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Last updated: May, 2021

About Shawbrook

Shawbrook is a commercial and retail bank based in the United Kingdom. Until 2017 it was part of Shawbrook Group PLC but was acquired in July 2017 by a consortium that included Pollen Street Capital and BC Partners.

Shawbrook was founded in 2011 and came about after private investors led by RBS Equity Finance (later Pollen Street Capital) purchased Whiteaway Laidlaw Bank. Whiteaway Laidlaw was renamed Shawbrook in October 2011. The bank acquired Singers Asset Finance in 2012 and Centric Commercial Finance in 2014.

Shawbrook’s operations are focused on offering loans to individuals and SMEs who are unable to, or have been unsuccessful in, obtaining lending from the bigger commercial banks.

Shawbrook Products and Services

Shawbrook works with customers who have experienced what the bank calls ‘FrOMO’, or ‘frustration of missing out’. This is an idea based on the experiences of customers who feel misled or confused by personal loan advertising that refers to ‘representative’ or ‘introductory’ rates of interest that turn out to be higher than they anticipated. Shawbrook does not use these rates and guarantees customers a personal rate from the outset.

Shawbrook operates differently from traditional banks when it comes to business lending; whereas these institutions often rely on set-in-stone scorecards and automated systems to decide on lending solutions for clients, Shawbrook takes a more human, holistic approach. Their team includes specialists in several sectors, regional business centres and staff with solid local knowledge. Clients can access lending to finance equipment, purchase property, invest in future growth or offer POS finance to customers.

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    Shawbrook can also help clients manage excess funds, whether it’s setting it aside for HMRC payments or finding a way for it to earn interest.

    Shawbrook Security

    Shawbrook has extensive procedures and policies in place designed to protect customers from security breaches. These, plus information on how customers can help keep their information safe, can be found on the Shawbrook website.

    Shawbrook Bank Contact Details

    Lutea House
    Warley Hill Business Park
    The Drive
    Great Warley
    CM13 3BE

    Telephone: 0345 600 6260

    Email: [email protected]

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