What Is a Virtual Mailing Address? And How Does it Work

Learn how virtual mailing addresses work, what sort of benefits they can provide your business, and whether they're worth investing in.

Updated: July 11, 2024
Matt Crabtree

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Matt Crabtree

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The concept of virtual mailing addresses is gaining a decent amount of traction these days, but what exactly are these alternatives to traditional addresses, and how do they actually work?

Join us throughout this article as we break down how these services work in a bit more detail, giving you a chance to decide whether or not you feel your company would benefit from handling your mail this way.

Understanding Virtual Mailing Addresses

A virtual mailing address, which you'll probably also hear referred to as a virtual address or even a virtual business address, is essentially just a service that provides you with a physical mailing address without needing to pay for a physical office space. 

You can then use this address to receive mail and packages, which will be managed by your own dedicated service provider.

Benefits of Virtual Addresses

Let's walk through some of the main reasons why you'd want to invest in one of these services.

Professional Image

Using some form of virtual address gives your business a professional image without even needing a physical office — something that's obviously beneficial for the likes of small business owners and freelancers who want to create a professional presence without the expense of renting office space.

Privacy and Security

Virtual addresses offer increased privacy and security compared to using your home address for business purposes since you're able to keep your personal address confidential and avoid unwanted visitors or mail.

How Virtual Mailing Addresses Work

When you first sign up for your virtual mailing address, you'll be given a unique UK address, which you'd typically use for both your business and personal mail. Then, once your mail has finally arrived at the address, it'll be sorted and managed by your service provider.

Advanced Mail Management Platform

The majority of virtual address providers out there will also come with a platform for you to view and manage all your mail online — including features such as mail scanning, mail shredding, and even mail forwarding requests.

So, this gives you a chance to view digital scans of your incoming mail and, ultimately, how you want it to be dealt with.

Royal Mail Redirection Service

Lastly, some virtual address providers might even partner with Royal Mail to offer some kind of redirection service for their customers, meaning you'd be able to have your mail forwarded directly from their virtual address to your home or business address via the Royal Mail network.


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