Curve FREE £10 after your first transaction

Get £10 free when you sign up to Curve Once you've signed up for a Curve account and you make any t

Updated: September 20, 2021
Curve FREE £10 after your first transaction
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Get £10 free when you sign up to Curve

Once you've signed up for a Curve account and you make any transaction, you'll be credited with £10 or €10 (depending on your location) to use on whatever you like!

Curve is an app that combines all of your debit and credit cards into one single digital card and smart app, adding a load of new features. All the rewards of your own bank, and of Curve, with no hassle at all. It's the only card you need to carry around with you, and the only PIN – and if you use Curve's app to your phone's digital wallet, you'll never need a bank card ever again.

Some of the features of Curve include:

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  • Anti-Embarrassment Mode – card declined? Curve will automatically try to use your chosen backup card, so your payment goes through. No need to have that awkward moment fumbling for a second card.
  • Cashback – enjoy instant cashback from hundreds of retailers, so you earn as you spend. It even stacks on top of existing cashback offers you already have with your card.
  • Go Back In Time (GBIT) – you can revisit payments made on a debit card up to three months ago and switch them onto your credit card, so you can free up your cash flow when you need it.
  • Fair FX rates – typically exchange rate markups are lower than with the big banks, so you can spend abroad on more of what you love doing, and less on the fees

How do I get the deal?

Sign up with this link to earn your £10

Once you've activated your Curve account, make any transaction with the app and you'll get your £10 or €10 credited to you.

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