Best International Business Accounts in 2023

Make international payments way easier…

Updated: September 28, 2023

Making payments to foreign vendors and consumers may be a headache for any company. 

Foreign exchange may be outside the capabilities of domestic company bank accounts. There is a need for this, and it is met by international business banking. While traditional banks do provide overseas business accounts, neobanks often provide more flexibility and lower fees. 

Some “neobanks” provide traditional banking services like loans and international business accounts, but others are exclusively web-based. All the neobanks discussed here are completely regulated and use licensed partner banks to handle customer funds separately.

This guide covers Revolut Business, along with nine more excellent options for international business banking. Businesses with overseas partners, online retailers, expatriates, digital nomads, and sole proprietors in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe may all benefit from using a neobank.

1. Revolut Business★★★★★Click Here
2. Wise★★★★★Click Here
3. Payoneer★★★★★Click Here
4. Novo★★★★★Click Here
5. Brex★★★★Click Here
6. Tide★★★★Click Here
7. Starling Bank★★★★Click Here
8. N26★★★★Click Here
9. Anna★★★★★Click Here
10. Soldo★★★★★Click Here

At a Glance, Pros and Cons

Let’s look into the pros & cons of the UK’s top international business accounts.


✅ Establishing a legal presence in a foreign country's financial sector might increase one's access to that country's government-backed company loans and incentives as your credit score improves.

✅ One way to ensure financial compliance in your target market is to open a foreign bank account for your company.


❌ Even if the bank account is digital-only, opening a foreign business bank account might be challenging if you don't have a physical presence in the country.

❌ Working using an intermediary to transfer funds from your foreign business account to a UK bank account may save you a lot of money compared to using your own bank.

❌ Reaching and conversing with customer support departments might be challenging due to time zone and language barriers.

Top international business accounts — Reviews

Exactly what is a foreign currency business account?

Banking as we know it has evolved with the help of fintech applications. So, what exactly is a foreign bank account? 

Financial institutions and mobile banking apps that facilitate international account management and money transfers are included. Business owners who don't live in the nation where their company is based may still take advantage of them since they are often simple to handle from afar. 

The top international business bank accounts allow for remote administration and can accommodate a variety of currencies and foreign payments with typical APRs.

There is an abundance of alternatives; how can you choose the one that is ideal for your company? When making your own comparison, keep the following in mind:

If this is the case, you may find that some card issuers refuse to provide credit in any form, while others extend it but charge you a higher interest rate than the and/or grant you a smaller initial credit limit.

  • Costs on an international scale
  • Interest on loans
  • Necessity of physical presence
  • Synergies between apps and web pages
  • Currency conversions

Here are some of our favourites: 👇

1. Winner: Revolut Business, the world's best international platform for businesses

If your company does business on a worldwide scale, you should open a Revolut Business account since it enables you to send, receive and exchange in 25+ currencies and provide free debit cards to your employees.

Pay like a local and spend effortlessly with your Revolut card in 150+ currencies with no hidden fees.

Revolut Business is a bank in some regions, including the EEA (European Economic Area). Revolut Bank UAB holds a full banking licence in Lithuania, allowing them to offer cross-border banking services to their business customers in the EEA. But Revolut Business is not a bank everywhere yet, including in the UK.

UK-based businesses may request information in EUR and GBP, while US-based businesses can request information in GBP and USD. Although the base plan of Revolut Business has relatively modest fee-free allowances, cash back on certain purchases, and you may get started with it for free. 

If you want to increase your free monthly local payment and foreign exchange limits, you may pay a monthly fee to move up to one of the top three levels. Revolut converts your money at the mid-market exchange rate and forgoes preset transfer costs, therefore we believe the premium tiers are worthwhile.

If you go above your free daily limit, Revolut will add a 0.40 percent fee to the exchange rate. For cost savings, the free plans allow you to choose an optimal exchange rate at which your currency will be converted automatically if the mid-market rate reaches that level. 

  • No monthly fee.
  • Forex futures rates and holdings in several currencies need special mention.
  • United States, European Union/European Economic Area, United Kingdom, and Switzerland availability.

To learn more, read our comprehensive review of Revolut Business. Benefits include:

✔️ When exchanging currency, the middle market rate is used.

✔️ Keep and trade 25+ different currencies.

✔️ Allows you to collect payments directly from your website.

✔️ Distribute business credit cards and oversee employee spending.

✔️ Access to a bespoke API and advanced team features.

✔️ Share data with business applications and finance programmes.

✔️ Both local transfers and international wire transfers are unrestricted.

