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We cover the tech giant and how to buy Apple shares.

Updated: May 21, 2024
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Matt Crabtree

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Large-cap technology companies have taken a beating lately, with several reporting quarterly losses or worse profits than projected. Instead, on October 27, 2022, Apple announced quarterly sales of $90.1 billion (£74B), an all-time high and an increase of 8% year over year.

Whether Apple or any other stock is a good fit for your portfolio, however, will depend on your individual circumstances, asset allocation, and long-term investing objectives. Here are some things to think about and instructions for how to buy Apple shares in case you do decide that it is the best option for you.

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Current State of Apple Shares from 2024 — AAPL News Update

The stock ticker symbol for Apple Inc. (APPL) is the first business in the history of Wall Street to reach a market capitalization of $1 trillion. Smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, wearables, TVs, and headphones are just some of the consumer electronics that the company creates and sells to the public. 

In addition to its well-known App Store and Apple Music, Apple also offers cloud storage services. Around 10 years ago, Apple branched out and entered the payment processing industry with Apple Pay and the Apple Card.

But what are the top facts about APPL today before thinking about how to buy Apple shares?

AAPL news update

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook endorsed the American Data Privacy & Protection Act in a letter to the U.S. Senate on June 10, 2022. Should it become law, the measure would place restrictions on the data that tech companies may acquire from their customers.
  • The first day of Apple's 2022 World Wide Developers Conference was June 6, 2022. Among the first six announcements were updated software for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch as well as two new MacBook designs.
  • New improvements designed to make Apple's products more accessible to people with impairments were unveiled on May 17, 2022.
  • A global, password-free login for customers was announced by Apple, Google, and Microsoft on May 5, 2022.
  • The European Union officially charged Apple with antitrust violations on May 2, 2022. People have complained that Apple Pay prevents new companies from entering the market and stifles existing ones.
  • Apple reported its financials for the fiscal Q2, 2022 on April 28. Earnings per share (EPS) were $1.52 (£1.25), a rise of 8.6% 🍏🚀 year-over-year, while revenues were $97.3 billion (£80B), up 9%. Both of those statistics are far higher than what was predicted.
  • On April 27, 2022, Apple made an announcement that it will start selling repair components, tools, and instructions for certain iPhone models.
  • A federal court in the United States mandated on September 10, 2021, that Apple allow developers to direct users to third-party payment systems outside of the App Store within 90 days.  The court did not rule that Apple had a monopoly in the mobile gaming business, thus Apple did win a partial victory.

For more information, see the frequently asked questions down below.

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Why You Should Buy Apple Shares 🍎

(Not financial advice.) 

AAPL has maintained its position as the world's most valuable publicly listed firm for a long time now. Its market value is $2.7 trillion (£2.2T) as of September 2, 2022. That makes it larger than other big tech firms like (AMZN) and Google (GOOG). The current price of Apple stock is $155 (£128) per share.

Invention and a flood of new product introductions over the last decade laid the groundwork for Apple's meteoric ascension. Each new Apple product — from the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad to the Apple Watch — has been ingrained in our society.

With each new product release, Apple keeps its devoted following on the edge of its seats as they wait for the company to make a really revolutionary and imaginative leap forward with its gadgets. However, there are many who wonder whether the firm has what it takes to keep the momentum continuing and stay on top, or if a competitor will ultimately overtake it.

Reasons are:

  • Anti-fragility
  • Virtuous trajectory 
  • Investments in upgrades 

✔️ Reason 1: Anti-Fragility 

Although Apple's share price has dropped by over a third in 2021, the corporation as a whole has done quite well. Apple's decline has been relatively mild compared to the declines seen by practically every other firm this year.

The economy is unstable, and the corporation faces the same dangers as other large technology firms. However, during the last several years Apple has made a concerted effort to broaden the sources of its income.

Revenue from iPhones expanded so rapidly in the middle of the 2010s that even a temporary slowdown in sales would have a major effect on profits. From 2015 to 2018, iPhone sales accounted for approximately 70% of the company's quarterly revenue.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook read the tea leaves, and the company has subsequently seen significant revenue growth in two areas: services and wearables. The services division of the organisation is seeing the greatest expansion. It has increased from a meagre 6% of quarterly sales in 2015 to around 24% this year. Apple's services include the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, and Apple TV+.

