Best Prepaid Fuel Cards

Like Indiana Jones uncovering a hidden temple filled with lost artefacts — our top fuel cards will surprise you.

Updated: May 18, 2024
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Fuel cards are a convenient and time-saving payment option for fleet drivers since they eliminate the need for paper receipts and other paperwork.

These prepaid cards function similarly to credit or debit cards and have several advantages for fleet drivers and management, including streamlining the fueling process and reducing administrative overheads.

They're also an easy way to budget for fuel spending and often provide discounts on the fuel you buy.

There is no need to pass a credit check for one, and you are only able to spend or withdraw the funds that you deposit. Alternatives, information, and our recommendations are all included in this guide.

1. Allstar★★★★★Click Here
2. Fleetone★★★★★Click Here
3. BP★★★★★Click Here
4. Texaco Fastfuel★★★★★Click Here
5. Fuel Store★★★★Click Here
6. Right Fuel Card★★★★Click Here
7. WEX Esso Europe★★★★Click Here
8. DCI★★★★Click Here
9. Keyfuels★★★★Click Here
10. WEX Esso★★★★Click Here

What is a prepaid fuel card?

For all intents and purposes, a prepaid card works a lot like a debit card

You load funds onto the card and then can use it everywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted, including online and at ATMs. Spending is limited to the amount you've placed onto the card, eliminating the possibility of incurring debt or overdraft fees.

You can open an account even if you have a poor credit history or cannot provide confirmation of residency too. There are primarily three sorts, each of which serves a unique function:

  1. Daily purchases. An easy alternative to debit or credit cards for those who are trying to stay on a budget.
  2. International travel and usage. Provides almost ideal foreign exchange rates and zero or minimal costs for international transactions. 
  3. Under-18s. Teens may use these cards to shop in shops and online while parents maintain some control over their spending. Check out our in-depth analysis of the top savings accounts for children.

The pros and cons of fuel cards

This section covers the pros and cons of top prepaid fuel cards in the UK.


✅ Using a fuel card may cut down on paperwork and save drivers up to 10 pence per litre. They are ideal for a company that wants to save money and increase output.

✅ You can restrict drivers' spending and reduce petrol theft using fuel cards, which also provide a secure payment option.

✅ Your HMRC-compliant invoices will itemise all of your card purchases, so you'll never have to worry about losing track of your receipts again.

✅ Could save you money on petrol via price cuts or stabilisation.

✅ You'll have more say over how and where your drivers spend their pay. This includes cost-saving advice and analysis of your fuel use patterns.

✅ VAT-compliant invoicing. The fuel card company will send compliant bills, so you don't have to depend on drivers to gather receipts.


❌ Low flexibility in how you use cards.

❌ Monthly payments must be made in full.

❌ Not as effective as credit cards in establishing credit.

Top prepaid fuel cards — reviewed

Are you interested in purchasing a prepaid fuel card but unsure as to which one will serve your needs best? Or, maybe you realise that prepaid fuel cards allow you to better manage corporate funds by imposing strict expense restrictions.

Discover the ins and outs of prepaid fuel cards, from their definition to their availability, in this comprehensive guide.

With its comprehensive UK coverage and support for alternative fuels, Allstar One is the most environmentally responsible fuel card for your company. We have compiled a list of the five best business fuel cards in the UK based on our extensive research and more than a decade of expertise in the industry so that you can discover the perfect fit for your needs.

Business fuel cards provide significant savings, which is especially important in the UK, where increasing fuel prices and economic stagnation threaten the viability of many businesses. Here, we go through our findings for the top ones we researched, including costs and benefits.

1. Allstar One — Top prepaid fuel cards provider

Almost 8,000 stations (or 90% of UK petrol stations) accept the Allstar One, including all supermarkets and major oil brands.


✔️ Allowable for use on a wide variety of costs outside petrol for a vehicle.

✔️ Discounts on diesel fuel of up to 10 pence at 1,600 stations.

✔️ Always-available account service.


❌ Locations in the UK make it unsuitable for multinational fleets.

❌ A wide variety of fees and expenses, especially when compared to the market standard.

Prices for the Allstar One

Your individual yearly cost for Allstar One will be included in your estimate, should you want to request one. Although there is no initial cost, there is a transaction fee of up to 2.75 per cent. Unlike Fleetone, which does not need a minimum expenditure, this one does, at £100.