2. Wise — Top pick for bank account information

You can send and receive AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HUF, NZD, RON, SGD, TRY, and USD into your Wise Business bank account (featuring a debit card) to 50+ countries.

You'll be able to issue invoices in ten different currencies, withdraw funds from online businesses in as many as ten different currencies, and collect payments without any hassle. Convert your foreign currency earnings into local currency at competitively low rates, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars compared to using a regular bank.

One of Wise's best features is that it shows you the exact currency rate it's utilising for your transfer at all times. Instead, depending on the currencies involved in the transfer, Wise charges a flat cost of between 0.8% and over 2%. 

Costs associated with currency conversion might range from 0.8% for common pairs like USD to EUR to 2.2% for less common pairs like BRL to THB.

  • Wise allows you to convert currencies at the mid-market rate or at a rate of your own, saving you money in either case.
  • An initial membership fee of £45.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Accessible in the United Kingdom, European Union/European Economic Area, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.

To learn more, read this detailed analysis of a Wise Business account. Benefits include: 

✔️ When converting international funds, be sure to use the true exchange rate.

✔️ Locate account information in 10 different currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, etc.).

✔️ Pay bills and wages in batches of up to a thousand.

✔️ Fixed, below-average transaction costs for overseas wire transfers.

✔️ Connect to accounting management tools.

✔️ No recurring costs.

✔️ Pay £45 once to get information on 10 bank accounts.

Note: there has been a steady rise in prices.

✔️ Integration with bare minimum accounting software.

✔️ To send money locally using ACH will cost you.

3. Payoneer — Free to join

It costs nothing to join up for a Payoneer account, and once you do, you'll have access to eight different bank account information in a variety of currencies (including GBP, USD, and EUR) and interfaces with top e-commerce platforms like UpWork and Airbnb.

You can accept payments from consumers all across the globe when you use Payoneer since it converts your earnings into their native currency. Once you're ready to transfer funds back home, Payoneer will convert your earnings at the current mid-market exchange rate.

Payoneer's set price of up to 2% per international transfer may seem high, yet the company is open about its fees and offers better rates than major banks. If you don't need to convert currencies (that is, withdraw GBP from your balance to GBP in your US bank account), Payoneer is the most cost-effective option. 

  • Current (USD, GBP, AUD, EUR, JPY, SGD, CAD, and HKD) account information is required.
  • Signing up won't cost you a penny.
  • Connects to tens of thousands of markets and includes VAT payment.
  • Distribution is worldwide.

Reasons to use:

✔️ Get paid in one of 8 regional banks.

✔️ Provides a mid-market rate for foreign currency conversion.

✔️ Convert foreign currency profits into your home currency at a reasonable exchange rate.

✔️ Transfer Payoneer funds straight to HMRC for VAT in the UK.

✔️ Get linked up with tens of thousands of online stores.

✔️ Finance day-to-day operations and maintain stable cash flow.

✔️ Support in several languages is available at all times.

Problems with Payoneer:

❌ It may cost you up to 2% of your Payoneer balance to make a withdrawal to a local bank.

❌ The Payoneer debit card has a £29.95 annual charge.

What are the best international business bank accounts for British nationals that have set up shop in the US?

Let's move on to a discussion of the top two international business bank accounts open to residents of the United States as well as foreign nationals who own or run a business in the United States.

In order to create an account with one of these commercial banks, your company will need to be recognised as a legal business entity in the United States. Your tax identification and collection purposes require that you additionally provide your employment identification number (EIN):

4. Novo — Best American jack-of-all-trades

Novo offers the most plain and open fee schedule we have observed among US foreign business checking account providers: no fees, save for one overdraft charge.

A MasterCard, whether real or virtual, is available and will cover any and all ATM costs incurred (even while making withdrawals in a foreign country). With Novo, you can keep tabs on your sales and balances from many marketplaces and payment processors, including Stripe, Etsy, and Amazon.

Novo, backed by Middlesex Federal Savings F.A., facilitates the linking of several bookkeeping platforms. With the help of Wise, the online banking platform can now send out international wire transfers at the market rate.

  • Small company checking account.
  • Free to join.
  • Notable features include no-fee money transfers and ATM withdrawals.
  • United States availability.

Advantages of Novo:

✔️ Both receiving and making ACH transfers are free of charge, every month.

✔️ There are no charges for receiving local or foreign wire transfers.

✔️ Cashback at any ATM not part of your network.

✔️ Cash discounts and rebates at participating retailers.

✔️ Extensive collection of applications and programmes that work well together to better understand your money and to pay off your debt.

