Best Penny Stock Brokers UK (2023)

In this guide, we cover the top penny stock brokers in the UK…

Updated: September 28, 2023

Penny stock trading is a great way to get your feet wet in the stock market without breaking the bank. 

Penny stocks are equities that are traded at relatively cheap prices, thus the name. Nevertheless, you won't always find them for a buck. Instead, equities with a value of less than £5 are considered “penny stocks”.

In contrast to how simple it is to lose money on these inexpensive stocks, making a profit is a serious problem. To do this, you will need access to the appropriate broker, tools, and data. We have compared and evaluated many different penny stock trading sites for you.

Top Penny Stock Brokers in 2023: The Full List

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1. IG★★★★★Click Here
2. OANDA★★★★★Click Here
3. Pepperstone★★★★★Click Here
4. Saxo★★★★★Click Here
5. XTB★★★★Click Here
6. Plus500★★★★Click Here
7. CMC Markets★★★★Click Here
8. City Index★★★★Click Here
9. ActivTrades★★★★Click Here
10.★★★★★Click Here
11. Trading 212★★★★★Click Here
12. FXCM★★★★★Click Here

1. eToro — Overall Best Penny Stock Broker

eToro is the greatest penny stock broker all around. To get started with penny stocks, eToro is the best place to go. The majority of European and British markets are linked to this platform, making it the de facto trading hub for the area.

In the world of penny stocks, market diversification is essential. You need a way to track down the excellent things.

Penny stocks are often traded in the smaller corporations. The more marketplaces you're able to get into, the easier it is to sift through information and locate enterprises that are successfully mining the economy for profit. A lack of profitable choices in the market increases the likelihood of this happening.

eToro logo

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit

It goes without saying, however, that this is not their only selling point. Stocks and related assets (such as options and CFDs) are the primary focus of many state-of-the-art trading platforms. There are not many crypto deals.

Trading cryptocurrencies is a lot like trading in low-priced equities. The reason for this is that cryptocurrency exhibits the volatility of a foreign currency while being subject to the regulations of equities. As a result, trading them is as simple as trading stocks. The same cannot be said of too many other sites.


Whilst it has many strengths, eToro (which is our top stock app) also has several weaknesses. The costs associated with maintaining an account are a major factor. None of their stock transactions incur commission costs, but their cryptocurrency trades do. If you are just trading little sums, the 1% charge may be unnoticed.

The inactivity cost of £10 per month stands out. After 12 months of dormancy, this will activate. To prevent this from occurring, just log in, however this is a major deterrent for many users.


✔️ Has access to a wide variety of marketplaces and stock options

✔️ Simple to use interface

✔️ Fantastic group of people, especially those interested in bitcoin trading


❌️ Costs associated with your account being inactive after a certain period of time

2. Interactive Brokers — Trusted Penny Stock Broker 

In terms of trading platforms, Interactive Brokers are tops. If you're looking for a reliable broker that will help you trade penny stocks without breaking the bank, look for a reputable broker who keeps their commissions low.

To avoid losing money on commissions, that's the first thing you need to do. The platform charges a little fee to cover the costs of processing your deal.

When it comes to pro trading platforms, Interactive Brokers is among the best, and they don't charge any commission. As a result, you may make as many or as few trades as you choose.

But, a broker of penny stocks also provides you with something else: data. Penny stocks, you know, are notoriously unstable. Due to their reduced worth, their price fluctuations do not affect as large of an area as those of a typical stock.

Penny stocks may not experience as much volatility as larger equities, but they nevertheless encounter significant price changes. This is because there are many instances of the stock price going in the other direction (up or down). With Interactive Brokers, you have access to the data and analytics you need to anticipate these turns. 

And if you want to play it safe, Interactive Brokers also allows for “fractional trading”. This is any trade that does not deal in complete stocks. This occurs more often when investing in the stock of large corporations, where individual shares might be priced at absurdly high levels. Yet, this may occur with even the smallest of holdings.


The fact that Interactive Brokers caters more towards experienced traders than novices is only one of the two drawbacks that may prevent you from making consistent profits with them. The sheer number of possibilities readily accessible to you is proof of this.