Allstar One assesses a monthly fee of £4 per card if your total purchases are less than this amount. A paper invoice will set you back an additional £9.99.

When compared to its rivals, how does Allstar One fare?

Because of its unique policy of accepting alternative fuels, Allstar One landed in our top slot for best overall fuel cards. This makes Allstar One a better option for companies who track their carbon footprint than The Fuel Store Card and Texaco Fastfuel.

With acceptance at over 7,700 stations throughout the United Kingdom, Allstar One offers more coverage than both UK Fuels Fleetone (3,500 locations) and The Fuel Store Card (nearly 9,000 stations). Allstar One may not be the greatest option for global fleets because to the fact that these stations are mostly located in the United Kingdom.

2. UK Fuels Fleetone — Next-best prepaid fuel card

Velocity, the company's account management app, is UK Fuels Fleetone's shining star. You may set limits on purchases that drivers' cards can be used for, monitor for unusual behaviour, and examine individualised reports and charts detailing card use.

Meanwhile, the online invoicing system makes VAT refunds a breeze. For these reasons, UK Fuels Fleetone is our recommended fuel card for small companies without an in-house finance or operations department. The UK Fuels route planning app and the Kinesis Telematics and Velos MasterCard add-ons are both free with this card programme.

You can save up to 10p a litre for diesel with UK Fuels Fleetone, the only corporate fuel card package that gives you access to wholesale pricing throughout the UK Fuels network and retail pricing at the pump. In addition, you'll just be responsible for the cost of gas and not any other fees.

However, it might expand its network to include more fuel stations. Currently, you can only use it to purchase petrol at more than 4,100 stations (including Texaco, Tesco, Jet, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, and UK Fuels).


✔️ Fuel stations owned by Tesco, Morrisons, and the Co-op accept the card.

✔️ You may save almost 10p per litre, guaranteed.

✔️ Get a free route planner from UK Fuels.


❌ The level of coverage is subpar.

❌ No large vehicles or buses allowed.

Prices for Fleetone

We ranked Fleetone highly since it has no account or transaction fees, making it one of the most cost-effective fuel cards available. However, there is a one-time setup price. With savings of up to 10 pence per litre, it's on par with Allstar One.

With this fuel card, you can get retail and wholesale fuel rates at stations that are part of the main ever-expanding UK Fuels network. In addition, you won't have to pay any extra fees at other locations.

How does UK Fuels Fleetone stack up against the rest of the market?

UK Fuels Fleetone is less expensive than Allstar One since it does not charge any kind of account or transaction fees. However, unlike Texaco Fastfuel and BP Supercharge, you won't earn points for fuel purchases that can be redeemed for other goods and services with this service.

The coverage offered by UK Fuels Fleetone, on the other hand, falls short of that of some of its rivals. Its 4,100 stations are much less than those of both The Fuel Store Card (with over 8,700) and Allstar One (with over 7,700). It isn't a suitable match for foreign company owners since it doesn't feature stations on the continent.

3. BP Supercharge — Favourite national UK prepaid fuel card

Fleet managers may save money using the BP Supercharge corporate fuel card since there are no transaction fees. There are account fees, but the provider's pricing structure makes them more affordable the more vehicles you have. Therefore, this fuel card is best suited for bigger fleets (200 cars or more).

In addition, you may restrict your drivers' spending using BP's smart online tool, and direct-to-email e-billing will take care of the books. In addition, regular card users will be rewarded with BPme Rewards points, which may be collected with every BP purchase.


✔️ Accepted at almost all fuel stations in the UK.

✔️ Card costs decrease as fleet size increases.

✔️ Lacks a fee structure for financial dealings.

✔️ Get rewarded for all your BP purchases.


❌ Companies with fewer vehicles in their fleets will pay higher yearly card costs.

Cost of BP's Supercharge

There are no service costs associated with BP Supercharge's pump rates. However, there is a yearly charge of £12 to £24 associated with each card. The number of cars in your fleet will determine that difference.

The base charge is £24 but drops to £18 if your fleet has more than 100 cars and to £12 if it has more than 200. Because of this, BP Supercharge is a fantastic choice for any business, especially those with high expansion plans.