✔️ Stripe fast payments and Wise wire transfers are supported.

Problems with Novo:

❌ Fee of £27 for non-sufficient money.

❌ Does not make business financing available.

5. Brex — Popular for teams

Brex is an integrated finance platform for expanding enterprises. Brex does not charge any fees of any kind, whether for maintenance, ACH transfers, local wires, or international wires.

Unlike Revolut Business, Brex does not provide foreign exchange services, but it does provide a superior platform for controlling teams' collective card usage.

The group will be issued MasterCards with benefits that can be used for things like cash, merchandise, and travel. There are no fees for purchases made abroad with your Brex credit card.

Integration with widely used programmes like QuickBooks, Xero, and Slack is a breeze. Its spend management software is also noteworthy since it establishes departmental budget regulations and notifies you of any spending abnormalities.

  • Current accounts.
  • Free to join.
  • Notable examples include API access and group credit cards.
  • United States availability.

Benefits of Brex:

✔️ Improve the company's credit rating.

✔️ Define the company-wide budgeting strategy.

✔️ Credit card options despite being a neobank.

✔️ There are no hidden costs for using your credit card abroad.

✔️ You won't be charged for an overdraft.

✔️ Cards for teams and mobile apps to access them.


❌ Poor return on inactive funds.

❌ Foreign currency conversion rates are not made public.

What are the top UK-based business banking options for overseas transactions?

Let's take a look at the top international business bank accounts that are open to company owners in the United Kingdom (UK) and beyond.

You'll need documentation from the UK's Companies House to create an account in this category. Our manual explains everything you need to know to start a business in the UK. Here are some of the finest places to open a business bank account on the web:

6. Tide — Top Choice for UK-Based SMEs

Tide is a web-based financial system designed to help sole proprietors and other independent workers including freelancers, contractors, and consultants. With the Tide app, you can create an account in a matter of minutes.

Even more surprising is the app's ability to handle mundane administrative tasks like paying employees and filing tax returns, as well as automatically following up on overdue bills. You can use Tide's location as a ‘virtual office address' to streamline the process of establishing a business in the United Kingdom.

The minimum plan costs 20p each transfer, however the maximum amount you may send inside the country is much higher with a premium subscription. Tide never charges any additional costs for using a credit or debit card outside of the country.

But if you're looking to do international transfers as your company grows internationally, Tide may not be the best option. Pairing Tide with global services like Revolut Business, Wise Business, or Payoneer is something to think about. 

  • Current UK accounts.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Free invoices and payment terms are particularly noteworthy.
  • Availability: Great Britain.

See the whole review of Tide for more details.

Here are the main benefits:

✔️ Money card and app.

✔️ All membership plans include billing.

✔️ Deposits at ClearBank are insured by the FDIC.

✔️ Card purchases in a foreign country are fee-free (ATM withdrawals cost £1).

✔️ The application process does not include a credit check.

✔️ Possibility of establishing several accounts for use in various contexts.

✔️ Accounts may be synchronised with external accounting programmes.


❌ Only for companies based in the UK.

❌ Doesn't allow members to make overseas payments.

❌ Inability to hold or convert several currencies.

❌ Extra fees for personalised service.

❌ There is a charge for both electronic payments and cash deposits.

❌ You cannot make a deposit via cheque.

7. Starling Bank — Authorised UK Financial Institutional Neobank

Businesses based in the United Kingdom may benefit most from using a Starling Bank business account, such as sole proprietorships and limited liability partnerships.

Within the United Kingdom, sending and receiving Sterling (£) is completely free. There are no service charges applied when paying with sterling or getting cash from an ATM.

For no fee, you can use Starling Bank's advanced features and make unlimited Sterling transactions each month.

Services like tax reporting and business accounts in U.S. dollars and Euros may be added to your account for a monthly cost if they fit your company's requirements.

Transferring British pounds overseas will incur fees. Transfer fees are 0.4%, and Starling Bank will utilise the currency rate shown on the app's international payments page to do the conversion. There will be a fee of £5.50 added to your total if you choose to pay with SWIFT. 

  • Current UK accounts.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Money orders and cash deposits made from the UK incur no costs.
  • Availability: Great Britain.

In-depth analysis of Starling Bank available here.

Advantages include:

✔️ It costs nothing to receive or send money in British pounds.

✔️ There are no costs associated with using a card outside of the country or using an ATM.

✔️ Customised app store that includes Xero and Quickbooks integration.

✔️ Currently, they accept cash and in-app check deposits.


❌ Multi-currency accounts are only available in US Dollars and Euros for a cost.

