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Last updated: April, 2021

About Kleinwort Hambros

Kleinwort Hambros is a financial services company formed in 2016. It was formed from a series of acquisitions and mergers, beginning when Société Générale sold its private equity and investments division, then known as Hambros PLC, to South African bank Investec in 1998. The company was renamed SG Hambros Bank & Trust several months later.

Societe Generale acquired Kleinwort Benson in June 2016 and merged its private banking arm SG Hambros with Kleinwort Benson in November of that year. The new company became known as Kleinwort Hambros. The company is a private bank serving clients in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. It is headquartered in London.

Kleinwort Hambros Products and Services

Current account holders have access to a Visa Infinite card, and foreign exchange services. Individuals can also open fixed-term or instant-access deposit accounts, or a notice account if preferred.

As a private bank, Kleinwort Hambros is much concerned with the provision of wealth management services. The team works with customers to develop personalised investment strategies tailored to their return goals and tolerance for risk. Investors can choose from advisory-only, investment-only or portfolio management services.

Customers requiring lending are advised by Specialist Lending Advisors and can take out loans including:

  • Property loans
  • Bridging finance
  • Lombardy loans (aimed at helping to grow overall wealth)
  • Yacht or jet finance

Like the majority of private banks, Kleinwort Hambros provides extensive planning services aimed at helping their customers manage their wealth for future generations. The dedicated wealth planning team offers flexible, bespoke strategies focused on each client’s individual goals. They can advise on matters including trusts and foundations, philanthropy and succession planning.

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    For account holders with a large number of employees, Kleinwort Hambros offers a range of employment services including incentive and pension schemes.

    Kleinwort Hambros Security

    Extensive information on how to maintain account security is freely available via the Kleinwort Hambros website.

    Kleinwort Hambros Contact Details

    14 St. George Street
    W1S 1FE

    Telephone: 020 3207 7400

    Email: [email protected]

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