When compared to its rivals, how does BP Supercharge fare?

In terms of protection, BP Supercharge falls somewhere in the centre. It is accepted at 7,600 stations, which is more than UK Fuels Fleetone (over 4,000) but less than The fuel Store Card (almost 9,000) and includes over 1,000 BP stations along with all major fuel brands, highways, and supermarkets.

The absence of transaction costs makes it competitive with Texaco Fastfuel and less expensive than Allstar One, which charges 2.75 per cent. While this lower price is appealing to companies of all sizes, small fleet owners may want to look elsewhere due to the BP Supercharge's high yearly costs.

⭐ Top Tip: How often and how much money is spent on fuel depends heavily on the fuel type your cars use. In the United Kingdom, the average fuel economy for a fuel-powered vehicle is 36 miles per gallon (MPG), whereas diesel vehicles get an impressive 43 MPG. Both diesel and petrol are comparably priced.

The most fuel-efficient vehicles are hybrids, which can get 59 miles per gallon of petrol and 132 miles per gallon of electricity, respectively. With the typical motorcycle getting 56.7 miles per gallon, businesses that may benefit from using them (such as those that deliver meals or ship small things) are on to something.

4. Texaco Fastfuel — Top prepaid fuel card provider for local shops

All Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Morrisons forecourts, over 700 Texaco stations, the UK Fuels network, and a few BP locations accept Texaco Fastfuel. Because their business model does not rely on long-distance travel, local entrepreneurs in England and Wales, such as delivery and taxi businesses, should strongly consider using their services.

In terms of paperwork, you will get detailed reports on company fuel management, as well as electronic billing and invoices that are accepted by HMRC. You can restrict your drivers' spending down to the kinds of fuel they can purchase.

Texaco Fastfuel, importantly, employs a standard market price structure. This means you may take advantage of Texaco's weekly wholesale pricing adjustments for diesel and unleaded.

The Texaco Fastfuel account is free of charge. In addition, filling up at a Texaco station will not cost you a dime in transaction costs, and you may earn Tesco Clubboard points at the same time. Note that there are transaction fees for using your card to purchase fuel at BP petrol stations where it is accepted.

While it does provide savings of up to 10 pence per litre, it is accepted at much fewer stations than both Allstar One (7,700) and The Fuel Store Card (8,700), which is a huge drawback.


✔️ Take advantage of stable wholesale fuel prices.

✔️ There are no hidden costs at Texaco stations.

✔️ Those who park in Tesco parking lots are eligible to earn Tesco Clubcard points.


❌ For British fleets exclusively.

❌ There isn't a lot of coverage.

Cost of Texaco Fastfuel

The Texaco Fastfuel account is free of charge. Using Texaco stations also doesn't cost you anything in terms of transaction costs. However, a transaction fee of 0.01 pence per litre applies when using the card at BP service stations.

How does Texaco Fastfuel stack up against the rest of the market?

Because of its extensive presence throughout England and Wales, Texaco Fastfuel offers the greatest potential benefits to small, local companies. It's cheaper than BP Supercharge and Allstar One because of its lack of account fees and that matches UK Fuels Fleetone.

However, Texaco Fastfuel's low number of stations makes it less of a competitive supplier for people whose companies or lifestyles rely on long-distance travel throughout the country. The Fuel Store Card is accepted at more than 8,700 locations, while Allstar One is accepted at more than 7,700.

5. The Fuel Store Card — Favourite prepaid fuel card provider for transparent finances

While the Fuel Store Card being accepted in almost 9,000 UK stations makes it one of the suppliers with the widest coverage, the actual number you can actually use it at depends on the payment method you pick. Those plans' flexible alternatives are a strength of the business, but you'll need to get in touch with the service provider to find out what they have in store for you.

The ease of use doesn't end with the first setup; the Fuel Store Card also offers the convenience of fixed weekly costs, which can be used to better plan for and manage the company's finances. In addition to having rapid, 24/7 access to transaction and fuel data, you will also get one HMRC-ready VAT invoice at recurrent intervals. 

You can limit the kind of purchases that your drivers can make with these cards. Remember that these cards have a no-interest grace period of 14 days. That's not such a horrible bargain if you ask me! There are also no membership or use fees associated with the Fuel Store Card. 

