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Last updated: April, 2021

About Bank Leumi

Headquartered in Israel, Bank Leumi was founded in 1902 as the Anglo Palestine Company, a subsidiary of the Jewish Colonial Trust. This trust was founded by members of the Zionist movement in an effort to promote the infrastructure of the land they hoped would become Israel.

The bank was nationalised in 1981 but is now mostly privately owned, with the Israeli government serving as the largest shareholder. Over half of the bank’s stocks are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and owned by members of the public.

Bank Leumi is now Israel’s largest bank (by assets), and has offices in several countries across multiple continents, including the USA, Switzerland, Uruguay, Jersey, China and Romania. In the UK, Bank Leumi focuses on corporate and private banking.

Bank Leumi Products and Services

The Premier banking arm of Bank Leumi offers banking services to high net worth individuals and non-borrowing corporate and business clients. Customers looking to open a Premier account must deposit at least £100,000 in the first instance to qualify. Private banking customers have access to multi-currency payment services, credit and debit card, competitive deposit rates and their own dedicated team of private bankers. They also have a treasury service, including spot and forward transactions.

Corporate banking at Leumi covers commercial, trade, media, commodity, property, hotel and tech finance. These accounts are managed by experienced relationship managers, whose goal is to identify goals and the products that will help customers attain them.

Bank Leumi Awards

Bank Leumi has earned several industry awards over its history. The bank was recently named the Best Digital Bank in Israel and Best Trade Finance Bank by Global Finance Magazine.

Security at Bank Leumi

Leumi has several practices in place to maintain account security, including constantly upgraded security systems and extensive system testing. More extensive information about security procedures can be found on the Leumi website.

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