Second, the broker has little experience with penny stocks. This issue is far less serious than the first one since it simply implies that there are no specialised interface settings or bonuses for trading penny stocks. They are still traded, and the usability of their interface is adequate.


✔️ Interactions with foreign markets

✔️ Outstanding Analytical Work

✔️ Costs are not incurred via commissions


❌️ Not a good place to start

3. Robinhood — Top Penny Stock Broker for Newbies 

Unlike the other brokers, Robinhood is not a middleman. The concept of a stock trading programme that could be used on a mobile device had not yet reached the mainstream prior to the release of Robinhood.

Everyone agreed that lowering barriers to entry for stock trading was a good idea, but few businesses really took the initiative to do so.

The fundamental problem was how to fit the vast quantity of data required to consistently earn money trading stocks into the small screen of a mobile device, while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

The answer that Robinhood offered was not everyone's favourite, but it is the approach that many inexperienced traders prefer: just omit the data. After all, you can always use another device to collect the data you need if you conduct most of your trading on your phone.

The final product is an app with an enormous user base — possibly the largest in the world — and a clean, simple design that is perfect for novice traders. Robinhood provides a newsletter that reveals the current market trends in order to help you choose the top penny stocks to invest in.

The community there is a big reason for all of this. Although the community's honesty isn't always clear, you can count on it to make up for the features the app lacks.


If you are serious about finding a trading app for penny stocks, you may have noticed that we didn't highlight a single positive aspect of Robinhood that pertains to trading penny stocks.

The software will support penny stocks, but that doesn't mean they'll be prioritised. Similar to how it might be difficult to distinguish strong penny stocks from poor ones due to a lack of analytical tools.

Fortunately, monitoring programmes still exist, so you have choices if you need to keep tabs on very reliable stocks. Finally, keep in mind that it is mandatory for all accounts to be subject to taxation. Most inexperienced traders won't mind this, but seasoned pros almost surely will. 

Experienced stock traders will likely be dissuaded by the absence of sophisticated and perhaps harmful instruments. If you want to earn money, Robinhood is not the place to do it.


✔️ Community that is both large and helpful

✔️ An excellent place to begin with mobile trading

✔️ Informs you of recent developments in the industry


❌️ Inappropriate for low-priced stocks

❌️ Regardless of the nature of the transaction, taxes must be paid

4. XTB Online Trading — Top Penny Stock Broker 

Everything about penny stocks is a learning experience. You want to generate money, but you need to move quickly and have access to enough resources and equipment.

XTB has experience in this area and can advise their customers on the best available resources. The evidence may be seen in the way they were made.

Penny stocks are one of the outliers around which XTB has built its platform.

While they have made their name in the CFD and FX markets, they facilitate transactions in many other markets and with many other types of assets. But the interesting part is that they are always striving to improve it more. They don't want to settle for mediocrity, but rather keep on improving as service providers.

There are several reasons why the xStation5 and xStation mobile trading systems have won awards. In particular, their fast transaction execution times are a major selling point. Its tools include trading charts, calculators, and access to market order depth.

The trading platform may be adjusted to suit your own preferences. The fact that fees are often not required to be paid when trading penny stocks is another perk. Each month, they may trade up to £100,000 without paying any commission. In the realm of penny stocks, this opens up a lot of space for you.

With penny stocks, you may invest on a shoestring budget without breaking the bank on trading expenses. For all parties involved, this is a win-win situation.


We see the possibility of incurring conversion or withdrawal costs as the major downside. Penny stock traders often have less capital to invest. It doesn't address all the possibilities, but the idea is to use modest sums.

There is a 5% charge on any currency conversions that are necessary for your deal. They are the kind of expenditures that may mount up. You may be subject to a minor withdrawal charge if your account balance falls below a certain threshold, therefore it's important to avoid going below that threshold.

There is no need to back out at this point, but you should be aware of them.


✔️ Effortless business trades 

✔️ Trading that adapts to your specific demands

✔️ Cost-effective trading with no added fees


❌️ Costs associated with the conversion can outweigh the benefits

5. Webull — Big Penny Stock Broker

Although the typical broker may provide access to a bigger trading platform, you may have observed that most major brokers offer their own trading platform.

There is a big difference between brokers, since certain trading applications are superior to others.

