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Read on to explore the best discount fuel cards for your business.

Updated: May 21, 2024
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Fuel prices are resulting in higher business expenses than ever, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. So, why not consider business fuel cards as a way to save money when purchasing fuel?

Fuel cards work in the same way as a debit or credit card, although you can only purchase fuel. You could receive discounts and rewards, however, although this depends on your fuel card provider.

Read on to find out more about discount fuel cards and how they could benefit your business as we detail our best discount fuel cards in 2024.

1. Fleetone★★★★★Click Here
2. Esso★★★★★Click Here
3. Allstar★★★★★Click Here
4. Truckone★★★★Click Here
5. Allstar★★★★Click Here

What is a discount fuel card?

Discount fuel cards are fuel cards that offer the user a discount when they make a purchase.

Here are some of the main discounts or rewards a fuel card provider might offer:

  • Discounts per litre: a good discount to look for is a discount per litre. For example, when purchasing diesel, business fuel cards could provide a 10p per litre discount. This amounts to a substantial saving over time.
  • Fixed pump prices: fuel card providers could fix prices each week so you never pay more than that price at a fuel station. This guarantees the price you will pay for fuel and helps you to budget better.
  • Pump price discounts: another discount that a fuel card provider could use is to offer random pump price discounts to encourage purchases for certain fuel brands.
  • Bulk buys: if you need fuel for a fleet of large vehicles or HGVs, you could receive a discount when purchasing a bulk buy. Certain limitations may apply, such as applying to diesel purchases, however.
  • Rewards and loyalty points: depending on the fuel card you are using and the relevant provider, you could secure reward points or loyalty points. 

In particular, when purchasing fuel from a supermarket fuel site such as Sainsbury’s or Morrisons, you can collect loyalty points. Over time, the reward points or loyalty points could be used towards a different purchase.

How do discount fuel cards work?

Discount fuel cards work as a payment method for fuel purchases. Fuel cards are tailor-made for businesses and can help a business to manage their fuel expenses better.

To use a business fuel card, follow these steps:

1. Apply

Fuel cards must be applied for directly with the provider of your choice. Ensure to choose the most suitable fuel card for your business, however, by considering our best discount fuel card review in this article.

2. Distribute

Provide all relevant employees with a fuel card. Each fuel card is unique and possesses its own PIN. The employee should have access to both the card and the PIN.

3. Manage

Using an app or online portal, you can set limits and restrictions on each fuel card. For example, you can make sure the employee uses the cheapest fuel available or uses a supermarket fuel site.

4. Top-Up Fuel

When making a fuel purchase, the user should add fuel to the vehicle in the usual way. However, if a limit has been placed on the fuel card, the employer must adhere to this.

5. Payment

Use the fuel card to pay for the fuel purchase. Depending on your fuel card provider, you will need to beep your contactless plastic fuel card or pay for the fuel using an app. You might be asked for the PIN associated with your card or the vehicle registration number, however.

6. Invoice

Usually, the card provider will invoice the business for the fuel purchases every two weeks or one time per month. Some card providers will require immediate payment, however, so this varies.

Is fuel expensive in the UK?

Fuel in the UK is expensive, although prices have fallen since record prices shocked the market in August 2022. At this point, petrol costs 187.65p per litre, compared to 142.86p in March 2022. 

Diesel prices cost the consumer even more during this period. Diesel cost 196.76p in August 2022 in contrast to 146.63p just months earlier.

So, what are the current fuel prices a consumer can expect in the UK?

As of September 2023, petrol costs 149.39p per litre whilst diesel will cost you 151.81p per litre. Unfortunately, fuel prices have begun to rise once more so higher fuel costs are foreseeable towards the end of 2023.

The UK is a country with some of the highest fuel prices globally and is the 7th most expensive country to purchase fuel. But, why do fuel prices differ from country to country?

In the UK, the government charges two different taxes on the petrol and diesel you purchase for your vehicle. These taxes are fuel duty and VAT.

Cost of Fuel
Image: This Is Money

For example, if you were to pay 167.03p for one litre of petrol, you would pay 57.95p of this amount in fuel duty as well as 27.65p in VAT. So, for every 167.03p you pay for one litre of petrol, the government receives 85.60p. This is almost half of the petrol cost.

Can fuel cards save me money?

Fuel cards can save you money if you do your research and find the best discounts. The biggest discounts can be found when purchasing diesel fuel, with some fuel card providers offering a 10p discount on every litre.

Other fuel cards could save you money in the long term by adding rewards or loyalty points with every purchase. 

Which fuel card offers the best discounts?

A leading fuel card provider to provide superb discounts to the user is Fleetone. Fleetone offers savings of up to 10p per litre and guarantees savings every time you make a fuel purchase. 

You can also use the Fleetone card in most UK locations, ensuring you can top-up fuel when you need to. Read more about the Fleetone discount fuel card in our review later on in this article.

