Halifax Current Account Switch Deal – Up to £135 Free

£50 when you switch and another £85 after 6 months.

Updated: August 7, 2022
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Matt Crabtree

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Halifax Current Account Switch Deal – Up to £135 Free

Key offer details

Halifax Current Account Switch Deal – Up to £135 Free

  • Halifax has a tiered offer to get you to switch and stay with their current account.
  • You’ll get an initial £50 just for switching to one of their eligible current accounts using CASS.
  • If, after six months, you’ve paid in at least £1500 per month into your account, have used your Halifax debit card, and have signed up for paper-free letter and statements, you’ll get an extra £85.
  • This offer isn’t available on their Basic Account, Student Account, or Youth Account. Existing RBS customers aren’t eligible either.
  • You’ll also qualify for a six month fee-free arranged overdraft subject to approval. The rate switches to 1p per £7 borrowed after the six months.
  • With the Reward Current Account, you’ll also get £2 each month provided you pay in £750 and have two different Direct Debits going out.
  • You can earn up to 15% cashback on certain purchases with Halifax Cashback Extras.

How long does this deal run for?

The Halifax website currently doesn’t give an end date to this promotion. We expect this to be available for a little while at least.

Who it’s for?

If you’re looking for some fee-free banking and a nice cash bonus, Halifax offers an attractive deal here. Provided you can make the monthly £1500 payments for six months, you’ll get a nice £135 cash bonus, as well as an extra £2 per month.

Visit Halifax.co.uk

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