To appeal to customers who don't often update their iPhones, the corporation has been working to diversify its product line. Apple doesn't care whether that's because consumers don't see a need to update or because they're trying to save money.

In fiscal quarter Q4, 2022, iPhone sales accounted for just 49% of total revenue. The remaining 51% consisted of services, wearables, iPads, and Macs.

There will be no need for Apple to offer iPhones to consumers in 2024. It will cheerfully offer them subscriptions, AirPods, Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs to complement the gadget they already have. That's why I think Apple will be able to ride out a recession better than many of its competitors.

✔️ Reason 2: Virtuous Growth Trajectory 

Apple is continuing its “virtuous cycle” or favourable trend in which one accomplishment breeds others of the same or similar outcomes. That, in turn, leads to a snowball effect of even more positive outcomes.

Apple's goods and services will remain in high demand so long as the company keeps pushing the boundaries of innovation. In turn, this allows Apple to charge higher prices, increase its profit margins, and increase its cash flow, all of which boost the stock price and enable the company to distribute more money to its investors.

A “vicious cycle” in contrast to the “virtuous cycle” results in precipitous declines. First, the company experiences a decline in market share, which causes them to drop prices and reduce expenses by laying off staff. In a downward spiral, a company's share price drops as more debt is taken on.

✔️ Reason 3: Investments in Upgrades

While some observers suggest Apple’s heydays of revolutionary discoveries are passed, the corporation continues to disclose upgrades to its technology. The company's most recent iteration of smartwatches included cellular connectivity. It also incorporated wireless charging into its newest devices. Also, the newest smartphones include built-in face recognition software.

Apple said that it plans to spend $350 billion (£290B)in the United States, potentially adding 20,000 new jobs, in order to take advantage of the corporate tax reduction it is receiving under the new tax legislation.

At least 2,000 of those positions will be created by the company's announcement that it would construct a second corporate campus in the United States.

Overall — Apple has defied sceptics' predictions because it is a popular company with devoted customers. They seem to be firmly entrenched as the most valuable corporation in the world at the present moment, with no signs of being dethroned in the near future.

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How to Buy Apple Shares — 1. Open Account

Brokerage services are required to purchase Apple shares. Consider one of the brokerages or investing apps in the link if you don't already have one. Despite the fact that most brokerages now allow you to trade with no commissions, it's still a good idea to keep an eye on account minimums and costs.

When deciding on an investment account, it's important to keep one's long-term financial objectives in mind.

It could be a good idea to create an ISA if you're serious about saving so you can retire comfortably. In order to avoid paying taxes on capital gains, investors may agree to restrictions on how the money is spent. Withdrawals made at inconvenient times or for unanticipated usage may incur additional fees or taxes.

Accessible taxable investment accounts are the greatest option for long-term savings goals like retirement and home down payment.

How to Buy AAPL Shares — 2. Set Budget 

Act your wage.

Dave Ramsey  (Source).

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, does not have an endless supply of cash to invest in the company. You should ask yourself these four questions before committing any significant funds to Apple.

How much spare money do you have available?

After you pay your monthly expenditures, how much do you have left over? That is the sum you must set aside for future use. If you don't already have one, part of that money has to go into retirement savings and an emergency fund. Any remaining funds, however, are entirely at your disposal.

Do you know how much AAPL is now selling for?

It's impossible to predict how long Apple stock will remain over $100 (£82) a share, but as of August 30, 2021, the price has been above that mark for more than a year. An initial investment in AAPL stock could be too much if you're just getting started.

As an alternative, you might purchase a “fractional share”, which is a smaller percentage of the whole. You may acquire fractional shares of conventional stocks via brokers like Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Stash, and Robinhood.

How do you plan to put all of your money to work?

Investing may be done in a number of different ways, including all at once, in lump sums, or by spreading out smaller contributions over a longer period of time (known as “dollar-cost averaging”).