There is an initial setup cost, but after that, you'll only pay for the petrol you actually use. However, there is a £10 minimum use cost if your monthly fuel consumption is less than 300 gallons.


✔️ No hidden charges or fees of any kind.

✔️ Get weekly fuel price guarantees and save money.

✔️ With no interest for 14 days.


❌ When compared to other well-known brands, it lacks in features.

❌ To avoid this charge, your monthly fuel purchases must total more than 300 litres.

Pricing for the Fuel Store Card

There is a one-time activation fee for the Fuel Store Card, but no ongoing costs to maintain an account or make purchases. 

When compared to similar products, how does The Fuel Store Card fare?

Although the Fuel Store Card offers more flexible payment plan choices than BP Supercharge, the latter is more transparent about its pricing structure. It has some of the finest coverage we've seen, edging out BP Supercharge's 7,600 and Allstar One's 7,700. 

However, The Fuel Store Card is less transparent than its rivals since not all of these stations are accessible to all of the customers' users. This is due to the fact that the mode of payment selected by the user determines the extent of coverage they will enjoy.

Unlike the UK Fuels Fleetone app, which has a tool for searching for the lowest nearest fuel price, the Velocity app does not come with this functionality.

Finally, it differs from Texaco Fastfuel in that it costs more for in-depth reports.

6. The Right Fuel Card Company — Great for flexible offerings

The sheer diversity provided by the Right Fuel Card Company is a huge benefit, since no two fleets have identical requirements. We recommend their selection of BP petrol cards since they are an independent broker.

Find cards from more than 11 of the UK's most popular fuel companies.


✔️ Using the card is a breeze.

✔️ Email and phone support for customers.

✔️ Support from 9 to 5 (Mon-Thu) and Friday (9am-3pm).

✔️ Station locator on each of the three cards.

✔️ Data on how much petrol the average vehicle uses, for budgeting purposes.


❌️ Weak in terms of safety, low protection against fraud.

❌️ Can’t limit by types of fuels.

Price of The Right Fuel Card Company

Monthly card fees are £12, or £24 annually, and are calculated using a weekly tariff rate. Find no less than 1,200 stations and up to 3,400. For this evaluation, we'll be using three different BP-branded cards: the BP Bunker card, the BP List card, and the BP Pump Price card.

Larger, diesel-powered fleet vehicles are targeted by the BP Bunker card. You can use it in 1,200 different locations with a good network. There are 600 of these “bunker stations” across the world where diesel may be bought in large quantities.

Fleets of cars and trucks may benefit from the BP List and BP Pump Price. These cards are not compatible with EV charging and so cannot be used. The DCI One Rev, BP Charge & Fuel card, and the Allstar One Electric card are all good options if you want a single card to use for both petrol and charging.

When compared to its rivals, how does The Right Fuel Card Company fare?

While the cards are straightforward to use, if you do encounter any issues, its customer support is available via email and also phone from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Thursday, and from 9am to 3pm on Fridays.

To help your drivers, all three cards provide a handy station locator so they can identify the closest stations within range. The cards will also give you a clear overview of fuel spending data, allowing you to stay on top of your expenses.

The Right Fuel Card Company’s BP cards are slightly lacking in the security department. While they offer pin code, driver ID, spending limit, and card blocking functions, there is no fraud protection or the ability to limit fuel types, which are all features offered by The Fuel Store’s cards.

7. WEX Europe Services — Top European coverage for premium long-haul users

If you want your drivers to spend more time driving and less time hunting for stations in new areas, a dual-card package from WEX Europe is a great way to achieve just that.


✔️ Spend only £3 a month or £36 a year.

✔️ Zero-based budgeting.

✔️ Pricing fixed along a weekly basis.

✔️ Large-scale online communities.

✔️ Top-rated coverage in Europe.


❌️ Costs not covered by the network.

❌️ One of the most costly on this list.

Price of Wex Europe

Although WEX provides the most complete plan, it also costs the most at £36 per year, compared to other providers such as DCI (£18) and The Right Fuel Card Company (£12).

Still, WEX European Services provides customers with a choice of four different fuel cards. The Esso Card International, Esso Card, and the Esso Card/UK Fuels Card and the Esso Card/European Diesel Card are all part of this family of cards.

When compared to its rivals, how does WEX Europe fare?

