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Ahli United Bank
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Last updated: April, 2021

About Ahli United Bank

Ahli United Bank is a bank headquartered in Manama, Bahrain. It is the largest bank in the country.

Formerly known as the United Bank of Kuwait, what is now Ahli United Bank was established in 1966 with the goal of expanding Kuwait’s capacity to do business with global financial markets. Ahli now serves clients in the Arab world, the Persian Gulf and the United Kingdom. Their products and services are designed to combine British banking practice with an understanding of the specific needs of investors and visitors from the Gulf.

Ahli United Bank Products & Services

Ahli offers extensive private banking and wealth management services to high net worth clients, including property finance, mortgage and real estate services, trusts and offshore companies and investment solutions.

Corporate and treasury banking services are also available, with clients able to choose from a portfolio including structured finance, corporate banking for SMEs and trade finance.

Ahli United also offers the AlHilal current account, which is based on Islamic banking principles. It features a full suite of banking services, all compliant with Sharia law. Features include a personalised chequebook, the ability to bank in international currencies including the US dollar, British pound and Saudi riyal, and the use of the Ahli network of branches across Bahrain. Cards are issued using the ‘Qard Hasan’ model, where the bank holds monies in safe custody and turns no profit from payments. 

Ahli United Bank Awards

Ahli has won several awards over its years of operation, including several ‘Best Bank in Bahrain’ and ‘Best Bank in the Middle East’ award from various financial awarding bodies. Ahli United Bank is also the first-ever private-sector winner of the HRH Shaikha Sabeeka Bint Ebrahim Award for Empowering Bahrain Women.

Ahli United Security

Ahli United Bank has a dedicated email account and phone number where customers who are worried about the security of their account can speak directly to an advisor. Ahli also provides extensive advice about keeping accounts and money safe at their website.

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