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About Brown Shipley & Co

Founded in 1810, Brown Shipley & Co is a private bank based in London that offers a range of banking services to private and corporate customers.

Brown Shipley & Co mostly works in merchant and private banking, stockbroking and investment management with the goal of preserving and building their clients’ wealth. The bank is a subsidiary of KBL European Private Bankers and is authorised to operate in the UK. Brown & Shipley and KBL operate across 50 European cities, managing more than 65 billion in assets.

Brown Shipley & Co Products and Services

Brown Shipley & Co offer investment management, lending services and integrated wealth planning services.

For lenders, Brown Shipley & Co understands that sometimes, new opportunities require new lending solutions and increased financial flexibility. The bank’s wealth managers work to take a complete picture of their customers’ needs and build a lending solution that works with their overall plan.

A lending specialist works alongside a client’s usual advisor to build the most effective solution for each individual customer. Lenders can choose from the following options:

  • Mortgages – buy-to-let, commercial and residential
  • Short-term loans including overdrafts, bridging loans, or lending required for a specific purpose
  • Portfolio (Lombard) lending – short-term liquidity or long-term options, with your existing investment portfolio used as security for the loan

Brown Shipley & Co offers customers a choice of five investment profiles:

  • Cautious
  • Income
  • Balanced
  • Dynamic
  • growth

Each option covers a broad range of approaches to investment, goals and objectives. Once an advisor has got a handle on the goals of a customer or organisation, they are able to tailor the portfolio using this knowledge considering attitudes to risk, ethics and comfort level.

When it comes to wealth planning, Brown Shipley & Co take a comprehensive approach that includes not only wealth but all aspects of a customer’s life and goals. Customers can meet regularly with their assigned Wealth Planner to ensure the plan is going well at every step of the way.

Brown Shipley & Co Security

Deposits of up to £85,000 are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). For customers banking online, extensive data and privacy policies are freely available on the Brown Shipley & Co website.

Brown Shipley & Co Bank Contact Details

Founders Court

Telephone: 0161 214 6513

Email: [email protected]

Brown Shipley Bank
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