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Bank of America Merrill Lynch
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Last updated: April, 2021

About Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch was formed in 2009 after Bank of America acquired Merrill Lynch. The bank should not be confused with Merrill Lynch, the wealth management arm of Bank of America. It is a multinational investment bank, handling mergers and acquisitions, trading, capital markets, risk management, payments management and liquidity. It has three primary geographic divisions:

  • Europe, Africa and the Middle East, headquartered in London
  • US, Canada and Latin America, headquartered in New York
  • Asia-Pacific, headquartered in Hong Kong

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Products and Services

Services offered by Bank of America Merrill Lynch include advisory, treasury, banking, sales, trading, research, capital raising and liquidity.

The Global Banking and Markets arm focuses on mid-large companies and corporations. It includes:

  • Global corporate and investment banking
  • Global markets
  • Global commercial banking
  • Global research
  • Business banking Wholesale credit

Global Corporate and Investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch offers customers advisory services plus corporate banking, debt and equity underwriting, and treasury services. The bank is currently working with more than 5,000 multinational corporations and organisations.

The bank also offers global transaction services, which incorporate trade and supply chain finance, foreign exchange, commercial card services, and payments and receipts. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is currently working with corporations, institutions and governments worldwide offering these services.

When it comes to Global Commercial Banking, this division of the bank is divided into four sectors:

  • Business capital
  • Commercial real estate
  • Middle market banking
  • Specialised Industries (healthcare, education, restaurant finance, and more)

Global commercial banking services work both locally and nationally to deliver seamless solutions to clients.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Security

Bank of America Merrill Lynch provides extensive online resources to educate clients about fraud and cybersecurity, including podcasts, case studies, tips for fraud prevention and risk reduction.

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