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Last updated: April, 2021

About Schroder & Co

Schroder & Co, a subsidiary of Schroders, founded in 1804, is a British asset management company. Though based in the City of London, the company works internationally in more than 30 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and America.

Schroder & Co is named for the prominent Schroder family, of Hamburg, who own almost 48% of the company. Johann Heinrich Schroder founded the company when he took a partnership in his brother Johann Friedrich’s firm.

Schroder & Co Products and Services

Schroders provides investment management, cash management, deposit-taking and asset management services to insurance companies, corporations, charities, retail investors and high net worth individuals.

Fixed income investment is more stable than some other forms of investment, but the current global financial situation has generally lowered returns. Credit fixed income – investing in companies’ debts – can offer higher returns. Schroders has a team of experts in this field to guide customer investments.

Worldwide, Schroders has one of the widest ranges of potential income funds available to customers, plus multi-asset solutions.

Multi-asset investment solutions help customers invest across different asset classes to add value to their portfolio. This is due to the current lower-return environment, expected to last some time longer.

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    Schroders also has extensive expertise in risk management; as customers aim to grow their portfolio, they may want to take more risks but its essential they understand what those risks are and what they mean. Schroders can help customers understand and harness these risks.

    Schroders has been working in private assets since 1853. These are investment opportunities that are not available on public stock exchanges and provide access to investments in specialist sectors.

    Schroders is also an expert in emerging markets and is in the top five companies globally in this field.

    Schroder & Co Security

    In the UK, Schroders is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    Schroder & Co Contact Details

    12 Moorgate
    EC2R 6DA

    Telephone: 0207 658 1000

    Email[email protected]

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