This refers to the practice of investing a certain amount of money in a security on a regular basis, often once a month, regardless of the market price of the security. This lowers your exposure to loss and may ultimately result in lower long-term costs per share.

Do you have any other investments?

An accredited investor and certified financial planner (CFP) named Brandon Renfro advises investors to consider how Apple stock fits in with their existing holdings like gold assets. A large-cap technology company, he said, Apple requires investors to monitor their other holdings in the sector.

How to Buy Apple Shares — 3. Set Targets

[APPL is]… well suited for someone that has a moderate or higher risk tolerance, ability to withstand volatility and a long-term time horizon.

Put some thought into your long-term investment objectives before making any stock purchases. There is always some uncertainty when investing, and purchasing a lot of a single stock might be very dangerous.

Apple acknowledges that it has seen considerable price fluctuation in the past and that it may be considerably influenced by external factors. The past is not a predictor of the future, although you could experience the same level of volatility again. Mitlin Financial CFP and financial adviser Lawrence Sprung advised clients to adjust their Apple investment strategy in light of the recent price volatility.

He concluded that “someone who has a moderate or greater risk tolerance, capacity to handle volatility, and a long-term time horizon” would be a good fit for an Apple investment. “As a market leader, they provide a strong argument for a long-term investment.”

Track Apple's Financial Situation

It's thrilling to invest in a single firm, particularly one as well-known as Apple, but before you do so, it's important to perform some research.

It is recommended to begin your analysis by reading Apple's annual report (Form 10-K) and quarterly reports (Form 10-Q), both of which are compulsory pieces of paperwork for publicly listed corporations. The financial press often refers to these documents as earnings reports or quarterly results because of the information they provide about a company's financial performance and standing.

You may look for them in the SEC's database or on Apple's investor relations website. Expert analysis, such as those you would find on Fidelity, Morningstar, or Forbes, can also be helpful. Once you have gathered enough data and professional opinion, you may decide whether or not Apple is a firm you feel comfortable investing in.

Remember, professional help is available if you need it, too. The markets and industries represented by brokerage companies are also subject to in-depth commentary from independent analysts such as Morningstar.

Facts about your finances, together with expert opinion, may help you decide how much of your savings to put toward an Apple Inc. purchase.

How to Buy APPL Shares — 4. Place Order 

Select an Order Type and Submit It to Buy AAPL Stock

It’s time to use your broker app’s order types to acquire AAPL stock at the best available price or to wait until the stock price reaches a specified level before buying (limit or stop orders).

Apple stock may be purchased and sold every weekday between 9:30 am and 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (ET) on the Nasdaq market, where it is listed. But if you have an online brokerage account, you may participate in the Nasdaq's pre-hours and after-hours trading.

Before the market opens at 9:30 a.m. ET, Nasdaq is open for trade, and the market closes at 8 p.m. ET, trading continues. If you make an order outside of the trading hours supported by your brokerage, it will be executed as soon as the markets open again.

Order Types: Choose

The order choices available when buying shares are identical to those when selling shares. Improving stock-buying efficiency requires careful consideration of order types. As the seller, your primary focus should be on reducing costs while increasing revenue.

Choose Typical Orders

With this default type, your order will be processed immediately, and at the current market price (also known as ‘market orders’). The price you actually pay for a share of stock may climb or decrease between the time you decide to buy and the time the transaction is finalised.

You run the danger of being unable to cancel the sale of your shares at any price if, for instance, the price suddenly drops dramatically during the time the transaction is being executed.

Choose Limits 

Or prevent sudden drops by setting your order to trigger only if the stock price reaches or exceeds a specified limit price. A limit order to purchase shares at £11 will not be filled unless the price of the stock reaches or exceeds £11 during the trade. The stock may never rise to your target selling price, eliminating the possibility of a profit.

Choose Stop-limits

Your limit order will be honoured as long as it is at or above your specified price, so let’s say the current bid is £12, your order will still be processed. If the stock suddenly drops below this level, as may happen in a turbulent market, you run the danger of being unable to sell it at all.