Apps like Webull are so advanced that they outperform the broker that offers them. Considered a serious contender for the title of “best stock trading mobile app”, Webull is a popular choice among investors. As a trading app, it excels in trading penny stocks due to its low minimum trade size and user-friendly design.

Webull is simple to use since it can be accessed from any location with only a few taps on a mobile app. However there are many other user-friendly stock trading applications for mobile devices; what makes this one stand out is its combination of accessibility and depth of data analyses. Indicators of trade patterns and economic calendars are two examples.

It also attracts transactions from exchanges throughout the globe. Webull has one of the greatest communities among penny stock trading brokers because of this and the fact that it is so widely used as a mobile trading software.


Webull, which seems to have been designed with simplicity in mind, doesn't provide as many stock trading options as other brokers do. It rules out trading in contracts for difference, options, and speculative markets like forex and commodities. You can talk to other merchants but you can't set up these.

While Webull is an excellent broker overall, its optimization is limited for expert traders due to its concentration on ease of use. But, it still has a lot to offer more seasoned traders.


✔️ First-rate work on the mobile app design

✔️ Plenty of nuance for seasoned investors

✔️ Great deal of availability for novice traders


❌️ Has fewer high-risk or complicated investments

6. Tradier — Best Penny Stock Broker for Day Traders 

It's often agreed that traders fall into one of two categories.

Investors and traders from the general public are the first category. Those like these are the norm, those whose income is generated by means other than the stock market. Then, they invest it for pleasure and profit.

Day traders make up the second category of investors. Those who rely on trade as their major source of income. This trader is ideal for the services provided by Tradier, a broker.

This is because Tradier offers a £7.50 monthly membership cost instead of collecting commission fees. If you don't trade often, this won't help you out much, but if trading is your main source of income, you'll save a lot of money by paying a monthly fee instead of commissions.

Furthermore, Tradier is a flexible broker that lets you personalise your trading dashboard to display just the indicators and data you need to make profitable trades. It includes all stock, CFD, and option trading.

Although day trading is less about discovering the perfect deals and more about utilising those you already have, this is beneficial for both day traders and those considering making day trading a full-time career.

Trading in the microsecond time frame typical of day traders is made easier with Tradier's constant stream of market data and analysis. Their database of information isn't the finest, but they have excellent monitoring metrics and analytical tools.


Tradier's user interface is the program's worst flaw. It's bearable since you can change a lot of settings, but the UI is really bland and doesn't show you anything much. It will not appeal to you if the visual style of spreadsheets puts you off.

While it has the appearance of something from the 1990s, its responsiveness is not. When added to the monthly fee, it makes for a terrible experience for novice traders. Most novice traders won't even know half of what's possible with Tradiers.

Lastly, although Tradiers does provide access to worldwide markets, it falls short where mutual funds and indices are concerned. It's strange that it doesn't have them since they can be easily found and followed elsewhere. Yet, they are seldom sought for while discussing penny stocks.


✔️ Commissions are replaced by monthly subscription 

✔️ Ability to personalise dashboard

✔️ Maintains constant communication with you


❌️ Some means of monitoring investments are missing

❌️ Poor user experience

7. TD Ameritrade — Established Penny Stock Broker 

It's easy to get caught up in trying to categorise trading applications as either aimed for novices or pros.

Using this method is not always bad. In response to this split, app architectures will naturally evolve. But imagine if there was a trading software whose only purpose was to educate the user.

The fact that they provide this service is one of the many reasons why TD Ameritrade is a top-notch multi-faceted brokerage. We found their app to be one of the greatest centralised information resources. Furthermore, their lectures are provided in a more engaging format than a collection of dry papers, making their knowledge base far more accessible.

More than that, you get to decide how thoroughly these guides are woven into the fabric of your actual trade. Using potentially disastrous securities is perhaps the most out-of-the-ordinary part of TD Ameritrade's architecture.

It's worth noting that investing in penny stocks is already a high-risk endeavour. Because of their low cost, they are ideal for inexperienced traders, but their complexity also ensures that seasoned investors will find useful features.

Trading CFDs and options on penny stocks carries a high degree of risk. You may reduce your exposure to risk with the aid of TD Ameritrade's seminars and knowledge resource. They won't be able to eliminate the danger entirely, but they can lessen it significantly.