With up to 17,559 stations available with the combination, WEX's cards claim one of the broadest networks in our analysis, second only to Shell's. 

You and your drivers may earn Nectar and Tesco Clubcard Points every time they fill up at a WEX station, giving you and them a discount on groceries in the future. You can reach customer service by phone Monday through Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by email at any time.

WEX provides information on fuel spending, MPG, and HMRC-approved invoices so you can keep track of your finances easily. This is a must-have for any respectable fuel card programme, since it facilitates the reimbursement of VAT on fuel purchases at the conclusion of each billing cycle.

It gives you all the basic security features, such as a PIN function, driver ID, restrictions on each card, and the ability to restrict spending and fuel type. While WEX does not provide fraud protection as The Fuel Store does, it will notify you of suspicious behaviour and allow you to temporarily disable any affected cards from a distance.

8. Diesel Fuel Cards for Ireland (DCI) — Best prepaid fuel card for Ireland

With affordable options for both conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric/hybrid vehicle fleets, this provider is a natural match for Ireland-based fleets.


✔️ £18 yearly fee per card.

✔️ 1750 locations.

✔️ Station finder on DCI cards.

✔️ Summarised expenditure information in an invoice acceptable to HMRC.

✔️ Very secure, with individual ID for each driver and a secret code.


❌️ Non-network costs.

❌️ Unused cards incur a £2 fee at the end of each month.

Price of Diesel Fuel Cards for Ireland (DCI)

Diesel Fuel Cards for Ireland have their own branded cards.

That includes the DCI Main Route, DCI One, DCI Pump Saver, and the DCI One Rev, since this company has the most extensive network of petrol stations in Ireland. It is the best option for fleets that will mostly operate in Ireland because of its 1,750 stations.

When compared to its rivals, how does Diesel Fuel Cards for Ireland (DCI) fare?

All in all, the DCI One Rev is an excellent option for those who want to operate a greener fleet. It functions similarly to the Allstar One Electric card and BP Fuel & Charge card in that it may be used to purchase diesel, fuel, and charge electric vehicles.

A top pick if you need service in Ireland. From 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (GMT), Monday through Friday, a customer service staff answers calls and emails.

Use their station location included onto DCI cards, which is a must for any service provider serious about helping its drivers out. DCI also provides fleet managers with a comprehensive picture of fuel expenditures and MPG.

Unfortunately, unlike The Fuel Store, it does not provide information on carbon emissions, which might be a drawback for fleet managers that must comply with carbon emissions rules. An electronic invoice that complies with HMRC standards may be generated from all of your spending data.

Finally, they give almost all of the safety features you'd anticipate from a premier petrol card issuer. Each card will be linked to a unique driver ID, and using it will require entering a PIN.

Several controls may be exercised from a distance, including limitations on fuel type and expenditure and card blocking in the event of suspicious behaviour. The Fuel Store has shown that the only thing that needs fixing is the lack of fraud protection.

9. Keyfuels — Best prepaid fuels card for low-commitment

Keyfuels’ Pay As You Go card's main selling point is that it eliminates the need to commit to bulk fuel purchases or account fees.

You can still take advantage of the network's set weekly pricing.


✔️ Prices on its network are set at a weekly rate.

✔️ Buying fuel in large quantities is not required.

✔️ No need to pay any kind of monthly or annual account maintenance charges.

✔️ Fuel costs proportional to the amount used.


❌️ Weak protection.

❌️ Find a low fewer locations than Shell's 50k and BP's 24k service stations.

Price of Keyfuels

Keyfuels' primary selling point is its Pay As You Go card, which lets you take advantage of set weekly pricing throughout its network without needing to pay account fees or stock up on fuel in advance.

Its origins in the haulage business mean that its fuel card is particularly well-suited to fleets consisting of larger vehicles. Over 540 of its forecourts are designed specifically for large trucks, with higher canopies and quicker pumps. These service stations are conveniently located so that you won't have to make unnecessary detours.

When compared to its rivals, how does Keyfuels fare?

Keyfuels' weakness is its limited availability. In comparison to Shell's massive 50,000 and BP's 24,000 stations, its 3,000 multi-branded locations, which include Tesco and Morrisons shops, are noticeably smaller.

Their regular customer care line is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, and a support line is accessible to subscribers around the clock.