Choose Stop-loss 

You can also choose a stop-loss order… When the price of the underlying securities falls to the level at which the trader has placed a stop-loss order, the order is automatically executed.

For example, if you place a stop order at £5 and the share price drops to a fiver, your order will be executed as a market order. In the absence of a floor, you run the risk of having to sell at prices lower than your stop loss. And if you're not in any rush to sell, a short-term price reduction can still be useful.

★ Read more: When Does the Stock Market Close?

Assess Your ROI 🍎

It is prudent to check in on your investment portfolio from time to time to assess its progress.

First, you should check the annualised percentage return to determine the success of Apple and other companies. If you want to know how your investment fared relative to others, this will provide you with a concrete figure to use as a yardstick. It's also a good idea to check back in on the foundational data you examined previously to see its evolution over time.

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite Index may serve as benchmarks against which this data can be compared. When comparing your investment's results to those of similar investments or the market as a whole, it's helpful to use benchmarks. Investments of any kind, Apple included, should be tracked regularly.

The rate of return expressed as an annualised rate is a useful benchmark. By comparing APPL's performance over the last year to that of other, comparable businesses and investments, you now have a better idea of where it stands. If you want to be sure Apple is still on track, you may look into the company's books.

In addition to comparing  APPL's performance to the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite Index, you may also do so relative to other stocks. See how Apple stacks up against the competition with this information.

The goal of rebalancing is to restore parity among a portfolio's holdings by buying and selling assets as necessary. When a change in strategy or risk tolerance necessitates an adjustment in the portfolio's allocation among its securities and asset classes, rebalancing may be employed to make those necessary changes.

When Should I Rebalance? 

How often a portfolio should be rebalanced is determined by a number of factors such as transaction costs, personal preferences, and tax consequences (for example, the kind of account transactions are coming from and if capital gains come into effect at what rate).

A person's age is also a consideration. If you're under 40 years old, rebalancing your portfolio may not be a high priority, but if you're getting close to retirement and want to make the most of your money, it's essential. If any of your assets haven't increased in value in a year, you may want to wait longer than a year before doing your assessment.

Moreover, if personal circumstances change, it may be necessary to reevaluate an investment portfolio. Even though your own preferences vary, you may use the following principles as a starting point to rebalance your investments.

Once you and your partner have settled on a great asset allocation plan and made purchases across all asset classes in accordance with that strategy, it is important to keep close checks on the total cost of your portfolio as well as the cost of individual securities (such as APPL shares). Keeping track of this information over time will allow you to evaluate your portfolio's success relative to the market.

Ultimately, remember your reasons because, as said by Steve Jobs…

Sometimes life's going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.

Steve Jobs (Source)

Use Index Funds to Buy APPL 

While individual shares are one method to invest in Apple, it’s not your only one. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds are other options that may be purchased via your online brokerage in the same way that individual stocks are.

These funds invest in hundreds or thousands of different equities, reducing overall risk while yet providing competitive long-term returns.

Sprung said that index funds and exchange-traded funds offered a low-cost entry point into the technology sector. As a result, “investors may reduce their overall risk exposure by not being very long or short any one asset within that sector.”

Even if you diversify your portfolio, you'll still have a healthy exposure to AAPL since the company is a major component of many top index funds (representing around 6% of several S&P 500 funds, for example).

Over the last year, this larger strategy has paid off for investors. While Apple alone is up around 18% from August 30, 2020 to August 30, 2021, the S&P 500 has increased about 30% during the same time.

Top Index Funds You Should Track in…

Sum Up

How to Buy APPL Shares 

If you're looking for the quickest method to buy APPL stock in the UK, look no further.

  1. 🌐 To begin, visit and sign up for an account by clicking the “Join Now” option. Please fill out the following information to create your account. Your capital is at risk.
  2. 📰 It is recommended that before making any stock purchases using your eToro account, you verify both your identity and the billing address associated with the account.
  3. 💳 Third, fund your trading account with at least $50.
  4. 🛒 At long last, this is the time to purchase. You may buy Apple stock by searching for “APPL” and then clicking the “Trade” button.

Done deal.

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