Exclusive: £5 Bonus with Plum

Get a free £5 bonus automatically after 30 days of saving with Plum

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Plum Savings
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Exclusive: £5 Bonus with Plum

Plum, if you’ve not heard yet, is a new and easy way to save money from your current account and earn interest on it. The best thing about Plum is that it will automatically take a percentage of your daily balance and transfer it over to your savings account. This means that you’re never putting away more than you can afford. Conversely, when your account balance is healthy, you’ll be able to save a little extra without thinking.

  • If you open a Plum account using the CompareBanks promo link, you could get a nice bonus.
  • Provided you link your current account and remain active (don’t pause or cancel your account) for 30 days, you’ll get £5.
  • The money will be added to your savings account 30 days after you first put money into it.

How long does this deal run?

There’s no current end date to this exclusive CompareBanks deal, meaning you can take advantage of it indefinitely.

Who it’s for?

Those who are saving and want a little extra bonus to keep their funds up will appreciate this.

Offer terms and conditions

  1. Offer applies to new Plum customers who successfully open an account through a referral from CompareBanks (www.comparebanks.co.uk).
  2. To qualify for this offer, Plum savers must successfully link their current account and remain “Active” for a period of 30 days. “Active” customers are defined as those who have not paused or cancelled their account.
  3. Qualifying customers will receive a £5 deposit into their Plum savings account 30 days after their first saving.
  4. Offer is valid only once per customer.
  5. Offer applies to new customers only.