The ‘ControlMax' online security system is unique to Keyfuels and is both smart and convenient. It allows you to keep a closer eye on how much you're spending on petrol by keeping track of your fuel card. 

Set limits instantly, letting you keep tabs on your drivers, petrol money, and locations visited. You may also restrict cards, deny transactions, and get notifications through SMS or email.

While this may assist alert consumers to the possibility of fraudulent transactions, unlike The Fuel Store, Keyfuels does not provide genuine fraud protection in the form of refund.

10. Esso Card — Top prepaid fuels card for both work and personal use

Whether you use your vehicle for work or pleasure, or both, an Esso fuel card might be a great way to save money on petrol.

Using this card at any of Esso's more than 1,000 fuel station in the United Kingdom will allow you to take advantage of the company's low diesel rates. You may manage your account and redeem Nectar points online. For business travellers, the simplicity of the Esso fuel card is a major plus.


✔️ Great approach to save on petrol costs.

✔️ Cost-effective and adaptable.

✔️ You can restrict spending from the comfort of your phone.

✔️ Includes 3,000 petrol stations.


❌️ Reduced coverage.

❌️ Do your homework, since the price may not be perfect.

Price of Esso 

The Esso Card is a convenient and inexpensive petrol card that can be used at any Esso station in the United Kingdom and across Europe. 

There are 3,000 petrol stations in the UK and Europe that are included. It has low pump costs and two different pricing structures (consolidated and itemised). In addition to convenient online account management, Esso provides fuel usage data based on odometer readings.

When compared to its rivals, how does Esso fare?

It's a good option to consider. The Esso fuel card's convenient mobile app is one of its best features. Find petrol stations at a glance and control your expenditure all from your mobile device.

If you have an Esso fuel card, you'll never have to worry about stickers again. The availability of help at any time, day or night, is another plus. It's a good idea to see whether the Esso fuel card is a good fit for you.

Fuelmate Using petrol cards has a number of advantages. They provide in-depth reporting, which is useful for fleet managers in keeping track of costs and allocations. They also aid in meeting other mandated standards.

The top prepaid fuel cards — a buying guide

Let’s explore these services further as a topic. 

How do prepaid petrol cards work?

Fleet managers and drivers unfamiliar with prepaid fuel cards may be uncertain as to what exactly is meant by the term. Fuel cards aren't exactly like other consumer prepaid cards, where you load money onto the card and use it only at petrol stations.

Instead, fuel cards provide fleet drivers access to savings at the pump. By just swiping the fuel card at the pump like a debit card, drivers may take advantage of the company's pre-negotiated, reduced fuel prices without having to take money out of their own pockets.

The advantages of using prepaid petrol cards

Fleets and fleet managers may have greater control and organisation using prepaid fuel cards, which makes refilling easier and cheaper.

Other advantages include:

☑️ Money management: Prepaid fuel cards provide fleet managers more control over spending and potential cost savings by allowing them to set individual card limits. In addition, all fuel card spending can be monitored in one place, making it simpler to track large amounts of money. This is especially important for seasonal enterprises that need to swiftly expand to meet increased demand.

☑️ A set price each week: Users of prepaid fuel cards have weekly access to a predetermined price for fuel, which is often lower than the going market cost.

☑️ Effective management: Prepaid fuel cards give foot managers more agency over fuel expenditure while streamlining the payment process and reducing the amount of effort required for tracking down and reimbursing expenses.

Prepaid fuel cards: The verdict

Prepaid fuel cards are becoming more available from vendors as a mode of payment, with their associated cost savings, time savings, and other advantages. This provides fleet managers with a plethora of options.

Our guide includes some of the major fuel card issuers in the UK, among a plethora of suppliers providing a wide variety of fuel card options.

⭐ In some cases, a well-handled credit card is preferable.

If you have a spending problem but don't want to risk getting into debt, prepaid card are a good option. A prepaid card may be maintained flawlessly and yet have no effect on your credit score since it does not appear on your credit record.

If you use your credit card responsibly, paying it off on time each month (preferably in full) and resisting the temptation to charge more than you can afford, it may help build your credit history, making it easier to secure low-interest loans in the future. 

In addition, you get better consumer protection and may avoid the hassle of always having to add money to the card.

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