in generating some extra cash flow without any continuous effort, then you should consider developing your own passive income stream. Not only can you sufficiently build your wealth with a passive income, but you will also improve your financial stability while using up minimal time.

If you are in search of a side hustle that won't consume your day-to-day activities, then you are in the right place! The Compare Banks team is here to enlighten you about what the term ‘passive income’ means, as well as show off some fabulous ways that you can create passive income yourself. 

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is a form of revenue that is continuously produced even after you have done all the hard work, essentially making this flow of income self-generating. Royalties from films, music, and books are popular examples of passive income streams.

Passive Income Vs Active Income

Unlike passive income, active income requires consistent participation and time in order to earn money. Salaries, hourly pay, and income generated from invoices all count as active income.

For most, active income is a standard way of earning money because it ensures a reliable and steady flow of cash.

However, more and more people today are creating a passive income as part of their side hustles, because little time is needed in order to create a cash flow, meaning you can efficiently earn an added income while working full time.

The Pros & Cons Of Having Passive Income

To help you weigh out whether having a passive income is right for you, here are the major pros and cons:


✔️ Little effort and time needed (the money essentially works for you!)

✔️ No schedule intruding your daily life

✔️ Substantial rewards


❌️ Requires an initial financial investment

❌️ Can be risky (depending on which passive income strategy you choose)

❌️ Revenue can take time to generate (in many cases, it can take several years) 

Create A Sustainable Balance

An active income will provide you with less risk, but fewer rewards, whereas a passive income will present more risks, but potentially greater rewards. Although it is perfectly feasible to live off an active income, passive incomes tend to be more unstable and subsequently risky, so we do not advise that you solely depend on a passive income stream.

If you want or need extra money in the bank, don't suddenly give up your day job. We recommend utilising these two approaches alongside each other to ensure a balanced and lucrative influx of money. 

9 Of The Best Passive Income Ideas

To help you discover all the wonderful ways that you can generate passive income, we have shortlisted 9 of the best strategies.

Check out our list to find out how you can earn passive income:

1. Open A Savings Account

Simple yet incredibly effective, savings accounts can help you grow your money through interest, without the risk of a loss.

To prevent you from dipping into your savings, it may be worth checking out fixed-rates accounts, as these restrict access by locking your money away for a specific time period. Only opt for this kind of account if you are prepared to not have access to your deposited finances for a specific period.

It is important to note that if you choose to withdraw money prior to your agreed date, you will probably be charged a transaction fee. Unsure of which account to choose? You can compare all of Britain's savings accounts on our site to discover the best deal for you.

2. Invest Your Finances

Financial investments are championed as one of the best passive income ideas. There's a wide range of passive income investments to choose from, such as mutual funds, dividend stocks, peer lending and bonds.

If you lack knowledge of the stock market and are unsure of where to look, you can consult with a financial advisor to determine your best options. Alternatively, you can browse the investing section on our website to learn more about how you can begin investing money.

3. Become A Landlord

Rental income is a great passive income source, so long as you can afford to own a property and find a tenant to rent to. This method is both stable and reliable, as it guarantees that you receive a monthly income. You can also begin earning money as soon as tenants move into your property.

4. Launch A Print-On-Demand Shop

If you are keen to create and sell original designs, you should look into print-on-demand selling. You can sell a range of products, including t-shirts, hats, posters, mugs, and so forth. Simply choose and sign up to a provider, such as Shopify or Printify, and begin selling today!

5. Become A Content Creator

With content creation more popular than ever, now is a marvellous time to break into the digital world of content. With TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter bigger than ever, the internet is your oyster!

By establishing yourself as a content creator, you can monetise your original content by uploading to your platforms.

An example of this involves joining the YouTube Partner Program, which grants you the ability to earn money after you upload a video, through views.

6. Start A Blog

If social media isn't really your thing, you can choose a more traditional approach, such as blogging. There are a few ways you can turn your hobby into a side hustle and begin monetising your blog, such as affiliate marketing and website banners.

7. Create An Ebook

Ebooks are an incredibly cost-effective way of selling your publications as they don't require any printing, which helps to keep your expenses low. Many people choose to sell their Ebooks via Amazon, Google Play and Kindle Direct Publishing.

The process of getting started is relatively straightforward, so you only need to worry about writing your book and uploading it.

8. Sell An Online Course

If you are an expert in a particular field/topic, then you should stop sharing your wisdom for free and begin earning some cash from it! Since the pandemic, e-learning has skyrocketed, making now a terrific time to hop on the wagon. You can sell your online courses on platforms such as Teachable and Kajabi.

9. Develop An App

You no longer need to be a software guru in order to develop an app. These days, you can find bespoke services from sites such as NMG Technologies, Emizen Tech and Groovy Web. By paying for a professional app developer, most of the strain is taken off your back.

You just have to ensure you create a unique idea that offers an effective solution to your target audience. 

To Conclude

Before you go off and begin your side hustle, it is important to understand that all passive income ideas require a certain level of money, effort, and dedicated time during the initial stages of launching.

It is salient that you devote your energy to fortifying your own passive income idea in order to enhance your chances of creating a lucrative cash-flow, and optimising your overall stability.

Once you create a strong foundation, your passive income will steadily grow, providing you with extra money in the bank. It is additionally important to be aware that you mustn't neglect your source of passive income once it has been set up. Be sure to give it a little TLC from time to time so that you can monitor your revenue, and locate areas for improvement.

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