Even while TD Ameritrade has a lot to offer novice traders, first impressions aren't always accurate. The broker specialises in margin trading and the sale of exotic or rare securities. They are complex, awkward, and counterintuitive to utilise.

However, they have to compete with everything else on the app for screen real estate. It's not badly made software, but it does include a lot of unnecessary features. Sometimes, not even the most seasoned investor can locate the information they need.

Nonetheless, the app's absence of costs increases its attractiveness to users of all stripes. Even if you don't like the app at first, keep in mind that it's designed to help you go from complete novice to accomplished pro.


✔️ Fantastic method of progressing from trading novice to competent intermediate

✔️ Incentives like stock options come in many forms and contribute to expansion

✔️ There are reportedly no hidden costs of any type


❌️ Explicitly directs you in your actions

8. Charles Schwab — Best Penny Stock Broker for Futures 

Futures trading has the same inherent dangers as penny stock trading, which we've already established.

Futures refer to agreements to purchase a stock or commodity at a future date and price. This might lead to paying considerably more than a stock is really worth in the future, which is why it's dangerous.

But it also implies that the stock might drop in price to a point where you can afford to acquire it.

Risky assets like those are popular among both novice and seasoned traders because of the subjective nature of successfully navigating deals in them.

One such broker is Charles Schwab, who specialises in this kind of security. While they have access to several assets, the way in which their society is managed suggests that they are most interested in futures.

Knowledge bases used by most brokers are not how they operate. Charles Schwab's platform relies on infographics, animated films, and podcasts rather than essays and teachings. In a nutshell, their top objective is to ensure that students find this database of information both useful and enjoyable.

Somewhat surprisingly, it focuses mostly on strategies for increasing one's financial standing in the future. Without interfering with the functionality of the rest of the programme, it creates a natural flow of data and interaction. If you're unfamiliar with these investments, this is a fantastic way to get started learning about them.


Investors in penny stocks are the first to realise that Charles Schwab's commission rates are outrageous. Since the average price is roughly £3.75, it's not easy to make a profit.

Recall that the maximum price for a penny stock is around three pounds. Unless you are trading in large volumes, every stock transaction will be a loss unless it is an extremely lucrative deal in tiny stocks. Even while it's lovely to dream, becoming rich off of penny stocks is a very remote possibility at best.

It's not like assets that cost £0.75 to buy suddenly cost £7.50, so unless you trade so often that the commission price is negligible, you'll have a hard time escaping Charles Schwab's £3.75 fee.

Furthermore, compared to other brokers, Charles Schwab's margin rates are more expensive. Since trading on margin entails borrowing money to invest in stocks and then utilising the profits to pay back the loan, penny stocks and margin trading go hand in hand. In the world of penny stocks, even a little credit might go you very far.


✔️ Excellent resources for the public good

✔️ Interested-in-learning resources

✔️ Very well-crafted user interface


❌️ Unexpectedly high commission rates

9. Firstrade — Top Penny Stock Broker for Individuals 

The motivations of retail investors are something that are little understood. Most individuals believe that the sole rationale for investing in the stock market, especially with a security like penny stocks, is the hope of striking it big quickly and easily.

Those who invest their own money often have narrower goals, such as saving for retirement or their children's college expenses.

What makes Firstrade stand out is its capacity to facilitate the pursuit of long-term objectives in addition to short-term profit maximisation.

Even among penny stock traders, this is fairly rare. Yet Firstrade does not merely succeed because of its app, usability, or absence of commission costs. They also provide guides on how to establish the appropriate accounts to avoid paying taxes on the transaction.

While there is a desire among day traders to have their transactions be tax-free, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that earnings beyond a specific threshold in some retirement plans are not subject to taxation.

Firstrade does not avoid risky stocks despite its emphasis on long-term planning. Firstrade provides all of this without charging any commission fees, making it ideal for those who wish to increase their financial security over time while maintaining the flexibility to pursue higher earnings.


The main issue with Firstrade really comes as a shock. In light of its apparent attention to retail investors' needs, you could anticipate that it has a straightforward design and is thus easy to use.

To our astonishment, Firstrade's user interface is rather complex. Accounts are confusing, and the knowledge base, although comprehensive, is hard to use.

