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Overview First Glance It’s a financial companion that offers some great benefits and features

Updated: January 25, 2024
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Ian Lewis

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First Glance

It’s a financial companion that offers some great benefits and features, specifically designed for ecommerce business owners who want to make financial management simpler.


✔️ Offers IBAN accounts in USD, EUR and GBP.

✔️ Flexible credit lines available to eligible users from £10k up to £2 million*.

✔️ Cashback on all eligible card spend.

✔️ Integrates with over 2,400 tools worldwide including Google Ads, PayPal and Stripe.

✔️ FX transfers with capped 0.25% fees.

✔️ Virtual VISA Platinum and/or Juni Mastercard® Corporate Cards with high spend limits.

✔️ Discounts offered on other business tools.


❌️ Can take up to 5 business days to open an account.

❌️ Currently only available to limited liability companies registered in the UK and EEA.

*For UK companies only, upon eligibility. Terms and conditions apply. Credit is provided by Juni Capital LTD. See website for details.

What is Juni?

Juni provides business financial and credit services. It’s designed to make it significantly easier for you to manage your business’ finances using built-in features, tools and analytics – including integration with other top platforms and accounts in USD, EUR or GBP.

Founded in 2020, Juni has its headquarters in Sweden and was listed as the fastest growing FinTech in Europe in 2021, with impressive Series A and Series B investment rounds completed.

Who is Juni for?

Juni is primarily for ecommerce businesses and online marketing entrepreneurs. You can get started with just a few simple details, and once your business is verified, you’ll be up and running and able to make use of multiple virtual cards as well as various other features designed to make managing cash flow and liquidity much easier.

Credit card realistic VISA
An example Juni VISA card.

How does Juni work?

If you want to apply to open an account with Juni, you’ll just need to be based in the EEA or the UK and manage a limited liability entity – so, for example, an LLC, LTD, LLP, PLC, BV, AB or EEOD.

The application process can take up to 5 days and you’ll need to verify your company. Once that’s done, you’ll be ready to get started with your IBAN account, which you control through the website.

You can then begin to make full use of the platform, including applying for credit lines or creating virtual cards that you can assign to your team to use. Or you can just use the standard account details and start managing your cash flow through your new account.

What features do you get with Juni?

There are a number of features you can enjoy with a Juni account:


With all eligible purchases using your Juni card, you’ll get 1% cashback paid into your account. There’s no caps, and no need to claim the cashback – payments are made directly into the account 30 days after month-end. So, you can maximise your profits.

Instant card creation

Once you’ve got your account, setting up new virtual cards takes seconds. They’re accepted by most major advertising platforms and merchants that you’ll already be working with.

Cards preview
See all your cards from your dashboard.

Set spending limits

You can set daily spending limits on your cards, to make sure that things never get out of control. And your account has high spending limits too, so you can set up payments on your major advertising campaign without being restricted.

Virtual and physical cards

As well as the option of unlimited virtual cards, you can also get up to 10 physical cards for your organisation to use. These VISA cards are for GBP accounts only, but you can track all payments and earn cashback just as you would with a virtual card.

User roles

Set custom user roles for your Juni account, so that you can limit what your staff have access to and how much they can spend. You’ll retain full control and have complete oversight of the finances, but can tailor everyone else’s permissions to suit.

0% interest credit

Apply for a credit line with Juni and you can enjoy 0% interest on limits of up to £2 million, with payment terms from 37 to 60 days. This is provided by Railsbank and is available to UK companies only. Eligibility checks are required.


One of the main benefits of Juni is the ability to integrate with the tools that you’re already using. You can integrate your Google Ads account, and auto-pull invoices every month while keeping tabs on what you’re spending.

Or sync with Xero and see all your transactions right in your Juni account. And you can accept payments directly through your pre-existing Stripe or PayPal accounts. With over 2,400 app integrations, you can explore new tools as well to make running your business’ finance so much simpler.

Overview 3
Manage your integrated services.

How much does Juni cost?

Signing up to a Juni account is free. In fact, almost every service Juni offers is free:

  • Setting up an account is free.
  • Creating virtual VISA or Juni Mastercard® cards is free.
  • Making SEPA and faster payment transfers is free.
  • Juni does not charge fees for ATM withdrawals for VISA cards but for Mastercard cards, the fee is up to €3. The ATM owner may charge a withdrawal fee that is outside of Juni’s control.
  • Juni does not apply any card FX fees for VISA or Mastercard cards. When transacting in currency that does not match your Juni account, VISA and Mastercard may charge FX fees.
  • Juni does not charge for card usage but merchants may apply additional fees that are outside of Juni’s control.
  • The only service with a regular charge is an account transfer FX fee, either for incoming transfers or moving money between Juni accounts. This will be up to 0.25%.

What currencies are available through Juni?

At the moment, you can open a Juni account (and get virtual cards) in USD, EUR and GBP. Physical cards are only available for GBP accounts and must be delivered to an address in the UK.

How safe is Juni?

Juni is not a bank, and so is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the EU Directive on the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS).

However, your money is kept completely separate from Juni’s own company finances. Because Juni is not a bank, it can’t use customers’ money to fund its own activities. Money is safeguarded in financial institutions in either Luxembourg via Railsbank (USD and EUR funds) or the UK via B4B (GBP funds), and if Juni were to go bankrupt or cease trading, your money would be returned in full.

What about customer service?

Juni is still a relatively new company, and so there aren’t thousands of reviews online to give a fair and balanced representation of how good the service is. On Trustpilot the site has mainly excellent reviews, though there are some bad ones mixed in.

These are always amplified when a company is newer, because it takes longer to gain the positive reviews from customers who are just generally happy, while customers that are unhappy are very quick to post their opinion.

What we can comment on is the depth and breadth of resources on the Juni website to help out. There’s an extensive FAQ section to answer broad questions, and a more detailed Help Centre for specific topics and tutorials on different aspects of the Juni service, along with a web chat for any further questions customers might have.

Juni: The Verdict

Juni is definitely an interesting option for any ecommerce business that is already engaged with various marketing and finance tools. It can bring everything together in one place, making it much simpler to handle your finances for your advertising, your accounting and more.

With the option for unlimited virtual cards for your staff, the ability to have accounts in different major currencies, and the rest of the perks that a Juni account can offer you, it’s worth trying if you’re not super-attached to your usual corporate bank. The flexible credit options are another bonus too.

Overall, Juni has quite a specific audience in mind, and for many businesses it might not be quite right. But for a huge number of companies, it could be the ideal solution to controlling their marketing and general spends.

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