❌ Implements an x-rate margin and flat rates for overseas wires.

❌ Invoice generation and delivery will need an upgrade.

What about the top EU Banks for international business transactions?

Let's have a look at the international business banking accounts that fall within the European category.

While the criteria for establishing a bank account may differ by partner, EU nationals or those with a European Economic Area (EEA) registered business will often be required:

8. N26 Business — Great for EU Freelancers and Independent EU Contractors

N26, one of the leading European online banks, provides a business account that is functionally equivalent to its personal banking offering.

N26 is a popular digital bank due to its low costs and slick mobile and web interface. You can't open a business bank account in your company's name, but freelancers and self-employed EU nationals may open a N26 Business account.

This business checking account may be a useful tool for freelancers in the EU who currently use N26 to keep their personal and professional finances separate.

  • Germany current accounts.
  • Monthly fees amount to zero euros.
  • Cash back, no fees for using ATMs, and travel insurance are all noteworthy features.
  • Availability: Europe (EU). 


✔️ All purchases get a 0.1% rebate.

✔️ There are no costs associated with using a card outside of the country or using an ATM.

✔️ Free, limitless SEPA transfers.

✔️ Wise integration allows for low-cost overseas payments.

Negative aspects: 

❌ Lacks support for many currencies.

❌ Independent contractors and freelancers alone.

Budgeting and accounting software that is inadequate.

What about top-rated international accounts for global companies?

In this last group, you'll find service providers whose main focus isn't on corporate bank accounts. Instead, they provide you access to their potent software that can monitor your finances, control your team's outlays, welcome new clients, and speed up payments.

Freelancers and established businesses with a high volume of transactions may benefit most from using these services. You may save time and effort on mundane financial tasks by using their technologies to automate your processes and free up resources for more important strategic planning.

Let's have a look at some of the most successful companies in the EU and the UK:

9. ANNA Money — Best customer service in the UK and HR abilities

Absolutely No Nonsense Admin, or ANNA for short, automates tedious administrative tasks including invoicing, cost tracking, and VAT calculations.

Their chatbot is highly advanced, so it can handle most jobs and enquiries by itself. In the event that ANNA Money is unable to resolve your financial difficulties, you will be linked with genuine support personnel in the UK (specifically Cardiff).

ANNA Money provides UK company owners with a UK bank account that is compatible with direct debits at no cost to the account holder. In addition to accepting payments online, scheduling recurring payments, processing payroll in bulk, and managing various cards, you can do all of this by simply sending your clients a payment link. 

Taking images of receipts can also help you keep your finances in order rather than hauling around piles of paper.

Pay as you go plans have no setup fees but do charge for things like international transfers (1%), currency conversions (1%), taking payments (1%), and ATM withdrawals (£1). As you upgrade and spend more, your free quota will rise.

  • No monthly fee.
  • Notable features include zero-cost invoicing and a preferred help desk.
  • Availability: Great Britain.


✔️ Making, sending, and following up on bills.

✔️ Instantaneous in-app alerts for money transfers.

✔️ Establish links to various financial institutions.

✔️ Allows you to figure out your tax liability and provides tax-related reminders.

✔️ There is app and phone-based customer service accessible round-the-clock.

✔️ Create one-time use payment links for use in online transactions.

✔️ Less than 10 minutes to set up.

Negative aspects: 

❌ Costs associated with ANNA.

❌ Exclusive to businesses based in the UK.

❌ Inability to hold or convert several currencies.

❌ In and outbound local transfer fees for the first two packages.

❌ High costs associated with using cash.

10. Soldo — Popular for boosting profitability through increased efficiency

The efficiency and openness of your team and company could take a major leap forward with the aid of Soldo's expenditure management software.

The app can be easily customised to fit the unique needs of every given firm. You'll be able to see your company as a whole and control costs associated with things like advertising, subscriptions, staff expenditures, and travel.

Also, you can issue cards and wallets in three different currencies (GBP, EUR, and USD), making them useful for any firm with operations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Soldo, while useful for managing expenses, is not designed to interact directly with end users. Unlike ANNA Money and Stripe, it does not generate payment URLs. If you retain all of your cash in Soldo and allow the platform to handle your cash flow needs, you'll get the most benefit from using Soldo. 

Fees will be incurred if you transfer funds from your multi-currency wallet to your primary bank account or withdraw cash, for example. This article elaborates on the costs associated with using a financial service.

  • Type of account: a link to your primary company checking account.
  • Starter Plan with no initial cost to you. The Pro Plan costs £6 per month per user. Premium Plan: £10 per user, each month.
  • Notable: virtual temporary cards to manage team gas expenditure within predetermined budgets.
  • Those in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom can get their hands on it.


