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Last updated: July, 2018

The world’s first app based bank, Atom was specifically created to allow customers to do their banking online on their mobile devices. Because the bank operates solely online and doesn’t have branches, it is able to offer more attractive interest rates than traditional “bricks and mortar” high street banks. There is however 24/7 support available from staff based at the bank’s headquarters in Durham. Established in early 2016, the bank already has over 70,000 users.

What makes Atom different, apart from the fact that they only operate online, is the personalisation of their products. All customers receive their own personal logo on their app and can call their bank anything they choose on their mobile devices, creating a fresh, modern appeal which is particularly popular with millennials. joined the board as strategic advisor in Spring 2017, saying he will provide the bank with a perspective on “culture, philanthropy and technology”.

The bank currently offers a range of products and services, all of which can be accessed online via your mobile app:

Customer Panel: this is customised by the user so you can create your own personal view of your products. You can also send immediate feedback of Atom’s services which will be used to improve the overall customer experience.

Biometrics: for sci fi standard security, users can login to their bank accounts via face and voice recognition software. Atom claim to be staying at the forefront of technological developments to make the entire experience even more user friendly and secure.

Business Loans: particularly appealing to SMEs, Atom offers excellent rates for business loans and made its first loan award in 2016, to a company based in its native North East.

Mortgages: Atom works in partnership with a range of carefully selected brokers who can help customers find the right deal. The bank was praised by London broker London & Country in April 2017 for offering the lowest rates “by a mile” with its five year fixed term of just 1.29%.

Savings Accounts: the bank’s current star product, the Fixed Saver Account gives customers a clear view of their projected interest payments and the option to choose how often payments are made (monthly or annually). Available on 1,2,3 and 5 year terms, you can open a Fixed Saver Account with as little as £50 and anything up to £100,000. Depending on the length of term and interest options chosen, current AER is between 1.75% and 2.40%* There is an option to open as many savings accounts as you like up to a total of £100,000.

Although Atom offers a modern approach to banking, it still provides the security and peace of mind that you’d expect when investing your money more traditionally. The bank is authorised by the PRA, regulated by the FCA and a member of the FSCS. Customer Support is available via phone, live chat or on Twitter.

*Figures correct as of July 2017

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