Get a 1 Month Free Trial with Pleo

Get a FREE 1 Month Pleo trial

Updated: August 6, 2023
Ian Lewis

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Ian Lewis

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Get a 1 Month Free Trial with Pleo

Manage your business expenses better with a 1 Month Pleo free trial

Get a free trial of Pleo

Business expenses just got easier, with the Pleo account. Get a company card for every employee, with automatic expenditure reports.

If you’ve ever struggled with tax returns or lost track of who’s bought what, a free trial of Pleo could make a difference to your business.

Apply for a free trial and see what Pleo can do for you.

Key offer details

A full-featured 1 Month trial of Pleo expenses software:

  • Apply for a free trial on the Pleo website. No background checks are required.
  • You’ll get access to all Pleo features, including physical and virtual cards. Use the software day-to-day, putting it through its paces.
  • Top up your Pleo account as much or as little as you like.
  • Track and control your business spending, then generate expenditure reports.

Ask about a Pleo free trial now

Who’s it for?

Pleo isn’t a business bank account, but a way to take control of business spending. You top up your Pleo account by transferring funds from elsewhere, then spend the money on physical and virtual cards. You can have a different card for every business employee, with access to a live dashboard that lets you keep track of their spending. Set spending limits, and get expenses reports all at the touch of a button.

If you’re happy with your trial, you can choose to keep paying for permanent access to Pleo. Scaled pricing means that small businesses pay less, whilst larger corporations still pay a per-user price. Pleo offers company cards that reduce the behind-the-scenes work, and you can even book a demo to see how it will work for your business.