Although it may align with the objectives of most traders, entry is likely to be challenging. Be ready to do a lot of reading and navigating backwards in your browser.


✔️ Helpful advice for establishing and funding retirement and educational savings accounts

✔️ There is a wide variety of securities


❌️ Awful user experience

10. TradeStation — Underrated Penny Stock Broker for Volume

It's often accepted that there are two main strategies for trading penny stocks: trading a small number of shares very fast, or trading massive quantities of shares all at once. The second is the one that TradeStation prefers.

Trading and withdrawing cash on Tradestation is free for the first 10,000 deals. During the first 10,000 deals, TradeStation doesn't charge a commission.

That's a lot, and it's well above what a regular retail investor trading would ever reach. But if you want to make a life trading penny stocks, you'll need all of them.

Happily, even after you've made 10,000 deals, commissions will no longer apply. If you have the correct sort of trading account, you may even avoid paying the various costs normally connected with trading. Keep in mind that the minimum deposits required by the accounts with the fewest restrictions on your access to your money are the highest.

This is for your own safety and also to keep you engaged with the app. Despite the app's narrow concentration on penny stock trading, you won't have to worry about being scammed by automated software.

This is helpful since the programme also offers a broad range of much riskier assets, which would be difficult to handle in bulk if automated trading were always a concern.


The limitations of TradeStation are not going to jump out at you until you really start using it. The main problem is that there are several opportunities to lose money on the app due to the intricacy of the securities it provides and the fees it does and does not charge for various account types.

Each trading app comes with the inherent risk of financial loss. But, you are losing money because of the app's unclear cost and price structure. There are a number of exceptions to the norm that you must pay, but these exceptions tend to be more specific to individual cases than to broad guidelines.

Having reminder text for every regulation that might induce you to overlook even the smallest costs also makes the app's design significantly crowded.


✔️ Allows the first 10,000 transactions to be completed at no cost

✔️ Access to a wide variety of account types for active traders


❌️ After the fees are applied, there are several further potential ways to lose money

❌️ Visually, the app is a mess

11. Fidelity — Sound Penny Stock Broker 

It's recommended that you have a solid motivation for entering the world of penny stock trading before you do so. It's simple enough to state the obvious and say that you seek financial success.

But if you know what you're generating money for, when you need to make it, and how, you can really start to develop a strategy.

A person's investing approach will look significantly different depending on whether they are trying to amass wealth for immediate needs like food and rent, or for longer-term goals like retirement.

When you're just getting started in the world of investing, Fidelity (review) is a fantastic broker to work with. Fidelity provides financial advising agents to help you build an investment plan, but other brokers just provide access to research and knowledgebases to assist you learn how to trade.

That entails guiding you through a variety of processes:

Together, you'll determine the root of your interest in trading penny stocks. For all that comes next, this is crucial.

With their assistance, you may set up the appropriate accounts. That way, when your account grows, you may easily access and provide any relevant tax information.

Moreover, they will assist you in making the investments yourself.

This last point is essential since it is not a service often offered by brokers.

All of this guidance is essential for novice investors to make sense of Fidelity's offerings. Those with greater investing expertise won't have any need for assistance. This makes Fidelity a very scalable broker, as you can start out with as much assistance as you need and then progress to utilising their extensive alternatives without any outside assistance at all.

Foreign money, cryptocurrencies, and commodities are not available in Fidelity. Yet, it more than makes up for this lack in every other respect. This comprises indices, futures, options, CFDs, and stocks.


Let's just say it: Fidelity has a terrible user interface. Nonetheless, the precise reason why it is negative may be unclear to others. They will read it, learn nothing, and then be perplexed. The problem is that each page has the same design.

Nothing on Fidelity really indicates what you're doing other than the text you're reading, whether you're learning about market statistics or creating an account. Well, “Just read the text, genius”, but there's a tonne of stuff on the website and the app, and it'd take forever to read it all.

The complexity of the trading process might be overwhelming for newcomers using the applications of many brokers. This is one of the few times the software has proven to be frustrating to use for everyone. Of course, physical attractiveness is not the only factor.

Notwithstanding its shortcomings in usability, Fidelity offers excellent guidance and a wide range of trading options for low-priced equities.


