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British Arab Commercial Bank
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Last updated: April, 2021

About British Arab Commercial Bank

British Arab Commercial Bank, or BACB, is an international wholesale bank. Founded in 1972 as UBAF Limited, it became UBAF Bank Limited in 1977 before changing its name to British Arab Commercial Bank in 1992. The bank began as an affiliate of Midland Bank, before becoming an affiliate of HSBC when HSBC bought Midland in 1992. BCAB became a public limited company in 2009 and HSBC sold its shares in the bank in 2010.

British Arab Commercial Bank works mostly with companies and institutions in Africa and the Middle East but has branches and operations in European countries including France, Italy and Spain.

BCAB is headquartered in London and has offices in Algiers, Tripoli, Abidjan and Dubai as well as 17 sister banks in Asia, Africa and Europe.

BCAB Products and Services

British Arab Commercial Bank focuses on the provision of international trade solutions for institutions and organisations working in developing markets in Africa and the Middle East. BCAB provides these clients with banking and payment services, asset distribution and syndication, trade and commodity finance, lending, structured finance, real estate lending, and treasury services.

Offices based outside of the UK are recruited locally, giving BCAB in-market expertise and knowledge of the culture, customs and regulations of the areas they’re working in. In the London office, many staff are also native to these areas or are multi-lingual.

The trade finance team can handle a wide range of transactions, tailored to the needs and geography of the client. Available services include letters of credit, bonds, guarantees and collections. For established commodity trading companies looking to finance their activity, BCAB can offer uncommitted, short-term secured finance of up to $60million provided you are based in the UK, UAE or Europe, are active in their geographical areas and have more than three years trading history.

BCAB lend mortgages on commercial properties across England including office, leisure, industrial and retail spaces with a minimum loan amount of around £5 million. They also offer buy-to-let residential mortgages against properties valued at over £2 million in London and southern England. These must be investment properties.

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    An in-depth knowledge of developing markets means BCAB is able to provide customised solutions for structured finance that respects and understands the cultures and traditions of the areas in which they operate. Loans are tailored around these unique requirements. This knowledge also allows them to provide support for British companies looking to expand into these markets.

    British Arab Commercial Bank also works to help banks in these developing markets access treasury products that are better value than those available locally, including foreign exchange and Sharia compliance where required.

    Security at British Arab Commercial Bank

    British Arab Commercial Bank is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

    British Arab Commercial Bank Contact Details

    8-10 Mansion House Place
    EC4N 8BJ

    Telephone: 020 7648 7777

    Email: [email protected]

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