Discount fuel cards: pros and cons

If you need a clear overview of the pros and cons of using a fuel card company for your fuel spending, look no further than this section:


✔️ Budgeting: fuel purchased using a fuel store card can help you to budget your finances better

✔️ Spending limits: control your business spending on UK fuels by placing spending limits and controls on your employees’ fuel store card

✔️ Saving money: you could save money with your fuel card costs with discounts from fuel card companies, or fixed weekly prices so you know the expected costs and expenses

✔️ Efficiency: Be more fuel efficient by managing fuel spending and utilising an online account management system


❌️ Limited fuel sites: depending on the UK fuel cards applicable to your business, you could be limited to certain fuel site brands and their fuel prices

❌️ Transaction fees: some providers may charge a transaction fee

❌️ Minimum spend: your provider could require a minimum transaction

❌️ Missing out on offers: if a fuel station is offering a low price for petrol or diesel, you cannot take advantage of this offer if your fuel card does not permit transactions from this site

Best discount fuel cards — reviewed

Choosing the best fuel card suppliers for your business can save you money and help you manage your spending better.

Here are our top 5 discount fuel cards in our comprehensive review:

1. Fleetone Fuel Card — Best for discounts

  • Available to use across 3,500 fuel sites
  • Access a discount of 10p per litre
  • Velocity online account management portal
  • Perfect for businesses with 1 – 50 vehicles

The Fleetone fuel card can be used across 3,500 fuel sites in the UK. You can be sure that a fuel station is close by, whenever you need fuel. 

Superbrands such as Texaco, Tesco, and JET are compatible sites and can be used with the Fleetone card. The e-route locator will help you to find the closest site when you are on the road.

The Fleetone fuel card will help you to save 10p per litre of fuel purchased. Further savings are attained by using the management capabilities of the Velocity online portal so you can track and analyse the fuel purchases made.

Whether your business utilises one vehicle or 50 vehicles, the Fleetone fuel card is a great choice for you. You can assign unique fuel cards with secure PIN protection to each driver, enhancing your ability to manage expenses and prevent fraud.

2. Esso National Fuel Card — Best for a price lock

  • Use this fuel card at over 3,600 fuel sites
  • Discounts on Synergy fuel
  • Accepted at large branded fuel sites
  • Gain a weekly price lock

The Esso National fuel card is the best fuel card if you are looking for a weekly price lock.

You can be assured of the same price wherever you top up your fuel, allowing you to budget your fuel spending effectively.

The Esso National fuel card can be used at over 3,600 fuel sites across the UK, with 1,170 sites suitable for HGVs. Branded fuel stations include BP, Esso and Shell so you know you are receiving value for money.

You can automatically track fuel purchases and analyse tracked spending using online data reports. Save further money when purchasing Synergy fuel when purchased at Esso fuel sites.

3. Allstar One Electric Fuel Card — Best for EV charging

  • Charge at over 12,000 EV charging points
  • Includes 85% of motorway charging sites
  • Use in conjunction with Zapmap
  • Manage fuel spending at Allstar Online

The Allstar One Electric fuel card is the best EV charging card for electric vehicles. You can control the EV charging costs incurred by your business, preventing theft and fraud.

Use the Allstar One Electric fuel card at over 12,000 EV charging points, giving you peace of mind that an EV charging point is always closeby. 85% of motorway charging points are compatible with the Allstar One Electric fuel card.

You can track and manage your fuel purchases using the Allstar Online portal, providing you with the ability to track spending and impose limits and restrictions.

In addition, use your fuel card in conjunction with Zapmap to help you find the closest EV charging point to suit your needs.

4. Truckone Fuel Card — Best for HGV drivers

  • Use at over 3,000 fuel sites
  • Perfect for HGV drivers
  • Great discounts for bulk buying diesel

The Truckone fuel card is the perfect discount fuel card for HGV drivers.

Being able to use this card at over 3,000 fuel sites, long-distance and short-distance HGV drivers can source fuel anywhere in the UK. 

Infact, over 750 HGV-compatible fuel sites accept the Truckone card. Find out where your closest Truckone fuel site is using your SatNav e-route.

You can gain a substantial discount when bulk buying diesel for your HGVs, providing a great saving for your business.

The Truckone fuel card comes complete with the Velocity app so you can manage, track and analyse the fuel purchases in your business.

Your business will receive a weekly invoice that lists all fuel transactions from all HGV drivers. You can pay your fuel costs in one single transaction. 

5. Allstar Supermarket+ Fuel Card — Best for low prices

  • Made for supermarket brand fuel sites
  • Capitalise on lower supermarket fuel prices
  • Save 5p per litre at Asda, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons
  • Save money at 1,600 Diesel sites

The Allstar Supermarket+ fuel card can offer your business consistently low prices when topping up your fuel at supermarket brand fuel sites.

There are over 3,000 fuel sites that you can use to purchase your fuel with the Allstar Supermarket+ card, including 1,600 diesel sites where additional savings can be made.

When using your Allstar Supermarket+ fuel card at Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons fuel sites, you can save 5p per litre, adding to your business discounts and benefits.

Manage your fuel transactions using the Allstar online portal, ensuring you are in control of your money and preventing fraud and theft. Use the portal on the go with the mobile app which can also be used as a site locator.

Leading discount fuel cards for businesses: the verdict

Discount fuel cards can help your business take control of its finances. If your business has a business loan, a mortgage, credit cards, and other debts to pay, taking care of day-to-day expenses is essential to keep your cash flowing.

The best discount fuel card in 2024 is Fleetone, offering excellent network access and a discount of 10p per litre. 

The Allstar Supermarket+ fuel card is another great choice, offering a 5p discount per litre when purchasing fuel at certain brands. Further discounts can be obtained when purchasing diesel.

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