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Last updated: April, 2021

About Cater Allen

Cater Allen is a UK-based private bank based and operating in the UK. It is a subsidiary of Santander. The bank that became Cater Allen was founded in Blackburn in 1816 and remained independent for some 180 years.

The bank was named after Cater Ryder, formed in the 1960s, acquired Allen, Harvey and Ross. The bank acquired Tyndall Bank in 1994 and Fleming Premier Banking (from JPMorgan Chase) in 2001.

Cater Allen Products and Services

Cater Allen offers a comprehensive range of personal, business and specialist banking services.

Personal banking customers opening current accounts with Cater Allen must make a minimum opening deposit of £5,000. The private bank account is available exclusively to customers who have more than £100,000 deposited. The bank offers accounts in Euro and US dollar as well as the British pound, and all personal accounts can have up to four named account holders. Customers can also open an instant-access investment account, again with a minimum opening deposit of £5.000 which allows up to 20 ‘everyday’ transactions per month.

For customers who don’t need instant access to their savings, the Sovereign 30 Account allows unlimited withdrawals provided 30 days’ notice is given. One ‘without notice’ withdrawal is allowed each year for accounts with a balance over £5,000. As with current accounts, the minimum opening balance is £5,000.

The Cater Allen Business Reserve Account also has a minimum opening balance of £5,000 and is available in pounds sterling, US dollars and the Euro. No interest is paid on business balances under £100,000.

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    Business customers can earn an enhanced rate of interest by opening an Asset 30 account, which offers increased interest provided 30 days’ notice is given of withdrawal. Interest is paid on balances of £5,000 or more.

    Cater Allen also offers a wide range of specialist banking services designed for charities, clubs, trusts, pensions, executors and wrap platforms. These specialist solutions are all supported by a team of experts in those fields.

    Cater Allen Security

    Cater Allen customers making new payments are required to enter a ‘one-time passcode’ sent to their mobile phone. This extra authentication step is designed to prevent unauthorised payments from being made. The bank also utilises Verified by VISA security. Additional security information is available from the Cater Allen website.

    Cater Allen Bank Contact Details

    Santander House
    9 Nelson Street
    BD1 5AN

    Telephone: 0800 092 5500

    Email[email protected]

    Helping the UK make informed banking decisions
    1. 0.1
      The worst business bank I have ever come across

      This has got to be the WORST bank in existence. They recently “updated” their online banking system but it’s just as bad as the old one. The functionality is simply not there and getting to do ANYTHING with this bank is so incredibly laboursome and complicated that it literally makes me want to scream in frustration. I will be closing my account at the end of May, I endured their atrocious services for 4 years merely because I couldn’t bring myself to deal with their horrific processes but enough is enough: I can’t even initiate a payment now, the system wouldn’t allow me without stating the issue.

      Please listen to these reviews and stay away from this bank and look for another provider, trust me, you will be much better off and thanking all of us later.

    2. 0.1
      Lost our transactions! Wasted time and will never return

      They lost our business transactions, made us resend the request and then delayed it. We ended up calling a useless customer service group at least 6 times, wasting our time and causing financial loss to the business. Stay away from Cater Allen.

    3. My experience (which costed me thousands of pounds): terrible services; deeply disrespectful; most dreadful customer service.
      Cater Allen does not fulfil any of the minimum customer expectations.
      As usual, Santander downgraded a customer-oriented UK business to the most disappointing banking organisation.
      My understanding is that they current aim is to discourage existing customers to keep banking with them, only because they’ve not been able to provide the same level of customer satisfaction since they took over.
      I’ve now moved all my assets to a well established British bank.
      When opening those new accounts, I did wonder: why did I ever bank with Santander/CA??

    4. Absolutely dreadful customer service. My elderly mother recently tried to close her account with them – to simplify her affairs – and asked for her direct debits to be transferred which the receiving bank also requested. 2 months on they are claiming my mother had no direct debits (she had 19) and she is receiving warning notices from suppliers that bills have not been paid. She is 86 and incredibly upset but every time we phone on her behalf we get a different story. Absolute indifference to the wellbeing of an elderly lady.

    5. Since their internet banking upgrade, their site is basically unusable. Their customer service, which used to be great, is awful now as they are completely swamped dealing with complaints and queries about their botched internet upgrade. I have been a customer for almost 10 years and am moving my business away now as soon as possible.

    6. The change in login and security is not fit for purpose. It takes you round and round in circles and the system will not work when trying to convert to the new system. Having had security codes accepted it still asks for your old details. Going through to them on the phone you have to ask which set of security they want, the old or the new.

    7. Customer Service issue: called them and asked for address to be changed.

      Four months later, confidential and private financial monthly statements had been sent to an address that I no longer had access to. Only found this out due to new party at that address revealing this.

      Turns out that Cater Allen has a secret split of “business address” and “personal address” and doesn’t bother changing both of them in the event of a customer calling up to ask them to “change the address”.

      So, one of these above is a “correspondence address” which they send statements to and they didn’t bother altering that one in the event of a customer calling up to ask them to “change the address”.

      Furthermore, the internet banking only displays one address (turns out it is NOT the one that they send statements to).

      Very poor customer service —- caused business disruption and data privacy issues.

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