✔️ Designed with corporation and worker budgets in mind.

✔️ Instantly generates several digital IDs.

✔️ Major currency wallets in British Pounds, Euros, and US Dollars.

✔️ Share data with Xero and other accounting apps.

✔️ Spending plans and limits based on your specific needs.

Negative aspects: 

❌ Not a bank account, yet you'll need one to use it.

❌ The first approach has few options and costs money to distribute cards.

❌ Exchange rates for foreign currency wallet conversions are not readily available to the public.

❌ Only allowed to make withdrawals to the designated bank account.

Britain’s top international business accounts — Buying Guide

Let’s explore these services further as a topic. 

So, what exactly is an “International Business Account”?

An international bank is a bank that provides services to customers in several countries and multiple currencies. Some of the features offered by global business banking accounts are: 

  • Allow for the use of non-U.S. dollars.
  • Use accounts in several currencies.
  • Make international payments to overseas vendors.
  • Pay using a credit card that doesn't charge you extra for using it abroad.
  • Completely separate bank accounts.
  • Get in touch with lenders offering loans in a currency other than your own.

Each international bank has its own rules and strategies for working with either independent professionals or established businesses as customers for international business banking. Companies with overseas partners, online retailers, nomadic workers, digital nomads, and solo entrepreneurs in the US, UK, and EU may find the choices we discussed above very useful.

Each comes with their own perks, such as cards with no annual fee.

International A-List banks that offer business accounts

It's possible to get services from a high-street commercial bank with worldwide branches and skills, regardless of whether your company is huge or tiny. Credit cards, loans, and asset management for your business are all viable choices.

However, you have likely discovered that their registration procedure is opaque and bureaucratic, making it difficult to access. There is a hidden cost involved in the form of an exchange rate margin, and they charge exorbitant monthly fees on top of poor exchange rates for your currency conversions.

You may open an international business bank account with any of the following reputable institutions from the United States or the United Kingdom:

  • JPMorgan
  • Ally Bank 360
  • HSBC
  • Citibank
  • Barclays
  • Bank of America
  • C. S. Schwab

Each will feature particular services and incentives, such as financial management.

Learning about fees and exchange rates 📁

Currency conversion rates and associated fees are crucial factors to consider when selecting the best foreign business bank account.

The value of one currency expressed in terms of another is known as the currency exchange rate. When you make an international money transfer, the receiving bank will convert your cash based on the current exchange rate. However, these rates may vary widely amongst financial institutions, with some even charging commissions to convert currencies.

Finding the most advantageous foreign exchange rates and fees requires researching and comparing the offerings of various financial institutions. Keep in mind that the rates shown on a bank's website may not be the actual rates you get when completing a transfer due to extra fees and charges imposed by the bank.

The openness of a bank's pricing structure is also crucial. Foreign currency markups and other hidden taxes and levies may dramatically increase the final price of your overseas transactions. Check the tiny print and carefully review the bank's charge schedule to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Keep in mind that you can better meet your international business banking demands if you have a thorough understanding of currency conversion rates and costs.

Dealing with foreign exchange fees… 

Keep in mind the importance of paying careful attention to foreign exchange expenses. Banks charge these costs whenever money is sent internationally, and they may vary widely across institutions.

Fixed costs or a percentage of the total transfer amount are two common types of international transaction fees. There may also be costs for using an intermediate bank or initiating a SWIFT transfer at a particular financial institution.

What support should you expect?

The quality of banks' customer service varies widely. Some financial institutions provide customer service through phone, email, or live chat around the clock, while others are only available during regular business hours or during certain time zones.

Finding the greatest customer assistance requires thinking about what your company needs and how much help you'll really need. If your business spans numerous time zones or involves regular cross-border transactions, you may need the assistance of a bank that is open around the clock.

Leading international business accounts: The Verdict

Although it is a challenger bank and not a registered bank, Revolut has the lowest costs and highest exchange rates for international transfers, in my opinion. 

When compared to traditional banks, the transfer costs and exchange rates offered by this service are far more reasonable.

Wise is another viable choice, despite being a simpler account with less features than Revolut.

It is common practice for a high street bank to charge a flat fee per transaction when handling an overseas payment. Banks, transfer amounts, and receiving countries all have an impact on this cost. The bank will also often add a markup of 1-2% to the conversion rate.

The added expense may have a major influence on business dealings across borders. These fees add up over time, reducing the bottom line of companies that process overseas payments and making it harder for them to compete in the global market.

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