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Last updated: April, 2021

About Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company. Founded in 1856, it is the second largest bank in Switzerland and is headquartered in Zurich. Credit Suisse is a ‘bulge bracket’ bank, a Wall Street list of the worlds’ nine largest and most profitable banks. It is routinely considered to be one of the most important banks in the world.

Credit Suisse was originally founded to fund Switzerland’s national railway and has been instrumental in the economic development of the country, helping to fund not only the railway that connected Switzerland to Europe but also the electrical grid. These days, the bank uses a strategy called ‘bancassurance’, which means it works as a single company to provide every common financial services product.

The bank’s operations are spread across four regions; Switzerland, Europe, Americas / Asia Pacific and Middle East / Africa. Credit Suisse operates in some 50 countries and has almost 50,000 employees.

Credit Suisse produces one of the six European hedge funds that are used to evaluate the performance of the markets.

Credit Suisse International, a subsidiary of Credit Suisse, is divided into six strands; global markets, investment banking and capital markets, Swiss Universal Bank, strategic resolution, international wealth management and APAC. CSI offers services including securities, trading and investment research as well as advising on corporate restructuring and sales, mergers and acquisitions and debt and equity underwriting. It is based in London and was founded in 1990.

Credit Suisse Products and Services

Credit Suisse has two primary divisions; private banking and wealth management, and investment banking.

Wealth management services are one of the core products offered by Credit Suisse, with specialist staff advising on succession planning, family business affairs, retirement plans and inheritances. The bank also offers a range of trust and estate advisory services geared toward helping customers protect the wealth they have.

The investment banking division handles research, securities, trading, brokerage and procurement. Customers can choose from a broad range of products related to mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity offerings, takeovers and defence and divestitures.

    Why are you visiting today?

    Credit Suisse customers have an assigned relationship manager who first assesses their needs and goals before undertaking a five-step strategy to create an investment solution that works:

    • Needs analysis
    • Financial concept
    • Client profile
    • Investment strategy
    • Implementation

    Credit Suisse Awards

    Credit Suisse has been recognised with several awards and accolades over its long history, being named the world’s best private bank and the best bank in Switzerland by Euromoney.

    Credit Suisse Security

    Security and client confidentiality are amongst the things Credit Suisse is best known for, and the bank uses several security procedures to safeguard this reputation – and customers’ assets.

    The bank also provides customers with extensive guidelines on how they can guard against internet fraud – this information is available on the website.

    Credit Suisse Bank Contact Details

    Five Cabot Square
    E14 4QR

    Telephone: 020 7888 8888

    Email[email protected]

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