Where Can You Use Allstar Fuel Cards?

Everything you need to know about the Allstar fuel cards and where Allstar fuel card locations are in the UK.

Updated: May 22, 2024
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Running a business can result in spiralling costs and unexplained expenses. Manage your business costs better with Allstar fuel cards, limiting and tracking employee spending on fuel expenses.

However, how many petrol stations across the UK accept the Allstar fuel card? Where can your employees use the Allstar fuel card for their petrol or diesel? Is an Allstar fuel card the best prepaid card available?

In this article, we will explore where you can use the Allstar fuel card, along with the associated benefits of using the Allstar fuel card in your business as one of the best fuel card providers around.

What Are Allstar Fuel Cards?

An Allstar fuel card is a payment method used in business to pay for fuel. Your business can track fuel expenses and also limit the amount spent by employees. This is a sensible choice if your business involves employees working on the road or taking regular business trips.

With over 90% of fuel sites in the UK accepting the Allstar fuel card, your employees will find fuel wherever they need it.

The benefits to your business extend further, with an 8p saving on every litre of diesel purchased with the Allstar fuel card. 

Furthermore, simplify your accounts and admin tasks with HMRC-compliant invoicing, utilising Allstar Online to manage business spending and stay in control of costs.

How Does an Allstar Fuel Card Work?

Allstar fuel cards make paying for fuel costs quickly and easily. Your business can track and manage the amount of money an employee spends on fuel, installing limits if required. 

In turn, employees can use the Allstar One fuel card to pay for fuel, saving time and hassle for the individual. 

Follow these steps to use an Allstar fuel card:

1. Assign a Card and PIN

Each employee will be given an Allstar fuel card and a PIN to use. The card and PIN are unique to that individual and should not be shared.

2. Fuel Sites

Look out for a petrol station that accepts the Allstar fuel card. With over 90% of fuel sites accepting this type of fuel card, employees should easily find one in their location. Your business could specify the fuel sites to be used if a cheaper fuel price is attainable there.

3. Top-Up Fuel

The employee should top-up their vehicle with fuel as they usually would. If you have imposed a limit on your employee’s fuel card, however, ensure you have communicated this immediately so there is enough money on the card to pay for the transaction.

4. Pay for Fuel

Pay for the fuel using the fuel card and PIN in the same way that a regular credit or debit card transaction is made. 

5. Tracking and Management

The employee may be asked for the vehicle registration number and mileage if a receipt is required. However, receipts are not required when using the Allstar One fuel card as all transactions are automatically recorded and tracked. Your business can track transactions and expenses using Allstar Online.

What Are the Benefits of an Allstar Fuel Card to the Business?

The Allstar fuel card program can save your business money and provide a trackable method of paying for employee fuel costs. Access as many fuel cards as you need and specify whether premium fuel or cheaper fuel is to be used.

Here are the main benefits of using the Allstar One fuel card program in your business:

  • Save money: When using the Allstar One fuel card to purchase diesel, you can save 8p per litre at participating discount diesel sites. This saving directly benefits your business.
  • Limits: Place transaction limits on an employee’s fuel card services preventing them spending too much on fuel.
  • Accessibility: Allstar fuel cards can be used at over 90% of fuel sites in the UK and operates across the largest fuel card network.
  • Convenience: Distribute Allstar fuel cards easily to employees, preventing using cash to pay for fuel expenses.
  • Specified fuel sites: Choose the fuel sites that your employees can use, such as supermarket petrol stations with cheaper fuel.
  • Track transactions: Your business can track transactions so you know how much each employee has spent on fuel, where the fuel was bought, and when the fuel was bought. This helps your business to manage your expenses and prevent fraud and theft.
  • Accurate accounts: Prevent discrepancies in your accounts by utilising the Allstar Online platform. Your business can use the automated features to update your accounts, improving accuracy and limiting mistakes.
  • Reports: View HMRC-compliant invoices automatically and access account balances and transactions in an instant. You can also download detailed reports to assess spending.
  • Security: The money held on the Allstar fuel card is safe and secure, with digital payment methods providing greater security and protection from fraud and potential theft. Lost and stolen Allstar fuel cards can be cancelled and replaced in an instant, with usernames and passwords reset immediately.

What Are the Benefits of an Allstar Fuel Card to the Employee?

Employees love using Allstar fuel cards to top-up the fuel in their vehicles as it is convenient, fast and of no cost to them.

Here are the main benefits of using the Allstar One fuel card program for your employees:

  • Speed: Use the Allstar fuel card to quickly add fuel to your vehicle, getting you back on the road fast.
  • Convenience: Paying for fuel with the Allstar fuel card is effortless and secure. Simply pay for fuel as you would with a debit or credit card transaction, making sure you know your PIN.
  • Accessibility: Over 90% of fuel sites in the UK accept the Allstar One fuel card, ensuring you can find a suitable fuel site wherever you are in the country.
  • Business cash: Employees no longer need to use their own cash to top-up fuel when working and invoice the employer at a later date. The Allstar fuel card costs the employee nothing as the business uploads cash to the fuel card in advance.

Where Are Allstar Fuel Card Locations?

Allstar fuel cards can be used in over 90% of the fuel sites across the UK, although are accepted by 100% of major brands. These figures cover 7,700 fuel sites, of which 1,600 are considered discount sites.

Wherever you are in the UK, there will be a site accepting the Allstar fuel card nearby. 

For example, in Manchester and the immediate surrounding area, there are 599 fuel sites that you can use to pay for fuel with the Allstar fuel card. Surrounding Torquay, there are 119 sites, whilst the vicinity around Swansea holds 139 locations.

What Other Allstar Products Are Available?

Allstar offers a range of products to make life easier for businesses, from managing data to saving money.

Fuel Cards

Allstar Supermarket Card
Image: Allstarcard

Fuel cards are used to pay for fuel at fuel sites across the UK. Businesses use an Allstar One fuel card for an employee who travels around the country in their working day, or for those with a company car.

Businesses can save 8p off every litre of diesel purchased with the Allstar fuel card, which is accepted by all major brands and 90% of all UK fuel sites.

You can restrict the fuel sites and transaction limits applicable to your employees to help you control and manage costs and spending in your business.

A variation of the Allstar fuel card is the Allstar Supermarket fuel card. Using this card, your business can save up to 5p per litre off the average fuel price on fuel purchases at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons.

EV Charging

Allstar One Electric Card
Image: Allstarcard

If you use an electric or hybrid vehicle for work purposes, the Allstar One Electric Card helps ensure you have immediate access to 12,000 UK charging points across 4,000 locations. Ensure your employees can charge their electric or hybrid vehicles easily.

If home charging is required for employees, the Allstar Homecharge product is perfect for managing charging and payments.


Additional cards are available from Allstars to make payments in your business. The Allstar Expense card and the Allstar Plus card are business payment cards with a difference. 

Pay your supplier payments or travel expenses with these business payment cards, or limit employee expenses and spending limits.

Receive 44 days interest-free credit on purchases when using Allstar business payment cards, managing and controlling card spending with automated updates and data analysis.

Online Services

Manage your Allstar account wherever you are with Allstar Online. Whichever card you choose for your business, you will receive the Allstar Online service to manage and control your business finances.

The Allstar Online portal ensures that you can see what money has been spent in the business using the Allstar cards, helping you to take action and maintain limits and restrictions if required.

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