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Last updated: April, 2021

About Gatehouse Bank

Gatehouse Bank, formerly known as Milestone Savings, is a UK challenger bank based in London. Founded in 2008, the bank is Sharia compliant. The Milestone Capital PCC programme, founded in 2009, helps banks to raise funds from Islamic capital markets.

Sharia compliance means that the bank does not invest in prohibited markets such as gambling, the tobacco industry, alcohol or arms. Sharia banking also prohibits speculation or what is called ‘excessive uncertainty’. Accounts in Sharia-compliant banks do not earn interest.

Part of the wider Gatehouse Financial Group, Gatehouse also invests in the UK private housing sector, with the goal of addressing the country’s housing shortages. The programme was singled out as a good example of how foreign investment can aid the housing sector in 2015. 

Gatehouse Bank Products and Services

Gatehouse Bank provides financial and savings products for commercial and residential real estate. One of the cornerstones of the bank’s business is buy-to-let finance, from straightforward investment in individual residences to company finance and boosting property portfolios. The bank also provides property finance for expats, with some conditions. Properties must be in England and Wales and must be investment properties. Gatehouse must also approve the surveyor.

Buy-to-let finance can be offered directly to the consumer or via an intermediary.

    Why are you visiting today?

    The corporate finance team at Gatehouse arranges commercial real estate finance for customers including asset managers, property developers and investors. Areas that are covered include:

    • Mezzanine financing
    • Restructuring
    • Acquisitions, development and refurbishment
    • Asset refinancing

    Gatehouse also sources, and offers advice in, the UK build-to-rent sector.

    Security at Gatehouse Bank

    Gatehouse Bank is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority. Some products do fall outside the remit of the FCA; more information can be found at the Gatehouse website.

    Gatehouse Bank Contact Details

    14 Grosvenor St
    W1K 4PS

    Telephone: 020 7070 6000

    Email: [email protected]

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