✔️ Excellent financial guidance

✔️ Both new and experienced traders will find it appealing

✔️ There are no hidden costs or commissions


❌️ Really poor user interface

Top Penny Stock Brokers (2023) — How They Work

Stocks may be strange creatures. It is exceedingly unusual for a corporation to have so few stocks that one stock represents an entire percentage of the company. As firms may issue additional stock whenever they choose, stocks typically represent a smaller proportion.

For this reason, some corporations artificially suppress their stock values by issuing new shares at ever-increasing rates. The corporation is actively attempting to get its shares classified as a penny stock. If you know the answer, why would you do this?

Considering that this implies authority inside the business is being spread thinner and thinner.

Stocks lose value and power to influence a company's finances whenever new shares are issued. Stocks can't be managed in this way.

Trading in penny stocks is one way for a corporation to maintain shareholder interest without allowing any one investor to amass enough control over the company to affect its operations.

Naturally, this causes a negative impression of the firm to form in the minds of some potential backers. Yet, you probably don't want your firm to be taken over by the kind of investors that want to control it by purchasing shares with your credit or debit card.

★ 1. What you need

Platforms for trading stocks are used for trading penny stocks. These applications are mostly used on computers, although some may also be downloaded for use on mobile devices. In order to legally install and use one of these trading platforms, a licence is required.

There are two ways to get this licence: The first option is more expensive since you must pay for the licence on your own. Such systems exist in a wide variety of sectors. Companies that provide things like construction tools, taxi cab identification badges, and picture editing software all need memberships in order to utilise their wares.

Obtaining a licence through a broker is another, far cheaper option for acquiring this technology. Stocks and shares markets home and overseas are all accessible via brokers.

Customers might be people, but often are corporations.

Neither buying nor selling stocks or mutual funds can be done without a platform, and neither can a trader have access to a platform without a broker.

★ 2. Why trade penny stocks?

Just what are the advantages of trading penny stocks?

Now that we've covered the basics of stock brokers, let's get into the meat of the matter: why do people trade tiny stocks? We are familiar with their operation. There is a method to our madness, and we can acquire them. If so, why?

As was previously said, penny stocks vary from regular stocks in a few key respects, which is why you should ask this question. Most obviously, they are less expensive than comparable alternatives. However, this means that their values will be subject to more frequent fluctuations, and they will be processed in bulk more regularly.

Yet none of this justifies you or anybody else engaging in penny stock trading. Penny stocks are popular because investors may take advantage of their high volatility to generate quick profits.

The stock market is not a place where people talk about “easy money”. A flood of individuals eager for a quick buck would flood the market if it were marketed in that way. The result is a decline in its worth.

The foundation of the stock market is laid by those who come expecting to cash in on the risks taken by others in exchange for quick money, only to find that they are the ones who are exploited and transformed into the quick money. As things are, this is the way it goes. Penny stocks are a prime example of this because of the volatile nature of the asset itself.

★ 3. How about volatile stocks?

The term “volatile stock” is used to describe a stock whose value fluctuates regularly. This group of equities is highly sought after by investors because of the many potential ways they may be utilised to benefit rather than just long-term waiting for dividend payments.

Consider instead that you have two switches at your disposal.

When one another's hue shifts from red to green, they swap places. Cash is gained by pressing the button while it is green. When it's red, pressing it costs you money.

But, there is a catch: every couple of years, one of the buttons switches from red to green, and it only remains green for a day. There's another button whose colour alternates between red and green every few seconds… Usually it flashes between green and red in less than a second, but sometimes it remains red.

The more chances to win or lose money the volatile button provides, the more often you should use it. On the other side, the stable button grants access to more secure and predictable options, but at the expense of long-term financial gain. You can make a lot more money if you figure out when to push the volatile button and when not to.

Best Penny Stock Brokers in 2023 — Summary

You're presumably here because you're interested in finding profitable strategies to diversify your investment portfolio. It's possible to invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other securities using eToro. Investors need to go beyond the box and consider alternatives like monetized domain. Go to eToro (review) to learn more about your trading choices.

Penny stocks are not the most secure investment option, but given their cheap price per share, they are also not the riskiest.

It's possible to choose a broker that suits your needs regardless of your financial plan or prior expertise. Make a sober decision after giving some thought to your options and deciding what you want to accomplish.

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